Saturday, August 5, 2017

Back to Black with Mondes Dark Brown!

So this is not supposed to happen or is it? I thought of sharing a story with you guys.

Last night I came home with a paper bag filled with hair supplies. It was actually weird because I really don't have any idea what to buy but I still dropped by to check. The attendant in Hortaleza asked why I should recolor when I just dropped by two weeks ago? (Ate, that was 2 months ago already!! Hehe but glad you remember me)

Maintaining blonde hair is quite a feat for the scalp and budget. Its hard to keep the color even. I thought of getting dark ash blonde, ash gray etc but they are all out of stock! I want a slightly dark shade this time so I can spare myself from the high maintenance color of blonde. I ended up getting dark brown, did I make the right choice?

My purchase:
Mondes in Dark brown

Oxidizing Lotion at 9%
Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment
Swallow 1 Minute Hair Smoothing Cream

I asked my sister to help me with the process. She only used one oxidizing lotion and one box of color. I waited for 30 minutes and rinsed. Make sure to buy hair spa or henna wax like what I did! This is a must, believe me. 

I now conclude that 'dark brown' would not really result to anything close to brown. This is a sure ball to go black, lol. I like the outcome, when you are blonde and you're going dark, one box usually is enough. Going light on the other hand requires more color. I feel more like a normal person now although I am not so sure if that is on a positive or a negative note.

Anyways enjoy the weekend!

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