Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Venus asks: Would you like some tea?

Venus, What are you Doing Today? and now Would you like some tea? Crazy titles for a song IMO. Today is the date for the comeback of Hello Venus. This time they have a retro style concept for their MV but they have the same checkered style for their costumes! The heck with Pledis giving almost all of the budget to N'uest *sobs*. LOL Kidding. However I really noticed that there's just a little progress with the costume. I do hope next time they can come up with a better ideas.

Would you like some tea is the title track of their mini album. The start of the song includes a classic instrumental which I found out to be 'Variation of the Kanon'. It's a pop song just like their Venus and What are you Doing Today release but I still find their comeback unique. I was surprised that they have managed to incorporate cool dance steps into the song because it's quite mellow taking to consideration the other comeback of other kpop idol groups.

The concept really fits everyone especially Yoo Ara, she really stood up this time with her charming positive vibes. But don't get me wrong, every member of Hello Venus is already pretty it's just that Ara has this 'spark' on her, if that's what I should call it.

They all look completely different now compared to their Venus debut (Ara as an exception, hoho~) They all changed their hairstyles which made the comeback oh-so-fresh! :)

It's so nice to see Nara with bangs instead of a wig, Yoonjo's pinkish orange hair, the forever platinum blonde hair of Alice and the newly colored, cut and styled hair of Yooyoung. I'm not so happy with Lime's transformation because I still love her with mint-colored hair. I'm still getting used to her new hair-do. Bleh~ :)

Most comeback nowadays are either fierce, sexy or hip hop so this is a really different concept worth venturing into. All in all, I am seeing a brighter future ahead of Hello Venus! :)

Here is their MV, care to have some tea while watching?

PS: I have been hooked with kpop comebacks! I promise to do a product review on my next post. *wink*

CREDITS: Photos and video are not mine. Credits to Allkpop and Pledis Ent.

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