Sunday, August 4, 2019

DIY Pink Hair

Hello August! It's raining hard I know, but don't you love the cold weather? Less aircon and less electric bill. Just want to hop on real quick to share what am I up to these days.

Yes I finally finished a VLOG on how I achieved my DIY Pink Hair. It's affordable and very easy. You can actually do the same method to get lavender, peach, mint etc! As long as your hair is blonde, much better if platinum then the trick will work.

Anyone who likes DIY will have lots of fun with colors. There is no limit to this method. Come and watch my very first video using DIY pink hair conditioner! Sorry if I came like very tense and nervous haha. I'll see if I get used to it.

I have a few ideas on what to post next, mostly about beauty, skincare, hair care, maybe music and a bit of travel. Any questions just comment down below!

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