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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy-busy September now ends

After a long week in Magsaysay Training Center (MIHCA) I had to take a break, for the next practicum on Monday. That is why I have decided to take a stroll at Victory Mall which is near at my house.

I quickly spotted a store full of cosmetics of I-dont-know brands. Their products is obviously from China, just by the looks and the smell of it. But I cant resist the fact that they are still indeed cosmetics and for me they look so pretty so I did went inside to take a close look of the products.

The selection is complete from the most common face make-up- compact powders, blushes to eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses and the not-so-common- false lashes and colored hair waxes. What amazed me is they even sell the moist lotion I blogged about before and so does various bb creams which all has the same qualities: no smell and no coverage. I wonder how come they classified them as bb cream?

Anyway that sums up my post for the week. This month is busy but totally fab!<3

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