Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun and relaxation collides -Ace Water Spa Experience!

Good day ladies and gentlemen! How's your vacation everyone? Ermm..referring to students like me eh? Hope everybody is having a good time. I have been juggling my time lately and I think I need more than 24 hours in a day. LOL.
I recently joined my very first give away contest by Kikay si Maria and BB Cream Addict. I did not won though, better luck next time for me! :)

Today I will try to become a travel blogger for a change. It's my first so please bear with me! :P I will be covering up our experience and basic info that you might find helpful before going to Ace Water Spa. Sadly there will be no personal taken photos as it is not allowed.

Okay so yesterday, me and my family went to Ace Water Spa to redeem our vouchers from Cash Cash Pinoy as it is nearly expiring on 30. The day we picked is just random, Ace Water Spa is open Mondays to Sundays from 6am to 11pm so you can go almost any time. I was not really expecting much from it but it was really a pleasant experience and I was not aware before that the location is near at my place (we went to the Del Monte, Banawe branch). The taxi fare only amounted to about 100 pesos.

As to what my old post before I only paid P299 for each voucher I availed (CCP promo). The ordinary rate for adult is 550 and 250 for children below 4ft. We noticed that there were other groups that are redeeming their own vouchers as well.

I had to rent a nice swim suit for 200 bucks because I was not able to find a good one in the mall. By the way it only cost P100 to rent swimming trunks. Beach shorts are not allowed because it can't resist water pressure. Fitted swim wear is required, no t-shirt over bathing suits, no shorts over one piece: spandex material recommended.
Boohoo~ goodbye my shy days...

Of course male and female lockers are separated from each other and it is required to shower before entering the spa premises. They provide the shampoo and liquid soap so there is no need to bring them yourself. The shampoo smells like flowers and the soap smells like chinese almond cake (YUM!) They lend swimming caps too (required) and that means all you need to bring is your personal towel. Ooops... no oil, no lotion is allowed.

In contrast to what the spa looks in photos the place is smaller in real life. There is an ordinary swimming area which is mostly used by kids who were have swimming lessons. The other side have the place for relaxation eh? Or should I say the 'real' hydro theraphy area where there are  different types of massage for different parts of the body. I can't really recall the names for each one of them because I only focused on enjoying every bit of my spa experience.
Hydrotherapy massage only in Ace Water spa!
I was stunned when I first used the massage facility, back massage to be specific, hooray for tickle fest! (Nakakakiliti yung tubig sa umpisa so tawa ako ng tawa!) There is a button to push that starts the massage and stops automatically after the recommended time.
There is a river like (because it is flowing) area that surrounds the therapy area,me and my siblings enjoyed riding the flow of the water. Fun bubble bath is cool and there is lots of bubbles while you are seating in that area. Look below:
Too much bubbles = FUN!
Some massage has this very strong water pressure, para na siyang nambubugbog hindi na relaxing! Hahahaha... Our body is red afterwards because of this pressure.

Relaxation area is found in the second floor of the site. Nothing you can see there though, plain seats and free water (thanks, swimming endlessly sure is tiring)

 Here is the herbal pool. Half is for male, the other is for females. There were steamers, awesome sauna (I remember korean Jjimjilbangs!~ L-o-v-e) and herbal baths too. The water in herbal baths is color coded -green for mint, yellow for jasmine and violet for lavender. It cures different illness like insomia, diarrhea etc etc... Once you step into the water you will think that it feels too hot but once your body adjusts to the heat you will feel comfy. children allowed in this area.
Beside these hot baths is a round cold, cold pool that you can try. I cant resist and I tried the cold water, but I failed! Hahaha..The temperature is too much for me to handle.

The whole Ace Water Spa experience of ours only lasted 4 hours. You might think that the time is quite short but in fact it is more than enough to feel relaxed and have fun!

We started around 3pm and finished around 7pm. It was a long day and we were all starving but since I can't afford the Ace Water Spa buffet we just settled for a special night in Mama Leng's Tapsilugan near at our house. I laughed at how red my brothers eyes were, LOL. They look like living monsters. ROFL.
Ace Water Spa made our day extra ordinarily happy and exciting. It is a family-friendly place for everyone! :)) Worth for another splash, I can't wait!~ ^^

Have you tried going to this indoor water spa in the heart of the city? Share your experience sissies! :)
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  1. I love Ace Waterspa. .syang nga lang bwal mgpicture, pero gnun tlaga. hehe!

  2. Oo nga eh...sayang first time pa naman. Pero okay lang I understand ang importante masaya ang happening diba? GORA~

  3. Natuwa naman ako sa post mo :D Halatang nag-enjoy ka!


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