Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SNSD Catch me if you can OT9 version

For all kpop fans, this just got to be a big revelation because even after the speculations that they did filmed Catch me if you can as nine we have seen nothing. But alas here is a big PROOF! YAY! 

Catch me if you can by SNSD as OT9. I still have some SONE feels~ I really like Jessica even when I have first seen her in their 'Oh!' Music video. I never thought I like her this much until she left the group. Her voice is really unique and for me, no one in SNSD does blonde hair better than Jessica (PS: I still love you Tiffany).

I just want to share this, reveal the SONE feels~ 

Catch me if you can by SNSD (OT9 version)

I felt better seeing Jessica in this SNSD music video. Tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks that they seem so incomplete without Jessica's voice. Like, really. I am not sure why or how this video leaked, but it did! And it is a good thing right?

Hopefully it won't be removed in youtube. So yeah click and watch Catch Me if you can while its still up. 

UPDATE: I also got a package yesterday from Vida Nutriscience. Thank you!!! Will be posting a photo of the products tonight. Do you have a clue what products it is? Products for slimming! Kyaa~ <3

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  1. actually jessica is my bias, hehe rare lang may gusto kay jessica, hehe glad yo on board gurl . got my new blog na bes and fingers-crossed for reals long time na itu :3 www.itsalyssatime.blogspot.com going to get own website pag dna busy hehe XD

    P.S. where is our picture together? meow :3 purrrr :)

    1. Wae! Kaya nga I was looking at this last week I was wondering why its a different address na. Thanks for informing meh~ :3


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