Thursday, January 9, 2014

Girl's Day Wins on Show Champion with Something!

So happy to read good news on a Thursday morning. I am actually late but its now or never. Girl's Day finally wins #1 on a major music show (Show Champion). Not a surprise, for 'Something' is indeed a terrific hot comeback that deserves the top spot. Read the news from Allkpop. It's so nice to read positive comments, gone are the days that they don't like Girl's Day for no reason.

Its catchy, its sexy and its real music! Hooray for giving me a Major LSS with Something. The whole mini album is a total package, even the following tracks is awesome. The intro is a cool song which puts me into a playful vibe. Whistle, (literally includes whistles! LOL) is a sexy song which can be a really good follow-up song to Something. Show you, on the other hand, is a perfect sweet ending song for a concert! Crosses fingers for a Girl's Day Philippines concert! (Pray hard!)~ Then there goes the last track, Something instrumental which you can use as a minus one when creating audition videos or a song cover. I really hope they release this soon on C.NA so I can grab a copy! :'>

The sexy choreography is simply impressive. I have all the support and faith that Girl's Day will win and they just did!

For those who haven't checked out their newest MV: Something. Do not miss out! <3

Here is their live performance of Show You. I feel bad for Yura who only did the rapping. Hyeri got more lines this time, yay~ I love her voice. :)

The winning 'Something' performance of Girl's Day:

Here is Girl's Day's winning moment in Show Champion, Maknae Hyeri doing the thank you speech! <3 Aww~


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