Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AJ + Eli + Kevin = uBEAT

Finally the long awaited U-KISS sub-unit has finally released their music video: Should Have Treated You Better. It's a slow, mellow song with a hip hop tune into it. It features the original handsome rappers of U-KISS: Eli and AJ and my favorite vocalist of all time, Angel Kevin.

The first song I've hear from them was their 'Party All the Time'. It was only AJ and Eli before. They sang as duo and their song, just like what the title suggests has a clubbing, partying, happy feel. Me and my sister finds the song amusing because AJ didn't just rapped but he also became the vocals. The song never fails to make me smile, I think AJ deserves to sing alongside of Soohyun and Hoon. Hoho~

I was surprised when I learned that Kevin will be included in the line-up of U-KISS' first sub group, but it's fine. I just didn't thought that they will be giving a lot of parts to him. LOL. Just like how they do it in the usual song releases of U-KISS. Hey I'm not complaining I loooove seeing Kevin on the screen and I really won't mind seeing him in each sub group that NH Media creates. Haha :)

In case you haven't watched this yet, here is the MV for their title track: Should have treated you better. Enjoy!
Operation everyday blog post for May! I am ready! :)


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