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Monday, September 7, 2015

My First Blogger Event: #GetGlowingWithJergens Skincare Fair

Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. -Forrest Gump
But what will happen if your box is full of JERGENS lotions? You'll be glowing. Glowing is what you're gonna get. Hahaha okay so yes this marks my very first event ever!

Experience glowing skin, the Jergens way. Get personal skin care advice through a one-on-one consultation with the experts, join the open pictorials, sample exclusive concoctions at the juice bar, and bring home samples of Jergens variants. Participate in a typography class and bring out your inner artist through hands- on tutorials.  Be one of the five participants who will be hailed as the Jergens Glow Girls and take home exciting prizes.

All these and more at the #GetGlowingwithJergens Skincare Fair on September 5, 2015, Activity Area of Gateway Mall, Araneta Center from 1 P.M. onwards. See you there and let’s get glowing!

And so I received this lovely box when I got home a few weeks back. What magic could have been hiding inside?

Tadaaaa~ I am invited to the #GetGlowingWithJergens Skincare Fair on Gateway Mall Activity Center Cubao.

And here is the event wiieeee~

Lookie it was my first time to do brush lettering. It was fun! We were asked to write phrases or just the word that contain glow or shine. This is what I made, hello to my golden artwork.

We get a completion card for this fun fair. The logo gets stamped every time we complete an activity.

There was skin and nutrition consultation, product sampling and photoshoot. I did not get to take much pictures as I was just doing some ninja moves. I was too shy because I was alone, I noticed everyone got some company. I left early but I still enjoyed. This is my first event and it was a good one!

#GetGlowingWithJergens Skincare Fair is a successful fun event!

*I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com
Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jergens® and Araneta Center says: #GetGlowing

Shake it! Shake it! Are you feeling positive today? For today I will be sharing a new campaign by one of the most trusted skin care brand in the market.

 #GetGlowing with JERGENS® and ARANETA CENTER

Your trusted Skincare brand, JERGENS® Moisturizers, teams up with the metro's premiere beauty destination, Araneta Center, to launch #GetGlowing – a campaign promoting healthy, glowing skin for all.
#GetGlowing aims to encourage everyone to take care of their skin through healthy living and proper skincare. As part of the campaign, Jergens Moisturizers and Liquid Soaps will be made available to valued guests and customers of Smart Araneta Coliseum, Gateway Mall, Farmers Plaza, and Ali Mall in Araneta Center starting July until the rest of the year. With this initiative, Jergens hopes to spread the habit of proper skin care with everyone
JERGENS® will also be hosting pocket activities in Araneta Center's Gateway Mall to showcase the advantages of having glowing skin and how it can be achieved. Participants will also get a chance to interact with our Skin Expert who will share tips on how to #GetGlowing with noticeably beautiful skin.

Jergens Moisturizers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle Distribution, Inc and are available in leading Department Stores, Supermarkets and retailers nationwide.  
Araneta Center, Inc. is the owner, developer and manager of the Araneta Center, an established 35-hectare (90 acre) retail, entertainment, residential, and office development situated right in the center of Metro Manila. The Center brings in an estimated 1,000,000 visitors daily and houses more than 2,000 retail, food, entertainment, and office spaces. 
Are you also joining this campaign for better skin? Because I sure do, it is never too late to start your healthy skin care habit.

 Let's #GetGlowing!

 *I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com
Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Avon Clearskin Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector

Hello Break outs! Oh its that time of the month again. Yay remember my Avon loot from last time?

 Avon Clearskin Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector
. Acne control contains Salicylic Acid 2.0%

Avon says: Formulated with the maximum level of Salicylic Acid and Fast Clear Technology to work fast. This acne treatment helps reduce redness and swelling in just 3 hours.

TO USE: Cleanse skin thoroughly: smooth a thin layer over affected area 1-3 times daily. Starting with 1 application and gradually increasing to 2-3 times daily if needed.

I tend to have breakouts every month and I only use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. However I have thought of resorting to acne gels once again to save me from those bad skin days. Avon Clearskin Instant Spot Corrector was already cheap at P99 per tube. I was not expecting much from it but I am tempted to complete the products from their ClearSkin line because each product is already affordable at P99 each.

My Experience
Avon spot corrector comes in a clear gel form. I really can't describe how the acne gel smells but I like it. I only needed a small amount for every application on the affected areas. I tried using  Avon Clearskin Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector before my period days and it works as it's supposed to! I love how I wake up to less inflamed acne. Yes it does work but breakouts from my period days seems to be harder to treat. I needed about 2 days of thrice application before I can see difference.

I have used this before using makeup and it leaves a thin film which cakes a bit once I apply powder foundation. It can stop pimples from growing but I needed to continue using the product before it fully disappears.

Click the photo to check the ingredients
How much?
P99/ 15 ml cheaper than other acne gel in the market. It has more product as well. Bang for the buck! Yay~

Where to buy?
Avon ladies and Avon stalls in the mall

What I like:
  • It does control and dry acne.
  • Size is visibly reduced after 3 hours.
  • Does not leave dark spots unlike other correctors I've tried.
  • Can be applied on acne scars to help it peel
  • Bang for the buck! Less than P100 for a 15ml product.
 What I don't:
  • Product is not accessible
Final thoughts

I am so glad that  Avon Clearskin Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector worked on me I nearly hoarded. It is affordable yet effective. I love affordable goodies! :)
I am sure to buy again on my next Avon order.

How about you sweeties, what is your favorite brand of acne gel?


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt

Summer is ending too soon.Why oh why?~
We will all be saying hello to more traffic jams on the opening of the classes. LOL. Anyway since there is nothing we can do to stop the time, let's just enjoy the days left before school days!

Today I want to share with you one of the products I consider HG in my beauty regimen. I am not a big fan of body scrubs before but I already use face towel/ bath cloth and soap to exfoliate, yeah the traditional way of scrubbing. :)

Did you know? "Exfoliating your entire body can help prevent body acne in many places below your neck, such as the chest, back and arms. It also might help you avoid ingrown hairs by preventing dead skin cells from plugging up follicles where you've shaved or waxed. And it can help even out skin tone and keep your skin hydrated and soft." Read more: HERE.

Now it is really important to do a body scrub once or twice a week. So while shopping in Watsons I came across this scrub. Packaging and promised benefits is quite similar to Abonne salt scrub but I chose Yoko  instead.

yoko yogurt spa salt
First edit in Photo On cyworld editor! Had a mistake with setting the photo quality. Hohoho~

What Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt promises?
Yogurt Spa Milk Salt is for skin whitening, enriched Vitamin E, natural salt benefits, protein from milk and yogurt. It provides nourishment to your skin with Milk and Yogurt. It also removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin.
It is manufactured by: Siam Yoko Co.LTD, made in Thailand!
 Ingredients: Sodium sesquicarbonate, sodium chloride (NaCI), milk, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Olive Oil,Yogurt extract, Vitamin B3, Collagen

My Experience:

Yoko Spa Milk Salt is my very first salt scrub. I am fond of taking long baths so using a scrub does not make much difference in my bathing time. I tried the Pink Yogurt variant and it smells like candy for me. The salt is pink and quite grainy. Sometimes I hurt myself if I make a mistake of scrubbing harder than usual or if there are sharp bits of salt which is usual.

I had scars on my arms from chicken pox and I thought that since this is a whitening scrub it can help in diminishing those scars. I really don't know what exactly I was thinking before but I use it on my arms on 7 consecutive days. On the 7th day I realized that the chicken pox scars is about 95% gone. Definitely not magic but it worked! I was surprised and since then I included this in my HGs. I didn't use moisturizing lotions or soaps during those 7 days. I am not really recommending my method since it does hurt and dries skin but it's something I did that gave results. Although Yoko Yogurt Spa Salt is drying it will still give you fresh, soft and smooth skin every after use. Nowadays I already use lotion to add in moisture.

How I use it: I lather my triple whitening soap then I apply the Yoko Spa Salt scrubbing gently in circular motion. I let the salt sit on my skin for about 5 minutes then I rinse it off.

How much: P68 in Watsons and P36 in Divisoria and Unitop for 300 grams. I can swear it's the same product despite the price difference. :)

What I love:
  • The candy scent
  • It simply delivers its promise!
  • Affordable and effective

What I don't:
  • The packaging because the zip lock doesn't work on spa salts. It won't close properly so I use clothes pin (sipit) instead! haha :)

Will I buy again?
Yoko Spa Salt is in my HG list. I am going to try their other variants as well. I am finished with cucumber and milk and both were as good as the yogurt although of course yogurt will still be my favorite.

Yeorebun (everyone) what product are you using as body scrub? Let me know in your comments! :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

How’s your summer girls? Are you loving it? Well as for me I want to get busy thus I’m currently making my list of ‘must-do’ this vacation. *wink*

My blog has been so prone to hackers lately so if you still get the Attack page’ then that is a boohoo for me. I submitted a request for a review of my website, hopefully it’s already clean now, I did my best to delete the hacker files and restore my site! I was so hopeless when I can’t log-in my dashboard. My only tool is Google and the results it gives, even my hosting can’t help me. :(

I might try to post a quick how to next time on steps I did to recover my blog. I am sad on how foolish people can be. They hack websites just for the mere fun of it. I hope there are not much of broken links as I just reinstalled wordpress again.

Anyway so since my blog is back online (although other pips can’t access it yet due to the warning page) I will post a review of my old favorite: Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner.

Noticed how I added the heart in above photo? Haha… I’m just playing around with our photo editor here. XD

Ingredients: (since it was not fully visible in the shot)
All Natural Witch Hazel, containing natural grain alcohol 14% and Witch Hazel Extract

I am fond of using whitening soaps, unfortunately my face became dry after prolong usage. I can’t use alcohol toners as because it will also contribute to dryness (yes I’m talking about you Eskinol!) So I needed an alternative, something gentle that will keep my skin clean and moisturized. Let me clear that I have enlarged pores, but it’s not really my main concern when I was looking for a new toner. After a long day my usual routine of taking off my make-up:
  1. About 5-10 minutes facial massage of Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid to remove all traces of make-up.
  2. Wash off the oil and dirt with Moisturizing Collagen Soap.
  3. With a cotton ball moistened with Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner I am sure that my face is squeaky clean.

Did Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner stayed true to it’s promise?
  • Refines pores -With continuous use it might work but do not expect drastic changes. I have enlarged pores so I can see whether a product does tighten pores or not. Hmm… is that a good thing? Lol. At least I’ll know if something is not working, haha.
* ” Witch Hazel is high in tannins. Tannins are found in any natural astringent because of their ability to tighten, dry and harden tissues.”
So as per my research, i can also be used for insect bites, chicken pox etc because it can soothe itchiness. Click here to learn 15 ways of using Witch Hazel.
  • Removes and controls oil -Yes it does remove oiliness and keeps my skin’s moisture. Which is a good thing. I notice that I don’t need to frequently use blotting paper anymore.
  • Soothes Irritation -When I first used Dickinson’s Witch Hazel toner my skin is irritated due to dryness. It indeed helped reduced itchiness. I also used Physiogel cream along with this toner.

Where to buy?

Healthy Options for P79/ 2 oz. bottle, very affordable. It’s their travel size,which is cute compared to it’s original size which is a really big bottle.


  • Cheap!
  • Effectively cleans despite being non-drying.
  • Refreshes my skin. So perfect for summer!
  • Accessible product, any SM malls with Healthy Options.

  • Sometimes I don’t like the smell. though it really depends on my mood. LOL.. The scent of this toner is like chesnuts.
Will I repurchase?

Yes, this is an HG material. I still look forward into trying out Hada Lobo but for now Dickinson’s Witch Hazel toner is enough. I am more than loving this product, I might get the astringent version of this too, Soooo excited!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Before anything else I want to say sorry to those who have seen the 'hacked' message of Op-Israel. Err...this has been the 3rd time that my blog was hacked and getting it back online is such a big pain.

I just researched and did what I can do. In the positive side I am learning, but not enough reason to get more hacks in the future! I wonder what I can do to secure my website?

Okay so I'll stop blabbering now. Today I'll review my personal favorite- Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!

I already emptied my tube of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque even before I publish this, so imagine how long did it take for me to give a review? XD

This tube is big and it took me months to finish, I do not even apply this daily (...and don't! because it can dry out your skin!) The tube is perfect in dispensing the product, just the right amount every time. I apply this mask after a long tiring day, this mask simply makes me feel relaxed, the scent is like Double Mint chewing gum or toothpaste, so refreshing. I think it can even be your perfect summer buddy. I also use this as a spot treatment for pimples. I usually have occasional breakouts when my period is getting near or whenever I feel a bit lazy to remove my make-up (I know this is a big sin! OMY. Don't do this!)

Make sure that you wash your face before using the product. Spread it heavily and evenly to your face (or your neck too if you prefer) make sure that there is enough clay on every part of your face. You will feel that you are ready to wash off the mask when it's already dry. I always sneeze when I have this on because I can inhale it's powder form. LOL. My skin looks fresh and feels clean after washing the mask off. Sometimes I needed to double wash to fully remove every trace of mask on my face.

Okay so above is the ingredients of Queen Helene. Others are scared about methylparaben so I searched and found out that there is nothing to worry about:
"Advocates of organic and natural foods and cosmetics have expressed concerns over the use of parabens in consumer products for years, but there is little evidence to warrant it. While it is true that methylparaben is readily absorbed through the skin as well as in the intestinal tract, it is converted back into para-hydroxybenzoic acid and quickly excreted through urine. In fact, the only negative side effects that have been documented are contact dermatitis and skin sensitivity, both occurring with rare frequency and only in reaction to very high concentrations of test material." -Read more here

Did Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque stayed true to it's promise?

Helps dry up acne pimples
YES! Like what I've said I use this as spot treatment and it does help in minimizing my pimples after about 2-3 applications. I use this hand in hand with my bleaching cream which is also a drying agent for acne. Works like magic.

Rinse away blackheads
Yes and No. It does significantly lessen the appearance of blackheads but it's still there.

Shrink enlarged pores
Yes and No. I have enlarged pores as for your reference. I do notice that my pores seems less noticeable after washing out the product but after a while it gets back to normal.

Where to buy?
Healthy Options for about Php329 per 226.8g/ 8 oz. tube.

  • Cheap because there is so much product inside the tube!
  • Works like magic especially in being a spot treatment for pimples.
  • Refreshing and perfect for summer!

  • Nothing! :D

Will I repurchase?

Yes! I don't expect this mask to work on pores nor blackheads. For me, the product works the way that it should. I love, love, love this mask. This is the cheapest clay mask I've used so far and I have no complains or whatsoever.

When I first bought this mask I was so excited that I asked everybody at home (my family! XD) to try out the product too. To end this post, here is my pretty mom who says BOO! Teehee~ :))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder

This post is long overdue. But anyway, since whitening is still all the rage now and I still can't find a review about Etta's then I'll publish this. :P

So what is Etta's?
Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder (also called Etta's bleaching powder) is:
A pre-mixed compact of skin beauty aids in a single white dry powder form. The effective skin whitening for dark skin or areas of dark skin - sunburn, thus preventing the formation of freckles, birthmarks, pimples and blackheads, prickly heat that gives baby skin results. No pre-washing needed. Economical and easy to apply.

I have high hopes with Etta's Bleaching Powder because of the raves I see in girltalk. How good can this powder really be? I gave in and ordered my Etta's online. It was not easily available in stores before. I also bought Etta's Mixing Solution for the mix sold separately. It is mentioned that we can use milk in place of the mixing solution though. Etta's Mixing Solution is 10 V Hydrogen Peroxide which can also used to lighten/bleach hair.

The product:

The bleaching powder is a finely milled plain white powder. It has no scent and the texture is the same with flour. One box contains 112 grams of product divided to 2 separate bags.

How to prepare?

  1. Put (1 tablespoon for face/ 4 tablespoon for body) Etta's powder in a bowl.
  2. Mix powder with the Hydrogen Peroxide until ice cream appearance is produced.
  3. Apply on desired area. Wait until it dries and wash with plenty of water.
  4. Apply moisturizer/ lotion after.

Recommended Schedule of Application for best results:
  • Once for 7 consecutive days
  • Twice for 1 week
  • Once for 1 week
  • Twice for 1 month
  • Then once a month regularly

*This regimen works the same as White Henna and Soap Chips which is also quite popular way to body bleach.*

Upon application you will feel your skin tighten, somehow itchy but do not fret as this is normal. I used Etta's Bleaching Powder hoping that it will even out my skin tone. However I didn't noticed any changes. I followed the schedule as hard as I can but I still didn't seen effects.

  • Cheap whitening regimen. It's only P180/ box and P30 for the Mixing Solution both available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

  • Messy routine and not for busy people. You can't walk around when you use this product as the powder will fly around and you'll leave white mess on your floor.
  • No ingredient list for the bleaching powder.

Final Verdict:
Despite the fact that I didn't noticed any effect, I still think that this product is still promising. Hydrogen Peroxide alone is already a wonder product. I am quite fair so I assume that bleaching powder is not enough to even out my skin tone. I will ask my sister to try this, who knows? It might work on her. After all, a lot of people already swears by this product. The effect of Etta's Bleaching powder varies so you need to try it out yourself to see if it works for you. *wink*

I'm curious to know what whitening regimen do you have now sisses?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Mestiza Complete Herbal Soap

Hi sweeties don't you just love the heat? :) Wait haha, who am I kidding? Summer is fast approaching and the scorching heat is already killing meh~ Today I will review Mestiza, a soap raved by Donna of My Lucid Intervals this review made me buy the soap. Hoho~

Okay so this is the soap box. Kindly click if you would like to read the details :)

Mestiza Herbal Soap is quite intriguing because of its contents: Papaya, Carrot, Banana, Calamansi and Virgin Coconut Oil. Only the good!

It's like a complete package already as it claims to do more than whitening our skin. This soap is unscented which is super fine with me. It helped me lessen my breakouts (take note the word 'lessen'). Using this soap  made me feel squeaky clean. It made my skin a bit dry, but nothing a moisturizer and lotion can't fix though! *winks*

Mestiza soap however didn't whiten my skin. Maybe it will take a few more bars. I have the feeling that it does whiten and effects will be gradual as long as you use the soap.

How much?

Less than P50 (can't remember the exact price) for 120 grams of product. It is worth it, plus the soap doesn't melt easily!

Will I repurchase?

I already have a long list of soaps I want to try so repurchasing this might take a long time but I might opt for Mestiza Herbal Soap once I feel the need for a safe herbal bath soap.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Avon Skin So Soft: Soft and White Lotion Radiant Glow + Marula

"Formulated with Advanced Brightening Complex, pearl powder and precious Marula oil, provde immediate radiant fair skin, revealing a white and younger looking skin."

Before anything else is it just me or do you also think that the name is too long? LOL. This is part of my Avon loot (remember the shampoo?) from my tita.

I actually bought two variants. The other one is for deep moisture and this one is for whitening: Avon Skin so soft: Soft and White Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion + Marula. I purchase this lotion because I need a mild whitening lotion. I just used green peeling oil on my legs and bleaching lotion is kinda harsh for new skin.

I was captivated by the scent of this lotion. It smells heavenly for me. Some might find the scent overpowering but I just like it the way it is. The scent stays long, I applied at night and I can still smell the lotion when I wake up in the morning! The lotion is not sticky and is quickly absorbed by my skin. With just 3 days of usage I noticed that it lived up to its claims of 'radiant glow'. I can't comment on the whitening effects yet though, maybe I need to finish a few more bottles *wink*.


  • Smells so good!
  • Not sticky
  • Cheap less than Php150 per 250 ml bottle


  • For the price and quality? None.
Will I buy again? I want to try other lotions may it be for whitening or extra moisture, but since since Avon lotions are so affordable then there is no reason not to say yes.

How about you sweeties? What's your favorite whitening lotion? Feel free to comment down below! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Gluta White and Firm Soap

How is everyone? Today was a busy day again as always. I hardly get any rest, oh yes I am a hard worker. Haha. Today I will be reviewing another soap in my to-review list. It has been about 3 weeks or so since I've started using Gluta White and Firm and I think I can give my opinion about it now.

I was in Puregold when me and my workmate this soap. It was on promo and I cannot remember the exact price. It was packaged as two 135g. soap with a free 90g. smaller soap. I remember reading somewhere that glutathione doesn't work unless taken orally so I was a bit hesitant to buy it. However after I read the promised benefits besides whitening, I gave in.

I am fair-skinned but just recently I had tan lines because of frequent exposure to the sun when going to my job. I am a big fan of whitening soaps because the result it gives is more visible rather than creams, lotions etc.
Gluta White and Firm has a complete line of whitening products the last time I've checked and they have lotions, facial wash, creams, deodorant and even face powders!  However if you just started out on road testing a whitening brand then I must say go for the soap! They are are almost always the star of the brand. :)

Gluta White and Firm Soap smells like a baby soap and it's super gentle to the skin. Unlike kojic soaps which I am used to, this soap is quite moisturizing. It's pretty bubbly for a whitening type of soap too, perfect to make an easy lather for massaging my skin for firming (which is included in the instruction).

Did Gluta White and Firm Soap stayed true to its promise?

* Progressively retexturizes skin for a fairer, firmer, well-toned look
 Maybe I still need a few bars to see a firmer look. I have stretch marks on my legs and I really want them to fade. This soap moisturizes (not the Olay/Dove type of moisture though) but it doesn't dry out my skin.

* Whitens in 2 weeks while preventing the development of freckles and age spots
I seriously don't have age spots yet but I'll keep in mind this soap when the time comes that I get some. I haven't seen visible changes in my skin tone but I figure out that this can be the soap I can use after kojic soaps for maintenance since the latter is too drying when used continuously.

How much? Less than P150 or P100 per 135 grams bar. (Please do comment if you know the exact price! I am yet to go in the supermarket to check the individual price per soap)

What I love:
  • It's Affordable
  • Product is accessible. You can find this soap in Watsons, Mercury Drug, Puregold and more.
  • Gentle to the skin and moisturizing.
  • Didn't broke me out.

What I don't:
  • Doesn't make much difference with one bar
Will I buy again?
Probably, I'd love to see results with Gluta White. Now I am curious on the effectiveness of other glutathione products in the market.

This is my first glutathione product  and I am looking forward into trying out more. What soap are you using now? Share in the comments below and I'll see you in my next post!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Diamond Orange Peel & L-Glutathione Soap

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Holiday is almost over, and tomorrow is the start of school's second semester. Time flies too fast. Darn it that I have been used into waking up past eight already.

Today lovelies lets forget about tomorrows as I will praise a new soap I have discovered a few weeks ago. I got this last Watsons sale and I am very happy that I did.
Representing...Diamond Orange Peel and L-Glutathione soap made by Harmony and Wellness. My first lemming was the Glupa soap but since the feedback has not been so good as this I changed my mind. This orange peel soap is a sister soap of carrot shullamite soap which is also raved in GT.

Below is the snapshot of the soap box.

The Look:

This soap weighs 150g. there is no smaller or bigger size than this. As expected the soap is orange in color.

The scent:
Whenever I use this my mama asks me what I product I am currently using. The scent intrigues her because it smells so good. It smells like fresh oranges and I love it! A good reason to take a bath more than once a day. Kekekeke~

The experience:
Bubbles! The soap is pretty bubbly and I like that is like that because I can massage those to my face and body as instructed in the box. At first use it stings but after days of using it my skin eventually became used to it and the sting sensation was gone. There was micropeeling effect in the 4th day (that was fast!) and I noticed that my skin lightened a bit (not dramatic though but its continuous).

There were 2-3 pimples that came out after using this soap but they say its the purging stage so I ignored them. The soap dried and healed them after 3 days and there is no dark acne scars traces left. I noticed too that I became less oily and acidic since I have used this soap.

I am also one of the girls who has open pores and Im glad that my pores tightens every time I use this and I  hope to get better results after prolong use of this.

What's in it?

What makes this soap effective is in the special contents.
  1. Glutathione
  2. Clair Blanche --combination of 7 active ingredients to delay melanin formation and process of pigmentation.
  3. Orange peel extract
  4. Vitamin C
All of this in just one soap? Yes!
The price:
Got this one sale around Php 128 but I think the real price is P148? Correct me if I'm wrong. Gomen ne~ I guess price is reasonable enough because it works and it wont easily melt despite using it twice a day.

As a summary here are the pros and cons:

  • My scars does lighten with every use.
  • Facial pores tightens.
  • I became less acidic and oily.


  • The purging stage aka adjustment stage of skin to the new product.
  • Skin dries because the ingredients is drying (moisturizer or lotion is the solution!)
  • Stinging sensation at first usage.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! Along with its popular sister Shullamite soap!

Dont use this soap along with any bleaching creams, soaps or you'll experience chemical reaction and you will have burnt skin. Be extra cautious when you are using acid soaps.

That's my soaperrific post for today, stay tuned for my bon voyage post next time Lovelies!

Please do comment if you have questions or just to say hello :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack

Purederm has been a very popular brand with girls like me since the 'boom' of hallyu reached the Philippines. They don't just carry their own bb cream but they have their own line of facial masks as well. I just bought a tube of QH mask last month and I know that my beauty kit has been jammed up with lots of brands and products but I still bought the so-called peeling mask of Purederm in a whim. I really have a hard time controlling myself not to buy anything especially when I'm inside Watsons or any department stores! (I see that you can relate, teehee ^^)

Okay so enough talk (yeah I know sissies I have been quite talk attive lately). The Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack is a 2 in 1 wash-off type multi massage pack. So when they say its a 2 in 1, i is really 2 in 1! This Purederm 'peeling mask' oh I mean Dual Wellbeing pack (weird name, really) has deep cleansing peeling gel on the top part and nutritious vitamin pack at the bottom.

You might be thinking what is the need for 2 types of pack? Well this what the direction says:
  1. Thoroughly cleanse & wet face.
  2. Apply peeling gel to face and massage evenly. Rinse with water after 1 minute.
  3. Continuously open Vitamin Pack and apply to face and massage. Rinse with water after 5-10 minutes.

The peeling effect of the peeling gel is comparable to magic peeling of Etude House and I am doubting that this is indeed skin sloughing off. The color match (white) is from the product and not dead skin. Hmmm...fishy.

Anyway so the vitamin pack has this yummy citrus orange smell that applies smoothly to the skin. Nothing fancy, but skin felt refreshed after rinsing it off.

This is my very first mask from Purederm and though there is no drastic results I will still continue using this, it only cost Php39.75 at any Watsons store and right now you can earn 10X of your points in SM Advantage or BDO card! (seen this promo in SM San Lazaro) I got this peeling pack even before they released this promo, geez.

What I like:

  • The sweet scent of the nutritious vitamin pack is love!
  • I love the refresh feeling after I use this.
  • A bit minimizing of pores.
  • I can use this more than once! A little goes a long way, hehehe.

What I dont:

  • The make-believe dead skin from the peeling gel.

Facial masks are meant to be used again and again to see full results, I have seen lots of girls who tried a mask once and gave up right away. Try using facial masks as a weekly habit, pamper yourself a little! :)

Love lots,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Miss Beauty Moist Lotion

Hi minna-san today my post is about Miss Beauty Moist Lotion. Miss Beauty is the 2nd brand of whitening lotion I have tried (Skin White was my first). This lotion has been receiving lots of raves in girltalk and the photos I have seen related with the instant whitening effects was unbelievable.

We can't deny the fact that today there are countless of whitening lotions that are sprouting in the market today. Not to mention the others which promises instant whitening effects.

Moist instant whitening lotion does whiten right after application and was said to gradually make you fairer after continuous usage. Anyway lets dig in to the real deal behind this lotion.

The look, feel and smell: I have the milk variant of this Moist lotion. The color is well expected white (scroll to see picture below). Texture is not sticky it glides smoothly to the skin and it smells like sweet milk too. You wont need much product as it spreads evenly and a bit of product can make you look a step whiter than you really are, a negative though because the one-step whiter effect looks a bit awkward and yeah unnatural.

(Miss Beauty Moist lotion-- cute sexy bottle LOL)

Price: One bottle with 310 ml. cost me around P120. But there are available refills online and offline though.

Contents: The bottle doesn't say the ingredients in detail but it mentioned milk protein, yogurt and pure soy protein.

Where to buy? Online-- sellers in facebook, sulit or Offline-- I heard they have this at 168 malls and etc Divisoria.

What I Love~
The yummy smell and smooth glide of the lotion, not sticky!

What I don't!
The oh-so-fake one step whiter effect. The whiter effect seems to be only effective with skin on the darker side. For the fair skinned girls like me uh-this will only make your skin look shiny.

Will I buy again?
I dont think so. The ingredients doesn't even contain any super whitening agent so I dont think even if I use this forever I'll get any fairer than I am now. Updated (04/13/13): I do buy Moist Lotion refills now and I stopped buying leg foundations, I use Moist Lotion instead. It looks great on photos! :)

But I recommended this to: Girls who are tired of waiting or have no patience in waiting for the result of their whitening lotions, cream or soaps.

Im currently: Wearing a shower cap while typing. My very first shower cap I availed from Watsons. Kekeke (This blog post is back posted. Gotta make up for my missed months ne? ^^)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Green Peeling Oil Set

I am already annoyed on how my mama always say "parang uling ang kili kili mo ah..."

I still remember how it became discolored. One fine day my mama told me that calamansi is good for the underarms because it helps in preventing body odor. The good girl (which is me) followed her tip without knowledge of the whole process (yeah I know I'm such a dummy) I mistakenly left the calamansi on my skin longer than the recommended time which resulted into an acid burn. Nothing severe though, but it left my dreaded underarm dark.

This how my search for the effective underarm whitening solution started. I was introduced to green peeling oil because of the sudden raves it received in sulit. Ads about the green peeling oil is seen left and right and it got me curious. Back then I was a total newbie in ordering stuffs online so imagine my frustration back then. LOL.

One basic green peeling oil set consists of:
>Aluminum chloride -whitens the skin while preventing sweat at the same time. Serves as your deodorant while in the process of peeling.
>4 in one bleaching cream(also known as kliggman's cream) -cream effective in faster whitening of the skin. Night whitening cream for the underarm.
>Green peeling oil -the peeling agent. Feel is just like J&J's baby oil but scent is chemical-ish.
>Hydrocortisone cream -anti-itch cream. Use to endure itchiness of the skin.
^All of these for only of Php250. It was shipped almost instantly after my purchase, received the next day, no hassle.

I was so excited to find out if the hype was all true. There have been mixed reviews with the green peeling oil as this is actually a peeling agent and when used improperly may have unwanted result. I was being careful and I followed the instructions promptly.

1. Apply the green peeling oil on the underarms, 3x a day for 3 days only. It can be applied at night 3X with 15 mins. interval. Let it dry and NO need to rinse
2. If itchiness or redness occurs, apply hydrocortisone cream
3. After 3 days of peeling GPO, rest the skin and wait until it peels-off. DO NOT RUB
4. When the skin has totally peeled-off, Use aluminum Chloride in the morning, and apply bleaching cream at night.

  • Use your fingers when applying the oil. Peeling starts 2-4 days after the last application of green peeling oil. Peeling lasts 3-7 days. --My underarm peeled on the 5th day. 
  • To prevent the redness or itchiness, Apply hydrocortisone cream on the 2nd day after applying the green peeling oil. --I didn't feel any itchiness all throughout the process so I did not used my hydrocortisone cream.
  • Do not use deodorant and avoid washing the underarms with soap during the peeling session. The green peeling will serve as your deo during peeling, it prevents sweating of underarms. --Arrrgh...I actually hate the fact that they instructed us not to wash with soap! In the forums they are even saying that its not allowed to wet the treated area. But still~ I have to follow. Bye bye for now hygiene...
  • Waxing and shaving can be done with outmost care. --I recommend that you shave or wax the 1-2 days before. Better be safe than sorry, right?
  • Place bleaching cream inside refrigerator --We don't have a refrigerator at that time so this is optional.
    - Peeling interval should be 3months before peeling the under arm --Yeap. follow this. You don't want a burnt skin, do you? 
(^Instructions above is from sulit)

I believe there were sellers online who sell different type of underarm whitening kits. I have seen one with an included bleaching soap in the set but of course it'll cost you more.

As what I have told you, my skin peeled after 5 days. That 5 whole days of no soap! Eeeewww~
But beauty needs sacrifice so I need to endure it. Skin was macro peeling for days. I cant remember for how long. But skin was renewed and my real skin has returned to what it was before...Goodbye burnt skin, hello baby skin! ~WOW!

The green peeling oil process was a gold find. I love it that the process was quick considering that I tried other whitening products before. Hope I had this earlier but I doubt that I would have this much courage to try a not-so-popular brand, BCP. More about this on my future posts.

Where to buy?
Online shops. There is a branch of BCP somewhere but I am not aware of their location. I heard BCP is sort of a generic brand for a Diana Stalder.

How much?
Php250 but it depends on the seller as well and what is included in the set.

  • Fast effect on skin, peeling and whitening
  • Easy to use with the instructions.
  • Whitens right away when used and only good maintenance deodorant is needed.

  • Can't use soap until the skin peels.
  • Left dark edges because my peel is not equally done on the whole underarm area, but I dont care much.
  • I'm yet to look for a new deodorant, but while on the process I will stick to the aluminum chloride first.

How about you, what underarm whitening product has been effective for you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: My Beauche Experience

Beauche~ sounds to be a very good name for a product brand? I think so too!

I first stumbled on this in the forums of Girltalk. It caught my eye because it was said to be the beauty secret of flight attendants. Now lets go down short yet memorable experience in using Beauche and its description. It does promise too much benefits: eliminate wrinkles, pimples, & other skin problems, firm skin and has natural pink glow on face.

My honest opinion
  • I can't comment if its effective on wrinkles as I have no visible ones yet when I used it but it does tighten the skin as it gets ready for peeling.
  • It surely dries up pimples fast (but the product itself causes break outs on the first week as well).
  • Eliminate other skin problems? Nope. It didn't. Actually it even brought a new problem to me because I now have discolored/darkened laugh lines.
  • I didn't noticed any even subtle natural pink glow, but face will surely turn apple red at least on the first 2 weeks (which is geez~annoying)
What the product says:
Best suits people with: pimples, acne, pigmentation, discoloration, oily Face,open pores,old skin, black & white heads.
Yes, my pimples and acne was less to none when I was using the set and skin was still fine even I was only left with the toner and astringent. Doesn't help for pigmentation, discoloration (like what I said above it even cause additional problem for me). True that it does control oiliness, but no minimized pores for me. It does eliminate old skin because it involves a micro-peeling process. It did not helped much in lessening blackheads and whiteheads. The promised result: pinkish radiant white skin even without blush-on, sorry no.

My purchase:

Here you can see each piece of cream, toner and astringent of the set.

How much?
Whole set costs P710php but due to public demand (they are popular despite my rant on its side effect) the price increased now to P750.

Set includes:

  • Beauty bar (which is actually a kojic acid bar) -nice soap but at 90grams per set its quite small.
  • Skin toner (smells like fake strawberry, but I liked it) good make-up remover.
  • Clarifying lotion (quite harsh at first but will become less to none painful afterwards) -Good for controlling pimples.
  • Exfoliating cream -white cream with super harsh formulation. Hurts all throughout the process.
  • Rejuvenating cream -Hurts at first; changed cream color from green into brown after a few weeks, they call this aging.
  • Age Eraser cream -pinkish cream which is used as sunblock. Nothing special, but it doesn't help in covering up the peeling.
 How long will it last?
About a month or so. It depends on how much you put on your face or if you'll include your neck. Creams are used up faster than the toner and astringent.

Where to buy?
I bought mine in a mall here in Caloocan but now I heard they already have stalls near LRT Monumento station. There are certain Beauche shops in other places as well kindly check forums forums for more info. For international buyers there are online sellers of this product as well.

Update 6/2/2016
Do check out their website for other user's feedback:

Do I recommend this?
No, sorry. It's FDA approved but that doesn't mean that its entirely safe for everybody. However results can vary on different people. What doesn't work for me might work on you. But personally, I wont be buying Beauche set again. I'm not afraid of peeling but this product is just plain harsh for my face.The end result is nothing magical compared to my face before, not worth the P750 if the result is not visible.
Mianhe (sorry) for the long review...and that's it for now.

How about you, have you ever tried Beauche set before? Did it worked wonders for you?
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