Saturday, June 15, 2013

GFC Closing Down: save Subscribers with Bloglovin~

Hi chingus! I've read updates that GFC is a service to be discontinued by Google however I was unsure when it will happen until today! Google Friend Connect, a service well-loved by bloggers will end on July 1! I haven't used GFC in my blog before so I've got no followers to move or lose however I love GFC because I follow friends I've met online. This is the easiest way I read recent updates from my favorite blogs as well. It is too bad that a great service needs to end but luckily there is an alternative.

BlogLovin  has been around for I don't know how long but they have a really simple interface perfect for reading blogs just like GFC.

I order to get started you must register an account first: Bloglovin

After registration you can follow your favorite blogs right away! Look at this chic follow button for this blog of mine from Bloglovin, care to follow meh? *puppy eyes*:
Follow on Bloglovin  
and this sweet clean button:
Follow on Bloglovin

If you have a huge list of followed blogs you can import them in just a single click by using Bloglovin's importer:

I hope you'll enjoy Bloglovin as much as GFC. Enjoy reading blogs!~ :)

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