Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Summer 2013 Essentials

So I was invited to a company outing to Matabungkay Beach in Batangas. We didn't stay long, it's a fast overnight. But I am glad that I manage to see the sand, sea and the sun before the summer ends. Here is what I brought along with me: 
Starting from upper left to right -ZA 2 way foundation, shades, glasses
From bottom right to left -wallet, sunblock cream SPF 45, SBF Collagen Ivory cream, Gluta-C Body Lotion, Nivea lip balm, Etude House concealer and Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint.

Does it sound too much for summer essentials? Oh well~ ZA foundie is a really light powder that simply mattifies look. I was actually leaning to less make-up because we were in the beach! Of course let us not forget about the need for shades and my eye glasses. I usually use eye lenses but I can't swim wearing them so I opt to just bring along my glasses instead. How I wish I can do Lasik Eye Surgery in the future.

Then there is my wallet, actually it is a small make-up kit from Ellana Minerals which I thought would be put to a better use if used as a wallet. Hehe :) I have two sunblock creams for the face, one with SPF 45 and the other one (SBF Collagen) with SPF 25. The SBF Collagen is a beige colored cream, it instantly brightens up my face whenever I use it thus perfect for summer where I don't want to put on too much products.

I also brought my trusted Etude House concealer to cover acne if one comes up. I also have Avon tint for long lasting natural blushing cheeks and Nivea lip balm to avoid looking sick, my mom says I have pale lips. For the body I have Gluta-C lotion, I used this as my sunblock and my sunburn is next to none. I really won't even know I had sunburn if my mom hasn't told me about it because it was barely noticeable!

So again while using the photo editor I mistakenly set it to 400px. which made my originally 1200px. photo smaller. Arrgg~

This is me before we went swimming!
 My Lovely readers, care to share the place you spent your summer? Don't feel shy to leave a comment, I don't eat people! :)


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