Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: iWhite Nose Pack & Pore Purifying Balm

Annyeong! I just want to share that I've just finished watching  W-2 Worlds Final Episode 16 today. Breaks my heart to see how it ended, its like a bittersweet ending really. To those who likes korean dramas, I highly recommend that you watch it. Its a drama with a very unique plot and never ending twist and turns.

YAY so off to our review for today, actually since they are meant to be used together I would be also reviewing them at the same time. *Drum roll~*  The review today is about iWhite Nose Pack & iWhite Pore Purifying Balm.

I haven't used iWhite Nose Pack in ages. My blackheads is not as bad as before, but my boyfriend would like to get rid of his nose blackheads. Why not let him try? I bet this can be an experience for guys who doesn't give attention to their skin. Oh well, boyfie's skin is already nice and flawless to start with. WTH, and he doesn't even need to take care of it as much as I do! Very confusing, why oh why, and here we are, jumping from one product to another.

Anyhow iWhite Pore Purifying Balm is a new addition the skincare line of iWhite. I was quite doubtful on what it is or what difference it can make to the effect of the old nose pack so I took the plunge. We are so lucky that they sell it in individual packs/sachets so just in case it doesn't work on us it won't cost us too much.

What is it? 
iWhite says:  Pore Purifying Balm helps remove stubborn pore clogging oils, dirt and toxins

Again, similar to the iWhite 2 Minute Miracle Whitening Mask I've only seen the Pore Purifying Balm in sachets. The iWhite Nose pack on the other hand is available on tube packaging.

First things first, iWhite Pore Purifying Balm is whitish gel which gave our noses the warm sensation after application.

After one minute, we massaged the product which turned pale white. I applied the product on my T-zone and a bit on my cheeks. Warm warm warm~

Badudum~ after wiping off our noses clean with the Purifying balm, here comes the nosepack.
Boyfie kinda said that the iWhite nosepack smells like alcohol. It felt nice and cool to apply it after the pore balm. As always the iWhite nosepack is still as sticky as ever. Its a bit messy to apply to be honest. Its recommended to apply the product thickly so it will be easy to peel it off later. While waiting I felt the urge to scratch my nose, uh-well its itchy, did anyone felt the same?

Boyfie never tried nose packs or nose strips before, so this is something new for him. Who knows removing blackheads can be a bonding time? Yay. Nose packs are awesome nose savers which makes removing icky dirt like blackheads or whiteheads easier to remove.

And so we applied the nosepack right after the Pore Purifying Balm. Credits to boyfie's nose, hohoho~ 
So after the waiting time we removed it from the tip of noses, peeling the mask off upwards. There were whiteheads both from my nose and a bit from my cheeks. Same with boyfie, he was amazed with what the iWhite nose pack removed from his nose.

How much and where to buy? 
Pore Purifying Balm & nose pack is both P18 pesos each sachet. 
For the iWhite Nose Pack which is available in tube its only P199

What I love 

  • Affordable
  • Effective on nasty whiteheads (not blackheads though)
  • Did not broke me out
  • No irritations

What I don't 

  • Messy to apply
  • Nose pack smells like alcohol
  • Makes my nose itchy
Will I repurchase? 

 iWhite Nose Pack & Pore Purifying Balm goes hand in hand for easy whiteheads removal but does nothing on blackheads. I fely itchy with the nosepack but its bearable, I might try other brands to see how it fares with iWhite nosepack. For the mean time you might want to try it out, its cheap and gets rid with whiteheads with just measly P18! That is better than forcing to get the gunk out yourself? Yes?

Update: I used Palty Milk Tea Bubble version for my hair last night. Want to see it? Catch me on my next review! : )

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