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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette

Ever since I started using makeup I only use matte and neutral hues for my eyeshadow. However the more I see makeup tutorials with sparkly eyeshadows the more I want to get one! Since I don't really explore much with eye makeup and I am not very skilled with blending yet, I don't want to splurge. The usual price of a korean brand eyeshadow palette costs P700 above and my sister also keeps on reminding me that I still have a lot of eyeshadows at home .One thing is missing though- the shimmer eyeshadows! Mind you that I am not looking for the ordinary shimmer ones, what I want is the pearly type of shimmers which are similar to tear drop korean eye liner effect.

One blessed Saturday my co-worker and I checked an Ever Bilena kiosk in Watsons, I am not looking for anything but I luckily found Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette.

What is it? 
Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette

The plastic case lets you see the eyeshadow colors inside. Its fab and expensive looking. I also like how they thoughtfully placed a small mirror inside. Very convenient!

Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette's color selection is just brilliant. There are total of 6 colors in the pan. The palette is called 'pink' but fret not because the colors are wearable. The palette actually contains orange shades which is exactly what I was looking for. One swatch and I'm sold. Each pan simply looks fab when used together.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and buildable. Its lush, dramatic and attention grabbing when layered and can be perfect for evening parties. Its also smooth when applied. Its the exact type of luminous pearlized quality sparkles I am looking for. I really like it when the eyeshadow catches light, its just beautiful. Do not skip the primer especially if you're suffering from oily lids. This is not chalky and the vibrant highly pigmented colors are just pure love.

It does fade and transfers if you're the type who often touches their eyes but it doesn't crease on me though.

How much and where to buy?
Only P165 at your favorite Ever Bilena kiosks!

What I love
  • The chunky shimmers!
  • Shades are very wearable - perfect for a Christmas makeup look
  • Doesn't break the bank
  • Highly pigmented 
  • Very blendable
  • Affordable
  • Convenient mirror inside the case!
What I don't
  • Shimmers may fall off
  • It doesn't last the whole day
Will I repurchase? 
Its in the realm of possibility but this will last long!

The Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette offers the glamorous shimmer eyeshadow without breaking the bank. It might not be the ultimate eyeshadow because it has a few hiccups but for the price, I can't complain! This is already a steal for P165! Kudos for continuously bringing quality products to the mass, here is a heart for a job well done Ever Bilena! <3

  *I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc.please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com
Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Honest

Hohoho~ Hi sweeties!

For this holiday season and for our reunion I want to try something new.I got tired on using my usual cheek tints for my looks. I wanted something more natural and something less noticeable, something that will make people think that I am just blooming. Haha.

I was looking for a peachy or orangey color blush. Something cheap as I don't want to break the bank, as I scour the local product brands I saw EB Cheek Blushes. I settled for Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Honest.

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Honest Review

What is it?

A matte powder cheek blush with a bit of sparkles but its not visible on the skin once applied. I truly love the color. <3

The cheek blush is inside a black and round flip top case. It looks classy! Although the case is made from plastic. This blush have accidentally fallen once and that is only when I have discovered that it has a compartment inside with a mirror and a small brush! Very neat and surprising haha.


I lightly apply Ever Bilena Blush using my ELF Stipple Brush. Sometimes I also use the brush included in this cheek blush. The product is quite powdery and there are a bit of fall outs, but I don't mind. The end result is a really natural blushing cheeks that doesn't look over done. This light orange-y color just gives me the right glow during days that my skin looks pale. This blush is pigmented and I can easily adjust the intensity of color depends on how I apply the product. It lasts about 2-3 hours when its hot and humid. By the way underneath it says to have UVA/UVB protection so I guess that is another good point.

I usually wear this blush over peach or pink lips. But if you are looking for a blush which will go well with a red lipstick for this holiday then this can also be your best bet!

How much and where to buy?

A 4g. blush only costs P180 at Ever Bilena kiosks in SM Department stores, Watsons, HBC and Hortaleza

What I love

  • The color is true to its pan
  • Very natural looking color for no makeup look
  • Its matte!
  • Affordable
  • Accessible product because its locally made
  • Doesn't break me out
  • travel friendly because it has a brush and mirror inside

What I don't

  • Doesn't last long
  • Ingredients is not stated anywhere on the case


Be careful when applying this blush because there are fall-outs.

Will I repurchase?

Yes definitely but I am yet to hit the pan and I have a looooong way to go. The baby pink blushes also interests me. I just can't get enough of pink stuffs eh?~


Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Honest is a perfect to-go blush for no-makeup look. If you want to look glowing but not made up, then check this out!

Teehee! Christmas is comiiing~

*I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com 
items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated


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