Thursday, August 26, 2021

Review: Merry Sun Shining Colored Cellowax in Pink

Have you ever heard the saying if you can't change your surroundings, change your hair color? I am feeling a bit gloomy so to change my state of mind right now I've decided to recolor my hair. I don't want to spend a fortune on changing it though, and I don't want to use harsh chemicals. I have searched for something easy to use and also temporary because I can't decide on a  fixed color. I've found Merry Sun Shining Colored Cellowax and saw positive feedback on it so I bought various colors!

What is it? 
Merry Sun Shining Colored Cellowax is a hair coloring product that gives your hair fantastic shine and adds a layer of color. It's an easy-to-use hair coloring product that can be used right in the comfort of your home. Just follow the instruction and you can treat your hair without fuss. It would only take a few minutes to change the color of your hair. 

I got Merry Sun Shining Colored  Cellowax in black, pink, blue, violet, light blonde, natural, fiery orange, black, blue, and believe it or not, they even have rose gold!

It's in sachets, quite a pain to keep if you are only using half of it. 

I have used it on dry hair. At first, I mixed the pink Cellowax and conditioner together before applying them to my hair. I've only used 2 sachets to get the correct shade on my hair. I've noticed it didn't have any bleeding on water or towels afterward which is a huge plus. I usually stain even the tiles when I was using the Chroma Cellowax which is another temporary DIY hair color brand.

To be honest, I like the faded color better because it looks like rose gold. But the bubble gum pink shade is also lovely. 

(this is what the product looks like except the round sticker says pink. I've already thrown the sachet I've used as of writing this entry)

How much and where to buy it?
I got this for only 45 per 60ml sachet.

What I love
  • Color is temporary
  • Didn't stain my towels
  • Doesn't fade fast
  • Affordable
  • Smells like bubble gum!
  • Made my hair soft
  • Has many colors to choose from
What I don't
  • Full color won't be shot on black hair. 
You can dilute the color with a conditioner if you want to achieve a pastel shade.

Will I repurchase it? 

Merry Sun Shining Colored Cellowax is a very convenient way to color your hair without any commitment to any shade! 


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  1. hi! i used merrysun cellowax blue color. last 3days ago until now nagsstain sa hand, clothes, and pillow case. do you experience same thing po ba? until when po kaya to?��

  2. does this work on non bleach hair? black hair


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