Thursday, September 1, 2016

My BER month Wishlist!

Hello pretty ladies! Hello September! I was watching tv this morning and they were playing Christmas songs already. I felt all happy and giddy, there is something really special in this Ber months and I am really loving it.

I thought of sharing my Ber months wish list. This is something I found at Lazada for crazy prices. There is just so much going on during Ber months, it includes: my birth date, many holidays and of course Christmas!

The first item in my wishlist this coming 'Ber' month is a mixer. I started learning how to bake last year and I really like it. I am fond of trying new recipes of cookies, brownies and cakes. However unlike other recipes, a mixer is mandatory in making cakes. Its a struggle to use a hand mixer in making frosting and meringues for roll cakes. I really want a stand mixer.

Well I want to give my mom something this holidays, she has been using her old phone for too long. It crashes whenever she plays android games. Imagine she is only playing with My Boo. Her phone is my old phone and it would be awesome to exchange it for something new. It even comes with a powerbank! How cool is that? Too bad its for a limited time only.

My brother is in Grade 12 now and he needs a portable computer in his studies. This is something I am looking forward to buy one of this day. I like how its easy to lug around and it keeps all files because the memory is big. Its a tough guy in a small package.

We've been using my tita's tv for a while now. I am yet to buy our own, I scoured Lazada shop and I found Toshiba Led TV. 32 inches is just the right screen size and I know it will be thrilling to watch when we have this. HD shows and everything! I've got a bunch of movies yes!~

Let it go~ Let it go~ Can't hold it back anymore~ 
So coolness = refrigerator 

A big refrigerator to replace our old one will be a great idea. With the holidays coming we would be cooking and keeping food and this is a must. I have been listing this in our family's buy list and I am really hoping to get one soon before Christmas. Okay if not, before the holidays.

That is about it! Before I end this post do you know that you may get cashback with your every purchase online? Super cool! 

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