Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Review: Bremod Color Care Conditioner in Red

Now that I am back to blonde I want to make the most out of it by adding hair colors! However my hair has been brittle after bleaching again. I needed something that won't strip out moisture from the hair. That means no more hydrogen peroxide or harmful elements, but could that be possible? Introducing one of my new discoveries, Bremod Color Care Conditioner.

What is it? 

Bremod Color Conditioner
3 Perfect Effect: Repair the damaged hair! Strong hair roots! Lock color!

How to use: Bremod Color Conditioner help seal in beautiful colour and add intense shine. Simply replace your regular conditioner with Bremod Color Conditioner

Available in 4 shades: red, brown, yellow and purple

Sturdy plastic tube like most of the color conditioners. There is a safety foil upon opening and it has a flip cover cap. I was amazed with how big the product is.

 I've bought the red one with the hopes of getting a rose gold type of hue. I have decided to lightly massage the color directly to my hair hoping that I can a light pinkish color (cross fingers!) I did a swatch by getting a little part of my hair colored but in just 5 seconds my hair was completely colored with red! I've washed it off righ away and then tadah. Red hotness. Lol.

On my next attempt I've decided to somehow lessen the potency of the color by mixing Bremod Color Care Conditioner with a part of cream conditioner. I proceeded with applying it on the ends then since I am not so sure if it will be pink or still red I left the top blonde. However I still ended up with red ends!

Here is the end result:

I appreciate how user friendly it is becayse although the color washes off after shampoo, it doesn't transfer on the towels, clothes or sheets. I also tried to use it along with my shampoo to further dilute the color and I achieved the light pink rose gold shade I like which was later on ended up with orangey shade below:

How much and where to buy?
I got mine for P150.

What I love
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Didn't dry my hair
  • Added extra shine
  • Affordable
  • A little goes a long way
  • Doesn't easily transfer 
  • Not very messy
  • Potent formula
  • Vibrant hair color
  • Long lasting because it stays for 2 weeks
  • Works not just on bleached hair but even on light colored hair
What I don't
  • Limited colors
  • Not easily accessible
Will I repurchase? 
Yes but one tube can last real long!

Bremod Color Care Conditioner is a great alternative to color chalks, powders or waxes in terms of temporary colors. Next time I will try the brown or purple!

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    1. I bought mine online but I found that Pop Culture Trinoma also sells them. I am not sure with the price though.

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