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AICHI DAY 2: Gamagori Classic Hotel and Gamagori Orange Park

Hi beautiful! So for today I will continue my series of post for my Aichi Prefecture Travel last November. Actually Day 2 is my favorite day in the tour because I get to pick my own oranges! Yay I love being close to nature. So remember that in Day 1 we were from Minamichita Shachi Tei which is in the Bay area. I slept late because I was too excited for the next day.

I woke up late and was the last to eat breakfast. Minamichita Shachi Tei by the way serves japanese breakfast. I was just nodding when they asked me to put the egg on hot rice. I didn't thought that the egg won't be cooked, the rice is hot but not enough go cook the egg. Wew~ its a good meal you might want to try. This meal is called tamago kake gohan. Because I was in a hurry I was not able to take a shot of my breakfast, photo below is not mine.

Photo credits from source link below
Tamago kake gohan ("egg sauce over rice") is a popular Japanese breakfast food consisting of boiled rice topped or mixed with raw egg, and optionally soy sauce. Source

Minamichita Shachi Tei

Cute dolphin in front of Shachi tei Hotel
Our first stop for the day is Gamagori Classic Hotel. On the way to I've seen Laguna Ten Bosch a theme park which houses the ship of One Piece Thousand Sunny. 

Gamagori Classic Hotel

Gamagori Classic Hotel located on a hill top offers a classic feel which is true to its name. The elevator and rooms also depicts classic antique ambiance. This classic hotel was crowned with an honorable history where the Imperial Family members which includes the Emperor and Empress Showa, used to stay. It has 100-years history of superb hospitality.

Arrival in Gamagori Classic Hotel

Twin sharing room
Bathroom shot

It also offer spectacular views of Takeshima Island: a gorgeous Japanese garden and a cafe terrace with panoramic sea views. 

Beautiful Gamagori Classic Hotel

We had a short introduction to Aichi Prefecture.

 Me and one of my new friends

 They showed us a fun promotional video of Aichi. I can't find it uploaded yet anywhere. :(

 On April 2017 they are set to open a new Legoland in Nagoya.

We drove again after to go to Gamagori Orange Park for a sumptous lunch! Most of their dtaff here are Filipinos! We were surprised when the girl who served our meals suddenly talked in tagalog, omg kabayan! :)

Complete set of lunch
Travel agency girls in the group
 Yummy Gamagor Udon Pot!!
 We went straight to the Gamagori Orangr Park right after eating lunch. Its unlimited oranges fellas! But you can only consume them inside the Orange Park, no take outs.

The fruit picker of the day
They also sell oranges and other stuff inside the store. Overall this experience is really fun and I am eager to go back for a different seasoned fruit next time!

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