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Review: Palty Hair Color in Sakura Creamy

Palty color in Sakura Creamy

I cannot count the times I went to Trinoma Landmark to check their available hair colors for Palty. I was never interested in other brands of hair colors before (not until my friend told me that japanese colors leaves you with no brassy strands!) I believe and stand by Hortaleza brands of hair color, never did I experienced of a fail hair color with Hortaleza.

Because Palty is more expensive than my old hair color I felt the need for research. at first I was leaning blonde, because if I can be blonde without the brass that would be soooo cool. No need for hair toners.

In the end I settled for a color that is said to have red undertone. Remember when I colored my hair red? I still have this hidden love for red, auburn blablabla and [insert all red here]. The only reddish hue available is Raspberry Macaroon and Sakura Creamy. I settled for the latter because I was afraid that Raspberry Macaroon will be too much red for work. I was crossing fingers and hoping so bad that Sakura Creamy has enough red for me to love the end result~ @-@

What is it? 
Palty color in Sakura Creamy
Moist and shiny light auburn hair color is sure to turn heads anywhere you might go. Long-wearing and vibrant color treats hair to the superbly hydrating ingredients of camellia oil, silicon and botanical protein, helping hair stay silky soft and protecting color for longer wear. DIY kit is equipped with all the materials needed, including detailed instructions, for a salon-level dye job in the privacy of your own personal space.
Credits: Yes Style

The box is very kawaii and girly. However there is not much english on the box but its a good thing their instruction leaflet has english translation.

One box contains below:

1. Conditioner
2. Solution 1 (tube)
3. Solution 2 (bottle)
4. Instruction sheet & gloves
5. Bleach Powder (sachet)
6. Bottle Cap (with brush)

One box is not enough for girls with longer than shoulder length hair so I bought 2 boxes.

Because of the instruction leaflet the process was a breeze. Below is the step by step guide on how to use Palty Hair Color.
Squeeze the contents of the #1 solution (tube) into the #2 bottle solution.
There is very faint ammonia smell. I was not bothered by it at all. 

Shake it off! Shake it off! Ooh~ ooh~ Feeling like Taylor Swift haha.

Change the cap to brush.
My sister who helped me with coloring told me that it will be easy to actually do it alone. The bottle with the brush applicator is really nice. I hope every hair dye brand actually adapts this style.

Then color color color!~
I waited more than an hour before washing it off.

Use the Number 4 special treatment to bring back moisture to your hair.
I like the floral scent but it was not enough for my hair. T_T

This is a color chart from Palty, like I've said I chose Sakura Creamy because I was kinda scared to go for the full red shade as it clearly fitted the pink variant while Sakura Creamy border lined the orange and pink shade.

I left it long like one hour, well I want to make sure it will color my hair. The hair dye penetrated to my black virgin hair but it was not equally distributed especially on hard to reach areas sooo~

Surprise surprise! Brassiness is still present and it brought back my original hair color! Funny enough the reason why I bought it is to change my look yet I didn't realized it was the same shade as light blonde of Mondes. Loooool~

How much and where to buy? 
P369.75 but I got a discount of 10% so its only P332.77 per box

What I love 
  • Its non-drying
  • Faint ammonia smell
  • Roots in perfect color.
  • Easy process because of free bottle with brush applicator
  • Color is true to the box
  • Offers english leaflet!
  • Value for the price
What I don't 
  • I hope one box is enough for long hair :P
  • I still got brassy hair

Make sure to get the help of somebody so make the color even

Will I repurchase? 
Maybe not this shade

Palty Hair Color in Sakura Creamy is a great color nevertheless, if you like to get an orangey hair that is. Next time I will go for more reddish hue (Rapsberry Macaroon?) I also want to try bubble hair dyes! Yay! <3

After around 3 days here is the color..

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