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Review: Loreal Paris Micellar Water 3 in 1 in Moisturizing

My skin is not as good as it usually is these days. Thus resulted into piling more makeup than usual. I find it harder to remove all traces of makeup with my current skincare regimen. Here comes micellar water. I first read about it from beautymnl, there are several brands that released their own versions. So when I found out about a new type of makeup remover, I immediately thought of trying it out. Maybelline, Biore and Loreal released their own micellar water, however the brand I've seen available in Watsons is Loreal Paris Micellar Water. Loreal Paris is currently available in 2 variants: moisturizing (pink variant) and refreshing (blue variant). I got Loreal Paris Micellar Water 3 in 1 in Moisturizing because I have pretty combination skin but more of dry nowadays.

What is Micellar Water?
Breakthrough micellar molecules captures makeup and impurities like a magnet!

Loreal says: Unique micellar molecules act like a magnet to remove makeup residue and impurities from skin thoroughly. 3-in-1 actions: Cleanse, Remove Makeup, Soothe. Watery texture, skin is left clean, pure and hydrated.

How to use:
1.) SOAK - Saturate a cotton pad
2.) PRESS - Press pad activating the magic micelles to remove make up impurities
3.) PROOF - wipe face and see proof on pad! Quick, easy, just swipe - your everyday cleanser

The rectangular bottle is unique but might be quite bulky due to its shape. The cap is easy to open, not to mention that I really like the hot pink color of course. But be careful on dispensing the liquid because you might apply too much. Because its heavy, it might be hard to control the amount of product you get with each use, so be extra, extra careful.

TADAH! See its an easy open bottle.

A closer look at the back of this big bottle!~

Ingredients: Aqua/water, hexylene glycol, glycerin, rosa gallica flower extract, sorbitol, poloxamer 184, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium edta, propylene glycol, bht, polyaminopropyl, biguanide (F.I.L B183438/2)

I did a bit of research on the ingredients, and here is what I found out:

This is given already, as obvious at it is, the main content is water. :)
Hexylene glycol
A solvent/viscosity agent used to thin our heavy consistency products
May be naturally derived from plant oils but can also be produced synthetically, its used to prevent loss of moisture.
Rosa gallica flower extract
Fragrant extract
Sorbitol is used as flavoring agent but also prevents moisture loss. 
Poloxamer 184
Poloxamers help in forming emulsions, in this case, helps in dissolving dirt! It cleans skin by helping water to rinse away oil and dirt.
Disodium cocoamphodiacetate
Helps water to rinse away dirt and oil.  Its made from fatty acids from coconut oil which may be called coconut acid.
Disodium edta
A preservative used to enhance cleaning capabilities of cosmetics. This ingredient is the key for rinse-off products that inherently require water to come into contact with the skin. In this case, it simply binds in dirt etc when we use the product on our skin.
Propylene glycol
A hyhydrating agent easily absorbed by skin
BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)
A preservative and antioxidant which helps fight deterioration of cosmetics because of chemical reactions with oxygen
Polyaminopropyl biguanide (F.I.L B183438/2)
Used as synthetic preservative.

Loreal is my first micellar water brand so I didn't know what to expect. I mean there are already a lot of makeup removers in the market and I've tried several brands also. What can a new makeup remover with a new name do? Well Micellar Water is straightforward, water. Similar to water, it also has no scent. Having no high expectations on my first usage, I proceeded to use it with a cotton ball. The bottle is big and I had a bit of a hard time on getting just the right amount of product on my first attempt. I have cleaned my face on a circular motion. Since my makeup is quite heavy I know I would be using a lot of cotton.

Lots of cotton! Insert gross emoticon here
The solution unbelievably feels like pure water. On my eyes it did not sting my eyes at all, I just let the cotton pressed unto my eyes longer to remove the mascara and eyeliner. No, it was not removed instantly, but I haven't tried any makeup remover that does this job in one go. So I am cool with it.

On my skin, it did not leave an oily feel after use. Circular motion with a few cotton balls did the trick. And did you know Loreal Paris Micellar Water is also offering no rinse formula? Yes, like WTH, really? Okay so I am a bit skeptical with no rinse formulas. Why? I am really prone to acne, breakout, blackheads, whiteheads. Skin problem you say? Name it, I might have it. Lol. Truly, I am scared to try this no rinse feature of micellar water. However gals, for the love of blogging and of course out of curiosity on how it will fare, I have tried this. I even skipped moisturizer just to make sure that whatever reaction I will get will only be from the Loreal Paris Micellar Water itself only. Holy guacamole, I woke up to somehow, smaller looking pores and radiant looking skin. I understand now why its called 3 in 1. It doesn't just cleanse and remove makeup. It really moisturizes the skin as well. It can pass up as toner for me. If you have been double cleansing, I recommend that you try Loreal Micellar Water! Yes, thank me later. Hoho~

I am using this baby for days already and I have a bad breakout prior to discovering this. However every morning its like my face is being healed, not tightness, no dryness. It soothes and clears my skin from dirt and makeup without any rubbing nor rinsing. Its just bare hydrated skin with each use. I can't believe how a really gentle product can do wonders for my skin. Before I was in a doubt, if its water based and too gentle, then maybe it won't work? I am so used to harsh chemicals so this is something new for me. Any skin type can use this product, its very effective and gentle. It simply dissolves the dirt and impurities, it just simply works.

How much and where to buy?
P225 for 250ml bottle

What I love

  • Affordable
  • Economic- will last long even with everyday usage. 
  • Available in the malls!
  • Unique bottle shape (although it makes it hard to control product flow)
  • Water like consistency
  • No oily film residue after makeup removal
  • No greasy feel 
  • Moisturizing
  • It serves as makeup remover but doubles up as toner
  • No irritation
  • No tight skin feeling
  • Soothes skin, I wake up to better skin each day
  • No rinse formula
  • No rubbing needed to remove waterproof cosmetics
  • Light on the skin
  • Effective
  • Dissolves impurities, not just wiping it off
  • Very gentle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for oily and dry skin
  • Hydrated skin after usage
  • No scent

What I don't

  • Nothing I can mention

Will I repurchase?
Yes! I am also eyeing other brands of Micellar Water but Loreal Paris Micellar Water is so far so good!

I can sing nothing but praises for Loreal Paris Micellar Water 3 in 1 in Moisturizing. Its hypoallergenic so it can work even on sensitive skin. Oily or dry skin can use this product as well. It can double up as toner as well and will make you forget your moisturizer. Its indeed a 3 in 1 product that lives up to its promise. Perfect for lazy evenings of busy guys and gals. This product is effective yet fits the budget, I say see the effects for yourself. Cheers!

My new kitten, Eew loves Loreal Paris Micellar Water 3 in 1 as well!

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