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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SNSD Catch me if you can OT9 version

For all kpop fans, this just got to be a big revelation because even after the speculations that they did filmed Catch me if you can as nine we have seen nothing. But alas here is a big PROOF! YAY! 

Catch me if you can by SNSD as OT9. I still have some SONE feels~ I really like Jessica even when I have first seen her in their 'Oh!' Music video. I never thought I like her this much until she left the group. Her voice is really unique and for me, no one in SNSD does blonde hair better than Jessica (PS: I still love you Tiffany).

I just want to share this, reveal the SONE feels~ 

Catch me if you can by SNSD (OT9 version)

I felt better seeing Jessica in this SNSD music video. Tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks that they seem so incomplete without Jessica's voice. Like, really. I am not sure why or how this video leaked, but it did! And it is a good thing right?

Hopefully it won't be removed in youtube. So yeah click and watch Catch Me if you can while its still up. 

UPDATE: I also got a package yesterday from Vida Nutriscience. Thank you!!! Will be posting a photo of the products tonight. Do you have a clue what products it is? Products for slimming! Kyaa~ <3

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Girl's Day Minah Debuts Solo: I am a Woman Too

CREDITS: to owner/ k2nblog/ pic not mine

This is it finally the day, baby Minah is now a woman! Finally Dream Tea entertainment lets Girl's Day's Bang Minah get the spotlight as she gives her best in her new song: I am a Woman Too.

She looks stunning as always and she makes her appearance in the streets for her first showcase. Like bfunfmgpowmg. Hands down with or without backup voice she is awesome. Kudos to the dance steps I cannot commend her more, totally lovely.

I'll keep this post short, just peeping to say hi and share good music. This is a must watch grown up Minah kpop music video. Spread the love love love eonnie Sojin must be really proud of Bby~ <3

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Miao Cat Cafe Opens in Manila!

It was so timely when I saw this post this evening. Xander loves cats just like me. (Xander is a former member of my first love kpop boy group UKISS) His recent Instagram post shows him feeding a cute cat in a cozy cat cafe in Seoul!
I find his post really funny. I want to be a cat too, eat, play and sleep are good hobbies. LOL.

(c) Xander's IG here
I hoped that there is a cat cafe here in Manila and it was wish granted in just minutes hahaha. I saw a facebook post regarding a Cat cafe that just opened and I was astonish into the thought that yes finally there is a cat cafe here in Manila.

I really really love cats and I am so happy to see that there is a place wherein you are free to relax and play with this lil furry buddies. Miao Cat Cafe was featured in a Pepe Samson's blog. Click on to his blog to see more info and pictures.

You can expect a lot of cutie patootie interactions with this cuddly babies. As per the info from the blog its P300 for 1 drink and 1 food item good for 2 hours only. Yes yes I know I can play with cats all day but this is needed to also allow time for them to rest after the play time. Fuuu~ more cat belly rubs please (Missing for weeks already, I miss my cat Kevin, where are thou? )

Anyway I'm just chipping in to let cat lovers like me know that there is already a cat cafe here in Manila, spend a cat-filled afternoon. Can't wait to pay for a visit~

Miao Cat Café
2/F #7 Congressional Ave., Quezon City
Directions: Look for the Cake2Go shop across KFC in Congressional Ave. cor. Mindanao Ave.—Miao is in the same building as Cake2Go
Visiting Hours: 11:00AM - 1:00PM; 2:00PM - 4:00PM; 5:00PM - 7:00PM; 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Facebook | Instagram
(c) Pepe Samson for this info

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girl's Day finally lands their spot on #1 in Inkigayo!

Don't Forget Me is one of my favorite songs even up to now. Girl's Day has seriously improved on vocals, song quality ever since. They are working hard and never received anything in return until now!

 In a cancelled music episode of Inkigayo, Girl's Day has finally won Number 1! Yes you read that right. I am one proud eonnie of Minah. I never saw this something, I honestly had high hopes on Expectation but since it didn't land on number one I kinda expected that they'll move on for the next comeback. But it was so soooon! Like they say strike when the iron is hot! This follow up song: 'Female President' is a hot comeback. Although they just released Expectation not along ago they didn't had a hard time pulling off a cheerful image in contrast to their earlier emotional concept.

I know that this is just the start of Girl's Day's success, haters will just have a hard time accepting the fact that Girl's Day is indeed rising up. Haha :)

Allkpop is quite late in delivering the news. But all hail Girl's Day Daily, read more about Girl's Day first win here> Click me

So timely because it's nearing Girl's Day's 3rd Anniversary!!! <3

Number 1 at last! Congratulations! *clap clap*
You made us DAI5IES proud! :)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blue Moon 2013: CN Blue will turn Manila into blue!

CN BLUE has arrived in Manila this afternoon, they are scheduled for a public press conference in SM Megamall from 2-5pm. Me and my little sister rushed to get trough the traffic and we arrived just in time, almost exactly at 2pm. LOL, okay so I know a fan girl should always come hours earlier before the idol. But we needed to plead for my mom's yes before we can go to SM Mega.

As we imagined and as the facebook updates from Boicesph says, the whole activity area is jam-packed! Not that I am not aware of CN BLUE's popularity, but the crowd was real huge! One of the wildest fandom gathering I've been into!

I'll be honest that I am not a hardcore fan of CN Blue. I am more into dancing idols, but I appreciate the music that CN Blue creates. It is something refreshing, makes my heart pound kind of music. Oh yeah love songs~ I do like bands: FT Island, AOA and Led Apple but CN Blue rocks in my number one spot!

CN Blue was fashionably late? I must say, maybe it was because of the traffic, or the crowd but they came in around 3pm. There are guards and other peeps trolling us already, I can't count how many times I on and off my camera because I thought that they already arrived. If you go to SM Mega you'll know that there is just one entrance in the back, yes we were right there eagerly waiting for them.

Yonghwa rushed to the stage, Jungshin walked like a diva, a model -chin up!, Minhyuk waved and smiled while slowly walking (...oooh  I so so love you baby boy!), Jonghyun looked uneasy on the other hand I think he is not used to overly excited Pinoy fans! Kyaaa~ but the cheers was really loud. Ate Kring and Ms. Jinri Park were constant in saying 'Keep calm or they will leave for security purposes'.

CN Blue didn't performed or anything, it was a press con after all but it was a good chance for me to take more decent shots and videos. Teehee~ I love fangirling.

I dunno if the press con was cut short but it only took around one hour and they left. Fans waited in the same entrance/exit but they were gone. *Poof* like magic. Haha. I'm clueless when or how they got out of SM Mega but seeing them is already enough for me.

They will have their Blue Moon: 2013 CNBLUE World tour in Manila (June 15) later at 8pm in Araneta Coliseum.

*Will update with spazz photos after I upload them! kyaaa~*


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nine Muses Amazes with Dolls

Nine Muses is a kpop girl group debuted last August 2010 but hasn't received too much attention. People say that maybe this is due to the fact that they have the same number of members like SNSD/ Girls Generation. They were almost always being compared and was even called copy cats because of the blocking, ending pose and costumes.

However while surfing youtube the other night I came across their practice video of Dolls. I never heard nor read about Dolls before but I clicked in and watched:

Dolls gathered buzz because of it was super awesome! It's one of the top searches for Nine Muses in Google. I was really amazed by the choreography and the way they move for the blockings. What Pop in Seouls says about Dolls:
This is the title track of Nine Muses' single album of the same name. It's a dance song with the sounds of brass instruments and guitar, and their improved vocals and rap stand out. It's about a woman, who tries to comfort herself by explaining why she feels the way she does after a breakup.

The members of Nine Muses are not just pretty but also tall! This is no surprise because unlike other kpop groups, Nine Muses is formed by former models.

 From L-R Leesam, Kyungri, Minha, Eunji, Sera, Hyuna, Hyemi, Sung ah, Erin

They are all so pretty and their group name suits them perfectly. I am so into 'Dolls' right now and I love the song. I appreciate that the songs of Nine Muses has not much of auto tune in it. I am not saying that auto tune is bad, but hearing the actual voice of the idols is something I prefer. We can't say that their every member is a good dancer but together as a group they perform so well. They offer fresh music to my ears, I always see gems in under rated idols, I like them better than famous kpop groups because they tend to work harder. Everything was just so perfect even in the music video:

I can say that Minha is my bias but I like other members too especially Hyuna and Kyungri. I am not sure who is the tallest member but they said that Sera is the shortest. I watched a few live performance, it is not as powerful as their practice video but I like it just the same.

Once in an interview Nine Muses said that they have more female fans than male fans. They said they will be working harder so male fans can confidently say that they like them. I remember seeing a documentary on the hardships of being an idol and Nine Muses was in it. I believe they deserve the much needed affection from fans now. Oh I can't count how many idols are under rated nowadays. *sigh* But Nine Muses with all their perseverance should go a long way. Hooray!~

Here is the lyrics to Dolls, I am having Last Song Syndrome! (LSS)


by Nine Muses

[Hyuna] Kkok aniragoneun mareul motagesseo
Neo gabeorin huro mami heohaejyeoseo,
[Sungah] Simjangeun meojeogago, nae sumeun jugeoga
Maeil nunmuri chajaseo tto chueoge meokhyeoseo
[Minha] Nan deouk deouk deouk
Itorok apa maeil maeil maeil
[Sera] Miwodo mojaraltende
Neol tataedo doeneunde haruga meolge geuriwohae neol

[Kyungri] Sarangi mworago, geuge da mworago
Jjitgineun maeummajeodo sojunghage hae.
[Hyemi] Sigani jinamyeon, modeun ge ichyeojindanda
Maeil wiroreul hamyeonseo na nan miryeonhage

[Leesem] Oeroi ssawoganeun nae sigan sogeseo
Nareul jogeumssik chajaga neol harussik jiwoga.
[Minha] Neon na nago, na yeoksi neo neo neoyeotda
[Hyuna] Wiheomhan mamiyeonnabwa.
Geuge jalmotdwaennabwa
Arado maebeon geureojanha nan

[Sera] Sarangi geureochi, geuge da geureochi
Neoege badeunmankeum da dollyeojuneun geot,
[Kyungri] Geuttaedo geuraetdeut, apeumdo jamkkaniranda
Manhi haengbokhaesseosseuni na nan

[Euaerin] Na ajikdo babogachi, harudo ppajimeobsi, neol tto saenggakhae,
Haruedo subaekbeonssik na apa naesaek motangeol algoneun isseulgeol,
You remember? I was you’re girl now i’m a lonely girl
[Eunji] Ichyeojyeoseo duryeowojindaneunge
Deo himdeulge naran yeojal ullige mandeulge haneunde yeah!!
Idaero heulleoganeunge, neol ijeobeorineunge, nareul mot gyeondige hae.
I don’t know what to say.

[All] Sarangi mworago, geuge da mworago
Jjitgineun maeummajeodo sojunghagehae.
Sigani jinamyeon, modeunge ichyeojindanda
Maeil wiroreul hamyeonseo na nan miryeonhage

I would love to hear more of songs like Dolls, Nine Muses is a very promising kpop group. Do check them out! That's it for now, see you in my post!

CREDITS: to owner of respective photo,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Venus asks: Would you like some tea?

Venus, What are you Doing Today? and now Would you like some tea? Crazy titles for a song IMO. Today is the date for the comeback of Hello Venus. This time they have a retro style concept for their MV but they have the same checkered style for their costumes! The heck with Pledis giving almost all of the budget to N'uest *sobs*. LOL Kidding. However I really noticed that there's just a little progress with the costume. I do hope next time they can come up with a better ideas.

Would you like some tea is the title track of their mini album. The start of the song includes a classic instrumental which I found out to be 'Variation of the Kanon'. It's a pop song just like their Venus and What are you Doing Today release but I still find their comeback unique. I was surprised that they have managed to incorporate cool dance steps into the song because it's quite mellow taking to consideration the other comeback of other kpop idol groups.

The concept really fits everyone especially Yoo Ara, she really stood up this time with her charming positive vibes. But don't get me wrong, every member of Hello Venus is already pretty it's just that Ara has this 'spark' on her, if that's what I should call it.

They all look completely different now compared to their Venus debut (Ara as an exception, hoho~) They all changed their hairstyles which made the comeback oh-so-fresh! :)

It's so nice to see Nara with bangs instead of a wig, Yoonjo's pinkish orange hair, the forever platinum blonde hair of Alice and the newly colored, cut and styled hair of Yooyoung. I'm not so happy with Lime's transformation because I still love her with mint-colored hair. I'm still getting used to her new hair-do. Bleh~ :)

Most comeback nowadays are either fierce, sexy or hip hop so this is a really different concept worth venturing into. All in all, I am seeing a brighter future ahead of Hello Venus! :)

Here is their MV, care to have some tea while watching?

PS: I have been hooked with kpop comebacks! I promise to do a product review on my next post. *wink*

CREDITS: Photos and video are not mine. Credits to Allkpop and Pledis Ent.

Monday, April 29, 2013

KDRAMA: To the Beautiful You

Last Friday, my favorite kdrama night habit (The Greatest Love) ended. I am a bit sad, me and my mom shall surely miss Collin, good thing that there's To the Beautiful You to back it up. I am not a big fan of SM Entertainment artists but I really enjoy watching their own adaptation of Hana Kimi. I've already seen the taiwanese and japanese versions but I wasn't able to watch them full because back then I thought the story seems too fictional. I mean come on, the lead actress is too pretty to be mistaken for a boy... Haha :)

Minho of Shinee is the lead actor as Kang Tae Joon or Paul John here in the Philippines, while the lead actress is Sulli of f(x) as Koo Jae Hee or JC (Ooh~ close enough, same sounding names). I haven't researched about the other characters yet except for: Lyndon! Yes Lee Hyun Woo, the super cute guy from Queen Seon Deok is included in the cast as Cha Eun Gyeol. Weee~ my new bias! <3

Another thing that lures me to the drama besides their good-looking artists is their OST. My top two favorite songs from the drama was both sang by SM artists as well, which is not surprising. Title as follows: Butterfly by the Jung sisters: Jessica of SNSD and Krystal of f(x); It's me by Sunny of SNSD and Luna of f(x). Butterfly has the same cheerful vibes of the jpop song: Peach which was used by the japanese version of Hana Kimi. While It's Me is a mellow dramatic song perfect for romantic scenes of Paul John and JC. However I like Lyndon better, he is sweet, cute and funny! Sorry for being biased towards Lee Hyun Woo here but Sulli and him looks good together as well, ne?

The drama never fails to amuse me.  I remember when they suddenly EXO made a cameo appearance and performed Mama. There are a lot of funny scenes too especially when Lyndon or the beautiful stalkers are around. I am talking about those three girls caught in the men's locker room in the first few episodes! One of those pretty girls is Yura. The sexy Goddess of Girl's Day. Heehee. Me and my sister is always excited to see her in each episode. We really love Girl's Day, they are one of our most favorite idol groups *wink*. Look at her so puhrettty~

 I will be tuning in everyday kyaa~ Oh, besides To the Beautiful You, my siblings and I has started to like Showtime -a hilarious local noon time show. To finish this post, here is the lyrics to my favorite songs:

It’s Me
 by: Sunny & Luna

[S] Saranghae saranghae saranghae
Cheon beoneul marhaedo mojara
Keuriwo keuriwo keuriun
Sunkanmada deo keuriwo
[L] Bureugo bureugo bureumyeon
Jakkuman tteooreuneun eolkul
Barago barago baramyeon
Eonjenkan niga nae mam arajulkka
Ojing neobakke moreuneun geureon naya
Neomaneul saranghae jul saram baro naya
Neol mannan sesanginaegen
[L] Gijeok gateun ilira keureon geoya
Ojing neomaneul wonhaneun geureon naya
Neomaneul jikyeo jul saramdo baro naya
[S] Nigyeote neoman paraboneun
Keuge naya miryeonhan naya
[L] Ni eolkul keurida jamdeulmyeon
Kkumsogeseorado mannalkka
[S] wonhago wonhago wonhamyeon
Eonjenkan niga nae mam arajulkka
Ojing neobakke moreuneun geureon naya
Neomaneul saranghae jul saram baro naya
Neol mannan sesanginaegen
[S] Gijeok gateun ilira keureon geoya
Ojing neomaneul wonhaneun geureon naya
Neomaneul jikyeo jul saramdo baro naya
[L] Ni gyeote neoman paraboneun geuge naya
[S] Nae maeumi marhajanha
Neoppunirago marhajanha
[L] Neoreul neoman saranghaneun
Ireon naya ike naya
[S] Ojing negeman deullyeo jul sarangyaegi
Han sarammaneul saranghaetdan geureon yaegi
[L] Honjaman ganjikhae amudo moreuneun
Sarangi baro naya
Ojing neol wiihae bureuneun sarangnorae
Ojing naegeman teullineun geureon norae
Neul gyeote negeman deullyeo jul
Sarang norae bureuneun naya


by: Jessica & Krystal 

You’re cute, so sweet
Eonjena ibgaeman maemdoldeon mal
Jeomanchi, geoleoganeun dwi moseub bol ttaemyeon
[K] Neodo nacheoleom, maeumi apeuni, gunggeum hae~
[All] Butterfly! Ja ije alasseo
[J] Wae neul aswiwo hago ttaelon miwo haeneun jileul
[All] Neol saranghaessdeon geoya
[K] Deo isang gamchul su eobseo geu maleul jeonhaejwo butterfly
[K] Kkaman, geu bam, ssodajideon bulkkonoli
Geu alae, neoui, banjjag ideon nuneul iji motae
[J] Jomdeo eoleunieoss damyeon imachum, hal tende~
[All] Butterfly! Ulil delyeoga jwo
[K] Geu ael cheoeum bwassdeon geu sungan gateun geu jalie
[All] Seolo nun majuchyeossdeon
[J] Geu sungan ppajyeo beolyeo ji i maleul jeonhaejwo butterfly~
[K] Maeumi gojang na beolyeoss eumyeon, saenggagi meomchwo beolyeoss eumyeon hae
[J] Eojjaeseo neol saenggag hamyeon ileohge nunmuli nalkka~
[K] Butterfly! Ije kkaedalasseo, wae neul aswi wohago ttaelon miwohae neunji leul
[All] Neol saranghaessdeon geoya
[J] Deo isang gamchul su eobseo geu maleul jeonhaejwo butterfly~!
[All] Butterfly! Ulil delyeoga jwo
[K] Geu ael cheoeum bwassdeon geu sungan gateun geu jalie (ooh yeah~) (oh yeah)
[All] Seolo nun majuchyeossdeon
[J] Geu sungan ppajyeo beolyeo ji i maleul jeonhaejwo butterfly~
[K/J] Butterfly, butterfly, (oh whoa yeah~) butterfly

CREDITS goes to their respective owners: Photos and Lyrics are not mine, credit goes to management of To the Beautiful You, SM Ent, SBS. Romanization by

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Playing with Hair Chalks!

Becoming blonde is still one of my wildest dreams ever since I have loved Kpop. I am still saving up some courage to do that, maybe right after graduation? keke~

Colorful heads is all the rage now, bright colors of pink and blue which looks really lovely. Sadly this fun colors only shows up on light colored hair, in SNSD's Sunny's part: blonde.

Besides hair dyes, there are hair sprays for temporary hair color. I have not tried any colored hair sprays yet but it sure does show up on black hair based on what I've seen. Some of the brands my friends used were from HBC and Watsons.

I just discovered this lately, a temporary color with a fascinating usage process: hair chalks. A hair chalk, from it's name itself is basically a colored chalk intended for hair coloring. The texture is like soft color pastels (the ones used for school projects!) I have seen other girls in youtube use the color pastels from bookstores so I guess it's fine to use the same too. However the ones sold in multiply and facebook are obviously bigger in size so I guess it is cheaper.

What amazes me is the fact that hair chalks, just like hair sprays is working on dark colored hair! On my situation, my hair is black. Another thing to love is the fact that the color is temporary, which means you don't have to always show off rainbow hair when not needed, especially on the streets of Metro Manila *wink*.

Here is what you'll need:
  • Water 
  • Gloves
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Soft Pastels or Hair Chalk (do not choose oil type pastels because it will be sticky)
  • Hair Iron
  • Wear dark colored shirt or of the same shade -the hair chalk you'll be using can transfer to your shirt.
  1. Choose the part of your hair you would like to color. This can be the ends of your hair or different hair sections.
  2. Spray water to the hair, do this part by part to avoid instances of drying the hair even before you can color them with hair chalk.
  3. Take a hair chalk (one color at a time starting with the lightest hair chalk color of your choice) then ran it down to the section of your hair. *TIP: If you have a hard time in coloring your hair evenly try to twist your hair back and forth)
  4. Comb the chalked hair before it dries. Some chalk might also come-off when you comb and your hair will look messy and dry but don't freak out, it's normal.
  5. Use hair iron to style your newly chalked hair. They say this is a process to seal in the color -not true for me, but your hair will look more polished this way.
  6. Use hair spray to make the color last longer then flaunt your newly chalked hair, enjoy! :)
  • Temporary way to add fun colors to hair.
  • Cheap but effective hair color on black or dark-colored hair -Awesome!
  • Process of coloring takes short period of time once you get the hang of it.

  • Messy, chalk can fly anywhere once fully dried and color can transfer on shirts.
  • Drying on hair so make sure to use conditioner afterwards.
  • Not recommended as full head hair color, tried it once on my sister and she said it was not comfortable, use hair sprays instead.

Where to buy?
Online Shops in Facebook, Multiply and Ebay, you can also try colored pastels from bookstores.

Definitely worth the try. It's fun to sport rainbow color hair sometimes

*To be updated with actual photos of hair chalking process* :))

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Name is Chien has moved!

I don't know how many of you have noticed but I finally bid wordpress goodbye. I just moved to Blogger after continuous hacking attempts I can't fight any longer. I have been with my hosting and wordpress for 2 years but problems have just arose weeks ago and there is nothing I can do. I feel more comfortable now that I am in blogger. I've never thought that security issues will be the reason of my move, I have never seen it coming.

I feel bad for letting my readers see constant 404 errors and I guess more of that soon, since permalinks of blogger and wordpress is different. My blog has been kicked out of the top search results which is kinda sad. I just hope sooner or later after hard work my blog can still recover.

I am still in the process of recovering posts, re-uploading images (yes they were left behind in my hosting account), checking all broken links and setting up all codes needed. Even my favicon is not showing, errr... I might need to wait for full propagation. I pray that everything will be fine.

Okay so to brighten up the mood, here is my current music obsession: LED APPLE: Time is Up. My bias is Kyumin who kinda looks like Tao of EXO. Next in line is Hanbyul who is hands down too cute when he danced to Expectation! Hahaha. I just love love love this song, it's upbeat and even their guitarists can dance!

 Great thing there is K-pop to lessen my worries and stress. Lol. I won't lose hope! There is always a tomorrow. AJA! <3

EDIT: Kyaa finally found a way to redirect my old link to my new blog! No more 404 error! *happy*

Friday, March 15, 2013

Girl's Day comeback: Expectation

(Top left -Minah, Top right -Hyeri, Bottom left -Sojin, Bottom right -Yura)

First and foremost I must say I am so proud of my girls! Girl's Day has been one of my top fandom (next to UKISS). Girl's Day has just made their comeback with 'Expectation' which is far from what I expect! (How ironic huh?)

I am so used to Girl's Day's aegyo concept and I must say their Don't Forget Me song before was not far behind their image which explains why 'Expectation' is a big change for their fans like me. Honestly I was thinking how similar the teaser was to Sistar's Alone but when they have finally released the full music video I was in awe, it was totally different! Everything from the music, costumes and the choreography is just perfect! I do hope they receive more love and support now. They deserve it!

I was kinda sad how Minah changed a lot (no aegyo this time) but I think it's for the better. I guess what my sister told me is true, maybe Girl's Day's management simply waited for Hyeri to reach her right age to do something sexy. Their hair is simply glam and it suits the MV. Minah is back to black and now SHORT hair. Yes everybody, Minah has short hair now (I'll miss her bangs too). Sojin looks stunning with her red hair, anyway Sojin looks good in any hair color! Yura is the center of the MV. She is so feminine with her curly locks. Our maknae on the other Hyeri looked fierce with her pony tail. Because of the concept our girls has also changed their make-up style, their thick eyeliners and red lips simply screams "SEXY!"

In terms of the dance I admit the booby step is kinda shocking, same with the open legs step however it looks great with the song so I'm fine with it. I hope the choreography won't change on the next music shows and they will consistently wear pants instead of shorts. The top is revealing enough already IMO. Let me just comment on how much I love Girl's Day using their suspenders in their choreo, it's so unique! :D

Girls Day was also given a chance to have an intro (double perf!) in their first music show yesterday which is oh-so-awesome!

Let us spread the love fellow Daisies and support Girl's day!

Expectation MV -Girl's Day

'Expectation' MV Making

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Addicting love stories

I just realized that it's raining. I really don't like the rain, it gives me headache. I am trying to post more often here, my domain and hosting is nearing its expiration again. I don't want to waste my web space. ;)

Out of the topic I found this romantic and cute music video made for Adam Sandler's short version of Grow old with you.

I am loving too much love stories lately...

  • Mornings: Ooh lala couple, Please be careful with my heart
  • Noon: Rooftop Prince, Smile Donghae
  • Night: The Greatest Love

PS: There are a lot of searches for the 'The Greatest Love' theme song -Dugong Dugong. We are so much in love with it ne?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

KDRAMA: The Greatest Love

I have been sleeping late for weeks now and there is a new reason for this! The Greatest Love is already airing on GMA 7 and the story is something I don't want to miss!

Anyone here who loves the theme song? Well I do. The song is super easy to like as the music is catchy. The song turns out to be the tagalog version of Sunny Hill's: Thump Thump (also called Pit a Pat) and the title is 'Dugong dugong' which describes the sound of a heartbeat not 'dumudugu-dugong' or something concerned with bleeding like I first imagined. Hoho~.

The singer for Dugong Dugong was Rita Iringan, the winner in Pop Star Kids (as mentioned by mom). At first I thought the singer was Julie Ann San Jose because she already sang the OST.

I read that GMA will not release the official music for the tagalog version until the demo versions of the song are removed from youtube. Anyway off to the drama again, Groove Ent made a National Treasure Girls 10th Anniversary Album which serves as the drama's soundtrack album:
"The special album package includes a 5-track CD, a drama story booklet, a four-leaf clover cell phone display cleaner, a small ‘Dok Go Jin’ and ‘Goo Ae Jung’ notepad, stickers, and autographed postcards. Source: Newsen via Nate" <--- I want one! XD
I was so curious on how the actresses of The Greatest Love pulled-off the whole routine of their dance and I found this, the music video of the National Treasure Girls:

By the way all of my facts are from King Google, lyrics is already all over the net so I'm not sure who to credit. Anyway here is the lyrics for "Dugong Dugong". My family has been too LSS with the song. OMG~ XD

I'm a Colin fan girl, he is so sweet. Would you agree? It's not often that the guy will fall in love first in a story. Hoho~

Dugong Dugong (The Greatest Love OST)
Tagalog version of Sunny Hill's Thump Thump
by: Rita Iringan


Hindi magkasundo

Nung una tayong magtagpo
Nag-aasaran pa, parang aso’t pusa Inis sa isa’t isa

Biglang nagbago 

May kung anong naramdaman 
Kung di ka kapiling tila mababaliw 
Nais kang makita

Ikaw ay mahalaga sa kin 

Sa iyo kinikilig ako 
 Habang lumalapit 
Lalo sa iyong nagkakagusto

At nang dahil sa iyo 

Puso’y dumu-dugong, dugong 
Sigaw ng puso kong ito 
Tanging ikaw ang minamahal ko 
Labi ko’y nanginginig man 
Masdan mo sarado kong mga mata 
Pangarap ko’y ikaw ang Unang makayakap ko

Nakatingin sayo 

Nagkunwaring natutulog lang 
Naramdaman ko pintig ng puso mo 
Ay higit pa sa kaba ko

Nais mang ibigin di magawa 

Ikaw ang aking sinisinta 
Ika'y nagiisang Mahalagang bagay sa mundo

At nang dahil sa iyo 

Puso’y dumu-dugong dugong 
Sigaw ng puso kong ito 
Tanging ikaw ang minamahal ko 
Labi ko’y nanginginig man 
Masdan mo sarado kong mga mata 
Pangarap ko’y ikaw ang Unang makayakap ko

Akala ko rin naman 

Na ako ay gusto mo rin 
Ang busilak na pagibig 
Nakaukit sa aking puso

At nang dahil sa iyo Puso’y dumu-dugong, dugong 

Sigaw ng puso kong ito 
Tanging ikaw ang minamahal ko 
Labi ko’y nanginginig man 
Masdan mo sarado kong mga mata 
Pangarap ko’y ikaw ang Unang maka...yakap ko

No wonder that The Greatest Love will be a hit in the Philippines. The story is funny yet sweet and romantic. How about you ladies, do you also watch "The Greatest Love?"
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