Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Strip It! Cold Wax

"Hairless, fair and smooth underarm for every girl in the world!"
...Fairy God Mother said to Cinderella and everyone in the village... and they all lived happily ever after. --THE END.

Geez, what an awesome finale but we all know that story is far from reality. To achieve a hairless under arm girls need to shave, pluck, go to waxing salons etc.

Razors are known to darken underarm after prolonged usage (not to mention that hair grows back too fast afterwards) and so does plucking that also results to chicken skin. Waxing salon is the best option but it's time consuming, not to mention costly.

Good thing, there is a process we call waxing, right? Now waxing is possible to be done at home --yeah I know, super convenient! The most common wax available in the market is hot wax. But personally I won't dare to buy one as I'm afraid to scald my skin, I'm quite a dummy on stuffs that involve heat.

Fortunately the good ole world came up with a whole new process once again called sugaring. The most popular brand in the market I know is Strip It! I was browsing my favorite buy and sell site -sulit when I noticed this lil' new product. Strip It is said to be the best hair removal sugaring in the Philippines

But... ~What is sugaring?
"Sugaring is also known as the ancient Egyptian sugar WAX. All natural, water-soluble and hypoallergenic thus safe to use even on sensitive skin."

Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring promises:

Less chicken skin

Hair will only grow after 2-4 weeks

Skin Lightening

Safe to use on any part of the body

No long list of contents are included in this product but it says that:
"It exfoliates since dead skin are stripped off. It's laced with moisturizer making skin soft. And the Calamansi lightens the skin!"

How to use:

  1. Using spatula apply wax to skin (dry/powdered) in the direction of your hair growth (hair should be at least 1/4 long).
  2. Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the wax and rub for a few seconds (Remember to leave a small space at the end for pulling).
  3. Stretch your skin tight so all hair will be pulled when you strip the cloth (yeah strip, thus the name..neat ^^)
  4. Immediately strip off the cloth in opposite direction (take note that process should only take a few seconds)
Don't worry you dont need to jot down the process as their package is already complete with the instructions, cloth, spatula and wax inside a very cute pink paper bag. Heehee.

I have been using this product for 3 months already and I must say I am impressed with the results. It keeps up with the promise that hair will only grow after approx. 2-4 weeks. I have no chicken skin already, that was kinda pretty fast but it might be because I don't really pluck a lot even before.

Here is a photo of my own purchase:

I bought their tint as well.~(mini review coming soon) Pardon of not being able to show the contents of the tub, camera was suddenly stuck.

Now off to Pros and Cons:
  • Super easy to use, after 3-4 times of usage you'll get the hang of it.
  • Cheaper than most brands out there and way safer than using the accident prone razors.
  • Less painful than plucking.
  • This is cold wax so no harm in getting a very warm wax or whatsoever. Hooray for cold wax!
  • No allergic reactions or whatsoever, just redness that is just normal with the waxing process. It is recommended to use it after taking a bath or before sleeping because we should not wash the skin within 8 hrs after waxing to avoid pore clogging.
  • Some really small stray hairs are left and need to be tweezed out.
  • Might need multiple times of stripping if the person is new to the process.
  • May be a bit painful to some like to my mom when I waxed her underarm.
  • Not available in local stores nationwide, hassle of getting the item shipped every time you need one but that problem is not a biggie. Updated (04/13/13): They do sell this on Landmark now.
Where to buy?
You can easily browse for sellers online, or just drop by in Landmark.

How much?
> > Mini trial kit 100g - P130
> > Medium kit 200g - P200

> > Big tub kit 350g - P295
Suggested Retail Prices but it depends on who/where you are buying from.

How long will it last?
They say mini tubs are good for at least 1-3 months, medium for around 6 months and the big tub for around 10 months and is the best for you if you plan on waxing not just the underarm but other parts of your body as well like legs.
It can last a year after opening by the way and refrigerating the product is a no-no (because it'll affect the product's effectiveness)

Will I buy again?
Sure! I am even thinking of reselling them to my friends and neighbors. Teehee. Updated (04/13/13): I already finished 3 big tubs of Strip It! ...and just bought one again.

This is a keeper!

How about you girls, do you also use hair wax?
(This is my very first product review ever!)
Hope you like it~ *cheers!*


  1. this page is cute & cool..even the topics are interesting especially for the girls. I bet my girl friend would be glad to see your blog and your posts~ (=^;^=)

  2. Thanks for making this review Chien! It will help a lot of interested and curious sisters out there who are afraid of waxing.
    I'm glad you liked Strip It, and even recommending it to your readers. I'd be glad to welcome you to our team =)


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