Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack

Purederm has been a very popular brand with girls like me since the 'boom' of hallyu reached the Philippines. They don't just carry their own bb cream but they have their own line of facial masks as well. I just bought a tube of QH mask last month and I know that my beauty kit has been jammed up with lots of brands and products but I still bought the so-called peeling mask of Purederm in a whim. I really have a hard time controlling myself not to buy anything especially when I'm inside Watsons or any department stores! (I see that you can relate, teehee ^^)

Okay so enough talk (yeah I know sissies I have been quite talk attive lately). The Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack is a 2 in 1 wash-off type multi massage pack. So when they say its a 2 in 1, i is really 2 in 1! This Purederm 'peeling mask' oh I mean Dual Wellbeing pack (weird name, really) has deep cleansing peeling gel on the top part and nutritious vitamin pack at the bottom.

You might be thinking what is the need for 2 types of pack? Well this what the direction says:
  1. Thoroughly cleanse & wet face.
  2. Apply peeling gel to face and massage evenly. Rinse with water after 1 minute.
  3. Continuously open Vitamin Pack and apply to face and massage. Rinse with water after 5-10 minutes.

The peeling effect of the peeling gel is comparable to magic peeling of Etude House and I am doubting that this is indeed skin sloughing off. The color match (white) is from the product and not dead skin. Hmmm...fishy.

Anyway so the vitamin pack has this yummy citrus orange smell that applies smoothly to the skin. Nothing fancy, but skin felt refreshed after rinsing it off.

This is my very first mask from Purederm and though there is no drastic results I will still continue using this, it only cost Php39.75 at any Watsons store and right now you can earn 10X of your points in SM Advantage or BDO card! (seen this promo in SM San Lazaro) I got this peeling pack even before they released this promo, geez.

What I like:

  • The sweet scent of the nutritious vitamin pack is love!
  • I love the refresh feeling after I use this.
  • A bit minimizing of pores.
  • I can use this more than once! A little goes a long way, hehehe.

What I dont:

  • The make-believe dead skin from the peeling gel.

Facial masks are meant to be used again and again to see full results, I have seen lots of girls who tried a mask once and gave up right away. Try using facial masks as a weekly habit, pamper yourself a little! :)

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  1. yes dear! i totally agree with you! I can't do away from buying anything whenever i step in Watsons. I was able to purchase this one and used for 4x i think. for only P39, it goes a long way. i can feel burning sensation when i applied it. do you experience that? i simply love the smell but the "fake" dead skin is exactly opposite. or maybe, those are just some sort of face scrub. hat do you think?

  2. Face is most important part of our body. Because face reflects our impression. For that we need to use good quality of products and natural type products which does harm your face :)

  3. Is this still available sis? Where did u buy it?


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