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Review: ACNECARE Lactoferrin Anti-Acne Complex

Acne is one of the most common skin condition for many. It usually starts during adolescence period and then has a chance to continue until adulthood in which we then call acne breakout. There are a lot of reasons in why we get sudden acne breakout on our face that is why there are also a lot of products intended for the treatment of pimples.

Just like any other kids I have experienced getting acne on my face during my high school years. Maybe its in the genes, maybe its in the makeup that I used, maybe its in what I eat, maybe its due to the pollution, and the maybe's are endless. Amidst the maybes only one thing is for sure, acne ruins one's self confidence. Not everyone are pimply, there are people who are blessed with flawless skin and I must admit that I envy them before. My case is not so bad now and my face only gets acne every now and then.

Moving on, let me introduce you to my younger brother. He is a shy type kind of kid who is often playing his mobile games, watching movies in the tv instead of playing outside or meeting with his friends. With him in the adolescence period he became a lot taller, his voice is deeper and his face got -pimples. I know I blog and I know a lot of products he can try but my mom says he is still young and it might be harsh for his skin. Sometime last year I think, Acnecare sent a package which contains AcneCare soaps and two bottles of AcneCare Lactoferrin Anti-Acne Complex. I don't feel the need to use it yet because my skin is okay, I completely forgot about it until last year November that I've let my brother try it.

ACNECARE Lactoferrin Anti-Acne Complex
Introducing the revolutionary 1st Lactoferrin capsule in the Philippines!
AcneCare Oral Anti-acne Supplement has the combination of three potent skin actives that bring you the Acne3 Complex.

#MayPagAsaPa #PimplesNoMore
AcneCare - Clinically Proven 44% less Acne in 2 weeks
Fights off Acne ,Red spots and other Skin Blemishes.Naturally !
AcneCare can reach cells where creams and lotions can't.
Plastic bottle lists all ingredients and manufacturing/expiration date. One bottle contains 30 capsules which will only last 2 weeks if to be taken as directed.

Ingredients per capsule: Lactoferrin 100mg, Linumlife Extra 25mg, Zinc Gluconate 6.4mg
Recommended: Take 1 capsule every morning and evening (2 daily) or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Manufactured for Vida Nutriscience, the same name behind SnowCaps and Snowskin
My brother's face has not just inflamed pimples he also have blackheads. He is really oily especially when he comes back from school and whenever he plays mobile games for too long.

Severe pimples and blackheads are still present. I asked him to continuously take at least one capsule per day. He is still a kid after all, as a start instead of two, he takes one.

Week 2-3
I actually took a photo at Day 25, he is very shy in front of the camera. I've swear to hide his eyes at least though. He is less oily nowadays and I seldom see inflamed pimples on his cheeks.

Week 4
The red marks are still there but most of his acne has dried up. He showed me his forehead today and its much more makinis na (more flawless) than the day he started taking the AcneCare capsules. His face has obviously less its bumps than before. I won't lie, he still gets a pimple every now and then but its not as many as before. The picture below will speak for itself, it did worked like wonders.

How much and where to buy? 

Got it for free but it retails at P885 per bottle. Its available at Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and SouthStar drugstore

What he likes
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • No negative reactions
  • Skin was less oily
  • Less blackheads
  • No cystic/inflamed pimples anymore
  • Dried his acne
  • Doesn't contain bad chemicals
  • Better skin as days progresses
  • Works as promised
What he doesn't
  • Nothing mentioned

Will I repurchase? Yes, much possibly will.

Most of the time we will only resort to topical ointments to cure breakouts and acne however this skin condition can leave scars which are possible to be permanent. It depends on how shallow or deep the scar is remember that prevention is cure. After I have seen how much difference it made to my brother's face and I am positive that it can possibly work for people with the same case too. Hopefully his face will clear up with continuous take of the capsules. He has finished 2 bottles as of writing this.

For guys and girls who have acne, constant breakout and looking for a solution, I recommend AcneCare.

Have you tried taking acne supplements to get rid of acne breakouts? You may share your story in the comments!~

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  1. Thanks for your review. It helped me decide to try it for my daughter :)

  2. can i use it for my 17yr old daughter.

    1. My brother is around 16 when he took this. I'll get back with you regarding the age limit.

  3. Nakakastop ba to ng hormonal acne

    1. Yes if you are hiyang sis. Kasi I also tried another acne product and it didn't work. Try with one bottle muna if you like.

  4. Can i uae it for my 13yrs old son?

    1. Oh I think that's too young po. I suggest that you consult a dermatologist first po.


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