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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My XCM 214 (Super Angel Brown) Geo Lens just arrived!

Actually it was nearly 2 months since I paid for this thing. Almighty customs has interfered with my seller's lens packages so it took longer than expected for the lenses to be on-hand.

Geo Angel lenses are perfect for the fuss-free dolly look (for ullzzang selcas!). Even cosplayers have been loving this Geo circle lenses, great for anime lovers!

I intended to buy CK 105 or what others call Dolly Black but the seller said it was unavailable so I settled for an angel brown and then it became super angel brown because the latter has became unavailable as well. Seller also failed to contact me after the delay of shipment which a major turn-off. I needed to get dailies to make-up for my months without lenses.

Buying this lenses was not a pleasant experience after all. Anyway that won't interfere with my review about this geo lens, so lets get started.

A few info about Super Angel Brown lenses

Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6

My very first lenses were also from Geo, its Angel Gray CM 835 its in normal size, 14mm. This super Geo series is 14.8mm which seems big but comfort is just the same as the regular ones. The biggest lenses I have seen so far is 16mm from the i fairy series! (I dunno about you, but I won't try them ever)

Unlike the dolly black, Super Angel Brown looks natural. Enlargement is average, enough to make you look cute and dolly without garnering too much attention.

I have been using this angel brown contacts daily and I must say that they are pretty comfortable even after 8 hours of usage. I got this with grade, both 2.75 and I basically can't go outside without wearing them because I'll be good as blind, LOL. The only thing I can complain about is my eyes tends to dry out but that will only be after about 6 hours which is natural.

Another thing I really like is I can check for the lens authenticity online. Yes there are fakes in the internet so better buy from a reputable seller. You will only need to scratch the authenticity sticker on the side of the vial and input in the anti-fake numbers.


Okay, so off to the pros and cons...


  • Affordable
  • Natural dolly look despite the size
  • Can last for a year!

  • Not readily available -Most of the lenses(especially graded ones) are for pre-order.
Basically that's it, if you opt for enlargement but still wants to look natural then go for Angel Brown. I love Geo lenses and I am looking forward into trying out Dolly Black on my next purchase! :)

Have you tried Geo lenses? what type of lenses are you using?

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