Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Tofu Soap (Skinwhite by Nuch)

Thailand is slowly becoming a popular source for beauty products lately. I have seen more imported Thailand beauty products at bazaars and online shops compared to before. I guess Thailand is the new Korea or Japan in terms of beauty. And so I gave in to my curiosity when I went with my friend in Trinoma's Pop Up Store. They have a lot of Thailand beauty products in there as well as special online only items you can find in instagram.

So I purchased Tofu Soap and some other stuff. Tofu Soap by Nuch is a pretty popular beauty item and I am really impressed because they have so much positive feedback from their avid users.

What is it? 
A popular tofu skin soap from Thailand. It is said to contain soybean extract and Vitamin E but I've just read it somewhere. I really have a hard time getting information for the Tofu Soap because the box is only filled with Thai words.

Tofu Soap 
For large open pores, mild pimples and whitening.
Comes with anti aging properties. Best seller. Face and body use.
Credits: Happy Hauler PH

Cute square box which perfectly fits the round white soap. But as mentioned since its in thai words, we can only be sure that the manufacturer is Skin White by Nuch.


I've only used the soap on my face at first. The soap doesn't lather much and there is no foam but I feel like my face is clean after usage. The soap is drying and my face felt tight but it also looked radiant. My pores also seemed minimized but after a while it comes back to normal. In terms of scent, no it doesn't smell like anything. There is no scent at all.

To be fair to the product itself, I have used it alone all throughout my usage of the soap. I have a few pimples before using it but after around 5 days I felt like I was a walking potato. I had more pimples than before and I  had a bad breakout. I stopped using it because it was obvious that my skin is already irritated. In case you might be wondering I only normally have 2-3 pimples. But this time I cannot control my skin breakout anymore and acne gel just won't cut it. I've decided to use it on my body instead, it was effective on drying out my backne.

In terms of whitening and getting rid of dark spots there was no significant changes.

How much and where to buy?
P65 at Trinoma Pop Store

What I like 

  • Minimized pores every after wash
  • No scent

What I don't 

  • Drying
  • Did not whiten my skin nor dark spots
  • Irritated skin and gave me more pimples

Will I repurchase? 

What works for me won't necessarily work for you and vice versa. I do not recommend this to girls with very sensitive skin like mine.

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  1. Is it good for skin ? Is there any article about it ? Or any Doctors approval ? Hope I can receive an answer immediately! :) THANKYOU!

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