Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What I've watched from Netflix so far

Rainy days is usually the time when I indulge with Netflix. I have been given this account on a whim as I keep on asking boyfie to download random series before. Anyhow what have I been watching in Netflix lately you say?

My watch later list is getting longer and longer eh? However the naive me keeps on watching my favorite dramas on repeat!!

A love so beautiful
A Love so Beautiful
My ultimate favorite drama is this chinese drama. I think I have watched this like 5-6 times already and I still want to watch. I have related to the little girl's persevere love to her crush. I really love everything about this drama even the supporting cast are great and they have done a good job in adding color to the story.

I find this good read about the relationship of the 2 protagonist. I still love Jiang Chen nonetheless.

Love Alarm
Love Alarm
This drama will have it's 2nd season soon and and the story is based on a webtoon. I have fallen in love with Song Kang. He is just drop dead good looking. The plot takes place in an advanced time wherein you can use a phone app to know if someone is in love with you within a 10m radius.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

I watched the first episode of this then stopped before watching it again to finish the whole series. I wasn't fond of the protagonist but the story line is cool. I like how the guy has chased the girl on this drama unlike the usual wherein the girl gives more attention. Cha Eun Woo of Astro looks so gorgeous AF too. 

He is Psychometric
He is Psychometric
This is an idol laden kdrama. The start had me by surprise as there was some murder going on and a very hideous one. The story revolved around Jinyoung who tries to find the hidden

King's Avatar
King's Avatar

Another intriguing chinese drama, and it includes Yangyang! I watched his earlier hit, Love 020 and this one didn't disappoint too. I like the whole story of how he recruited the best team mates and how he got back from playing after retiring out of his own will. And yes, Yangyang too looks so hot in this drama, as always.

Okay! I know, I know. It is all in korean and chinese but hey! My list has Sponge bob Squarepants too and I also included american series like Once upon a time but I haven't gotten the chance to start watching it yet. The number of episodes puts me off. But Im'ma try this 2020! I got a lot of time for it too.

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