Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

With just a day before Valentines Day, have you already decided on what to give to your special someone? Let us talk about our loving guys for today. It's been a while since I mentioned guys in my blog but since it is Hearts Day I am giving it a go! :D If you haven't thought of what gift to give this Valentines then this list might give you an idea. Or maybe you have an idea but quite shy to make it into a reality, then let me convince you. Haha. After all this is what friends are for, say yes? *winks*

1) Valentine Cards
Nothing will be sweeter than a hand written card, express your feelings and all. Bookstores are all around the metro but if you want to make it more personalized then the cards can also be created by you. I know this sounds like highschool but hey, why not relive those kilig moments and reminisce by writing and giving out a card? I found this bunch of Valentines Day card ideas and free templates at Creative Pop Cards. Yes they have those really cool pop-out cards which leaves me in awe before. No one is ever too old for that! You can also watch youtube tutorial videos like below to create your Valentines Day card.

2) Cookies
The main reason why I am buying an oven, but I was not able to reach my deadline which is Valentines. Lol. So lovelies if you have an oven and you know how to bake, how about making a dozen heart shaped cookies and give it to your special someone? It doesn't even have to be cookies, any sweet pastry will do. In a fast paced world like today, anyone can appreciate a baked goodie made with love. :)
For the Valentine Cookies I found one here and here. Yay I really like pinterest, all the best in one place.
CREDITS goes to:
3) Clothes
There is no best timing than Valentines to go and grab you and your guy a new couple shirt! Okay so if that just sounds cheesy how about a trendy outfit which can be perfect as an addition to his wardrobe? I see awesome gift items from Lazada, even a nice cap, shoes or watch will be a good gift. Go and get something that will fit his style. You can be his best fashion adviser.

4) Albums
Do you both like music? Me and the boyfie are both music lovers and there is C.NA for our kpop cravings. You can also get him a nice pair of studs, woo~ Earrings for guys is cool IMO.For pop music and the likes there is Astroplus and Odyssey. It won't hurt to get an album version of his favorite band, and who is up for a possible photobook inside? *wink*
CREDITS goes to K2Nblog and Fantagio
5) Romantic Date
This will be a good day for a movie date. But if you are up for something romantic, then you cannot miss the Pyromusical competition in MOA! Oh my I just love fireworks~ <3
I see that Metrodeal also posted up a lot of Valentines Day Date Ideas but for me the fireworks will be the most ideal of all.
CREDITS goes to Philippine International Pyromusical Competition


So that wraps up my 5 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day! I hope the list helped you to sparked an idea on what you can do or give this Valentines Day. This can also be for girls & vice versa even for our loved ones which is our family. Don't let the planning period stress you out, after all Valentines is a day for the hearts. Hakuna Matata and just enjoy the day lovelies!

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