Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mondes Haul + DIY Recolor

Here is my most recent Mondes Haul! Yay! So my roots is already showing and I really wanted to recolor. So as always I dropped by Hortaleza to buy my DIY kit.
Above from left to right is:
Mondes Professional Hair Reborn Treatment
Mondes Professional Hair Color Cream
Mondes Professional Oxidizing Lotion

The price of the items didn't went over P200.

It was last January when I colored my hair black from light brown because of new school rules. Luckily they have changed their minds the next semester and we were allowed to have hair color. Sadly DIY hair tints are not working on my black hair and I needed to bleach. I only bleached once which is not enough to somehow rinse off the black dye which is the reason why I ended up with an uneven hair color. However I still like it way better than having boring black. Sorry for being so childish here. *smile*

Now I have decided to once again color, using the almost same shade which is very light blonde (I used light blonde before) I even bought their Mondes Hair Reborn Treatment which they recommended.

The Mondes Professional Hair Reborn Treatment smells like heavenly yummy strawberries and made my hair more manageable, not so soft though. Mondes Professional Hair Color Cream and Mondes Professional Oxidizing Lotion worked hand in hand, stinky not-so-good chemical smell but I'm quite used to it, err... I did all of the recoloring work myself. It was my first time and no one was available to help me so yeah.

Now after a few days here is the result of my hard work:
It is still uneven! Mix colors of black, brown and light brown but the color is more vibrant than before. Aww I hope you didn't expect full blonde. Well like I've said I only bleached once so the brown color as a result of dyeing is expected.

 Yeah I am so joining the 31 day Blogging Challenge! Start is todaaaay!~ <3



  1. hi :) what color yung nagamit mo na Mondes?

  2. Do not ever color your hair black coz you'll have problems coloring it in the next 2 years or until you cut out all the black color you did. Choose the darkest brown instead of black if you want to make your hair dark. :)

    1. Yes omg I just want to reply to this comment from almost 2 yrs ago. I should known that sooner! Lels. :)


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