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Doxycline Hyclate For Acne Treatment - My Derma Experience

I started having acne when I was in high school, gone are the days of good skin days but it became worst when I started working. It seems nothing is working anymore especially when I started my graveyard shifts and active hormones on some time of the month. If you have an Intellicare card chances are you can use this to get a no expense visit to a dermatologist. (What me?!) I have always thought that dermatologist consultations are expensive but here I am getting it for free with a health card. Basically this is paid by the company and whatever prescribed will not be free anymore. So I finally decided to go and get a checkup.

Doxycline Hyclate For Acne Treatment 

I must say I get severe acne on my face occasionally but it doesn't stop there because I also get it on my back, chest and arms. I was really confused why I get it, it just won't stop. I can use topical treatments but since the acne is all over my dermatologist has prescribed an antibiotic and here comes Doxycline hyclate. This drug is a generic name for an antibiotic which is commonly prescribed to people with inflamed acne. Since the acne is everywhere then it might be good to treat it internally. She also mentioned a more potent drug which I can try if this one doesn't work. That other one is said to limit a person from giving birth for 3 years as it can bring harm to the offspring. I was also told to stay away from the sun and to always use sunblock as I will be photosensitive.

So I got a prescription for 100mg Doxycline hyclate and an anti-acne soap. Price ranges from P48-80 per capsule. I won't dig in much around the acne soap as its too drying for my face, I've only use it for my body.

What is it? 
Doxycline Hyclate is also used for other purpose, I've read its an anti-bacteria type of drugs but I am also aware of various side effects, but the scariest one I've read is: Teen Claims Acne Medication Doxycycline Left Her "Nearly Blind".

Doxycline Hyclate For Acne Treatment - My Experience
I almost immediately felt the effect of Doxycline Hyclate. My acne went from severe to drying state in just 1 week. It seemed like I'm a new person! I was even able to use kojic soap on my face which I can't use before as I keep on breaking out from it. I only used Celeteque matte sunblock which goes white and matte. I've stopped using tretinoin products so my skin started to brighten and whiten. When treating pimples with tretinoin I had to choose between clear skin and fair skin. With Doxycline I am hitting 2 birds with one stone. However one bad effect I noticed is that I lost my appetite to eat, I am pretty thin to start with so this is a sad side effect for me.

One time I suddenly felt like its really hard to breathe and it went on for a week or so. I thought I was dying or I have some sort of heart problem but it turned out that its actually heartburn/ acid reflux. When taking doxycline I am not allowed to lie down at least 1 hour after taking it with a full meal. I wasn't probably listening when the dermatologist told me that, my bad.

Like I said I work in graveyard shifts so I don't really mind the photos sensitivity part of this drug however things changed as this all happened in summer and we have a beach family get away. I just can't turn my back on a fun holiday. I slathered on a lot of sunblock and went on the beach. I stayed like 2-4 hours at most and here is what happened:

I have never turned this golden brown before. Yikes.

I was wearing shorts so my legs and face also darkended. Many of my colleagues at work noticed that I tanned. As you can see I have blue hair at the moment so it's bizaar because my color doesn't go with my skin tone. That is how it goes for me! So for the first time after a while I've used kojic soap on my face. If you've read my older entries kojic soap breaks me out but not this time. It seemed like I am a new person, no breakouts!

Things are going nicely until I stop using it.

I missed a week of going back to the dermatologist for around one week and a half and the silly me thought that there might be an over the counter drug in place for it. I am being very honest with you guys, I took another drug without a prescription and its Lactoferin. It's an anti acne over the counter drug but it did not worked on me.

I broke out like crazy. Cystic acne on my face, I am in a panic mode, I knew I needed to go back to the dermatologist.

I was prescribed to go on a full 2 months of Doxycline hyclate again and my clear is as smooth as ever again.

The drug may or may not work on you, but taking oral pills especially for acne can be big gamble. I must say go to a dermatologist who can really assess your skin condition. Even public hospitals have them or if you have a health card like me you may use it for this purpose.

So how long will I take Doxycline Hyclate?
Guess what? I stopped using it already. I actually missed another appointment with the dermatologist *I'm truly sorry*. Remember when I told you I can already use kojic soap on my face? Well after the time I stopped taking Doxycline I quickly broke out because of it.

Indeed its a very bad breakout, my skin has always been very sensitive but now my skin if healing itself, I'm not sure if I should go back to the dermatologist or not because I don't want to be dependent on the drug forever but hey, I might just go back one of these days, who knows?

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