Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girl's Day finally lands their spot on #1 in Inkigayo!

Don't Forget Me is one of my favorite songs even up to now. Girl's Day has seriously improved on vocals, song quality ever since. They are working hard and never received anything in return until now!

 In a cancelled music episode of Inkigayo, Girl's Day has finally won Number 1! Yes you read that right. I am one proud eonnie of Minah. I never saw this something, I honestly had high hopes on Expectation but since it didn't land on number one I kinda expected that they'll move on for the next comeback. But it was so soooon! Like they say strike when the iron is hot! This follow up song: 'Female President' is a hot comeback. Although they just released Expectation not along ago they didn't had a hard time pulling off a cheerful image in contrast to their earlier emotional concept.

I know that this is just the start of Girl's Day's success, haters will just have a hard time accepting the fact that Girl's Day is indeed rising up. Haha :)

Allkpop is quite late in delivering the news. But all hail Girl's Day Daily, read more about Girl's Day first win here> Click me

So timely because it's nearing Girl's Day's 3rd Anniversary!!! <3

Number 1 at last! Congratulations! *clap clap*
You made us DAI5IES proud! :)


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