Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream

The struggles of being a blonde really, is not when you get judgemental stares but when you already have your black roots showing. We do DIY bleaching and my sister does all the job. my hair right now is pale yellow although I have the knack for colors right now because it has only been a week after I bleached and I needed to wait before I can redye my hair. Did you know that I tried Rose Gold? During those rushed hair process one product that helped a lot is my current hair buddy: Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream.

What is it? 
Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream is a superior hair restoring and conditioning treatment that makes hair soft and smooth with extra shine as it contains keratin, sweet almond oil and avocado oil.
Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream remarkably re-moisturizes, re-strengthens and reconditions hair in just 1 minutes when left on wet hair while taking a bath.

Plastic tub with fluorescent green cover. Its triangle shaped and its a bit bulky but very light. It only contains 150g of product. However I have still brought the whole tub on my last weekend getaway or else I won't be able to comb my hair. Loool~

Bottom shows the printed expiry date.

Having blonde hair means using dry shampoo instead of the usual shampoo and conditioner. Frequent washing will remove the hair's natural oils making the bleached hair even drier. Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream comes to the rescue. I use this as my conditioner and I love the sweet almond scent. Its not very overwhelming in my own opinion and it lasts the whole day on me.

The cream is somehow your typical spa cream which is not as creamy or thick as Cream Silk. It spreads easily and doesn't caused me dandruff so far. The instant effect is the straight hair and I was able to comb it also. I use Hair cream as leave on so I can also brush it easier. If you already have straight hair I am afraid this might weigh your hair down. But for curly type hair like me, this is a heaven sent product.

Stubborn, unruly, frizzy hair will be smooth and silky with one wash of Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream. It doesn't wash out my hair colors and I can easily comb my fingers through my hair. It made my feel like my hair is healthy and I must say its perfect for girls in a rush for beautiful hair on the mornings.

How much and where to buy?
Available at Hortaleza and Landmark's Beauty Section at around Php120-150 (?) I will update this later!

What I love
  • Fast results seen with just one minute!
  • Made my hair soft and smooth with no tangles
  • Helps to make my hair look straight
  • Helps to easily comb my unruly blonde hair
  • Doesn't caused dandruff
  • No itchiness felt so far
  • Scent lasts whole day
  • Doesn't wash out my hair colors
  • Affordable
What I don't
  • One tub only contains 100g
  • Bulky container
  • Might weigh down hair for straight hair gals

  • Use under hair cap to achieve softest hair possible with Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream
Will I repurchase? 
I am on my 2nd tub!

Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream is best hair buddy especially for blonde gals out there! Its a life saver for my hair, if it is not for this product, I won't be able to comb my hair! It also made my hair straight looking even though I have natural frizzy hair. Thank you Swallow! I give this a 5 out of 5. :)

Sorry if I look grumpy here, I thought of posting how my hair looks when I used Swallow Smoothing Cream. Hair looks shiny and soft even though my hair is literally fried from all the bleaching. I get to take care of my hair better when I dye it compared to when I leave it black.
Do you have a favorite hair care product right now? Let me know in the comments!

I've been gone for long, such adulthood reason forbids me to post for a while. Thank you for still visiting guys and gals. 

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