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Review: SILKYGIRL Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

Annyeong! Hi minna san, sorry for not updating much lately. I want to, but I don't have the drive to post although I got a lot of pending drafts *yikes*. To anyone who likes or loves anime have you watched Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji (Wolf girl and Black Prince)? Its a comedy and romance based story and they have an anime and live action versions. Nowadays instead of watching dramas I read manga. Actually that is my only 'me time' because I am so busy lately and I don't even have time to prettify. I needed multi-purpose products which I can use especially when I am in a rush. There is something I use everyday now and its SILKYGIRL Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm.

I thought of reviewing them for today. I got them in 6 shades.

What is it?
Moisture Boost Lipcolor comes in a retractable pencil form with vitamins A, C, and E. Its perfect blend of oils ensure that your lips stay soft and supple. A balanced blend of luminous to provide your lips with a balm-like moisture. Credits: Silkycosmetics

The product is packaged in Light plastic material and its made to look like big crayons, soooo cute~
The retractable form of Silkygirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm makes it very handy and there is no sharpening needed! Just twist and go.

I was very happy when I received this babies! Seriously they have 6 shades which are all so tempting. The range comes from nude to red and I think its just what every girl needs. The usual baby pink and hot pink are not in this lip color series though. Not a big let down though, because most of the other brands already cover those colors. Might good to not include them for a change? (but deep inside, *pinku is lifeuuu*)

First thoughts, I can say that its in a convenient form. It will seem you are using a big crayola when you apply. Its very cute. Korean beauty brands are all over crayon type lippies nowadays my sister have Peri Pera and she really likes it. I want to know how Silkygirl fares with other brands!

Okay so off to the swatches on my lips. Like I've said its available on 6 shades, they are numbered and named (how convenient!): 1. Latte, 2. Coral, 3. Ruby 4. Rose, 5. Poppy 6. Wine. Check them out below:

SILKYGIRL Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm

1. Latte
Latte is a nice nude shade that won't leave you look washed out. This is a good nude shade for everyday.

2. Coral
Coral is a peachy pink shade, but it leans more on pink. This is the closest they can get to pink. But this shade makes me look blooming, I like it.

3. Ruby
Ruby is a blue-based red red which doesn't make my teeth look yellow. Like I've said, this balm does fade quickly, one time I was only left with red line on the outer rims of my lips.

4. Rose
Its a nice my-lips-but-better shade, its a go-to shade when you want a safe shade for any occasion.

5. Poppy
Poppy is a nice cool orange shade that brightens up my face. I think this will go well with any skin tone.

6. Wine.
Wine is a vampy shade which is more fuschia than red. This is honestly my favorite from the bunch. I got compliments when I've worn this color because it pops out and its great for corporate look. Makes you look like a strong girl and the like~ *meep*


The product is balm like and true its name "Moisture Boost" because its truly moisturizing and there is no need for an extra balm underneath unless you have badly chapped lips. However despite the moisture factor, the color did not suffer. The color is vibrant and pigmented! Its very creamy and glossy similar to creme sheen lipsticks. The color is buildable, it can be sheer or opaque depends on the application. Because of the creamy texture, Silkygirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor balm is hydrating but not long-wearing. On the lips its light like you are even wearing any product at all. Its not transfer proof though. After eating or drinking you will need to reapply.

How much and where to buy?
P279 per tube. This was sent to me for review but I am yet to check if they already have this at Silkygirl kiosks.

What I love
  • Moisturizing - no need for extra balm
  • 2 in 1 product
  • Color stays true to the tube
  • Easy to use
  • Nice color selection
  • Buildable color
  • Creamy texture
  • No fragrance
  • No paraben
What I don't
  • Not long wearing
  • Reapplication is a must after eating or drinking

Will I repurchase?
Yes but only my favorite shades! (coral and wine red)

I recommend SILKYGIRL Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm to  I recommend this to girls on the go who wants a product that they can use when they are in a hurry. It can hydrate your lips because its a balm but it can also give an opaque color like lipsticks. Its also light like you are not wearing any product at all. The only downside maybe is the longevity, this is a make or break I know, however this very easy to use so I don't really mind reapplication. If you are looking for a lip product that won't break the bank and is safe for daily use, I give Silkygirl a thumbs up.

Anyways gals I finally got my visa! I will be flying to Japan again soon! I will update you with a Japan laden post next time. 

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