Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Name is Chien has moved!

I don't know how many of you have noticed but I finally bid wordpress goodbye. I just moved to Blogger after continuous hacking attempts I can't fight any longer. I have been with my hosting and wordpress for 2 years but problems have just arose weeks ago and there is nothing I can do. I feel more comfortable now that I am in blogger. I've never thought that security issues will be the reason of my move, I have never seen it coming.

I feel bad for letting my readers see constant 404 errors and I guess more of that soon, since permalinks of blogger and wordpress is different. My blog has been kicked out of the top search results which is kinda sad. I just hope sooner or later after hard work my blog can still recover.

I am still in the process of recovering posts, re-uploading images (yes they were left behind in my hosting account), checking all broken links and setting up all codes needed. Even my favicon is not showing, errr... I might need to wait for full propagation. I pray that everything will be fine.

Okay so to brighten up the mood, here is my current music obsession: LED APPLE: Time is Up. My bias is Kyumin who kinda looks like Tao of EXO. Next in line is Hanbyul who is hands down too cute when he danced to Expectation! Hahaha. I just love love love this song, it's upbeat and even their guitarists can dance!

 Great thing there is K-pop to lessen my worries and stress. Lol. I won't lose hope! There is always a tomorrow. AJA! <3

EDIT: Kyaa finally found a way to redirect my old link to my new blog! No more 404 error! *happy*

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