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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review: Orange Peeling Lotion

With all honesty I enjoy trying out different brands of whitening soaps, however there are times that you just need an instant solution. The back of my bottom leg is a bit scaly due to dryness (eew). Whatever scrub I do, I can't seem to get rid of it. That is why I have tried something which has been very popular online lately - Orange Peeling Lotion.

What is it? 
Orange Peeling Lotion benefits as per the seller's ads:
  • Another Variant in Skin peeling that helps Rejuvenate your skin.
  • Peel your Dead and Old Skin to whiter and Smoother Newer Skin in less than a Week.
  • Whiten New Scars, Stretch Marks, Dark spots, Dark Elbows, Dark Knee’s, Dark under Arms.
  • Safe and Effective
  • Evens out skin tone and skin discoloration
  • Soften & smoothen the skin like baby
  • Glowing skin
  • Lighten stretch marks
Area of Coverage:
1 Bottle for both arms
2 Bottles for both Legs
4 Bottles for whole body

I only needed 2 bottles because I am only peeling my legs.

It comes in other sizes but I got it in 100ml sexy bottles. I think sellers of Orange Peeling lotion buy it in bulk and refill it in smaller bottles because I see that there are various kinds of bottles online.

Orange Peeling Lotion promises a pretty similar effect of yellow peeling oil and green peeling oil but a lot milder. Its my first time to try Orange Peeling lotion. The scent is obviously that of bleaching lotions I cannot describe but its definitely not orange scented. Its only called orange peeling lotion because of the color. When using this orange peeling lotion for the first time please be reminded that there will be at least one week downtime. No showing of your treated skin because it will macro-peel. The peel will be obvious and there is nothing you can do to cover it up.

How to use?
  1. Apply for 3 consecutive nights before bedtime, pour the peeling solution unto skin generously & massage thoroughly until it’s totally absorbed by the skin.
  2. Make it thicker to achieve large peeling.
  3. Repeat 3 times applications with 15 minutes interval.
  4. If redness or irritation occurs during peeling period, use hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching.
  5. Wait for at least 5-7 days for your old skin to peel off. 
  6. DO NOT FORCE THE SKIN TO PEEL OFF, wait until your skin will loosen from the new skin before u peel it off.
  7. Avoid too much exposure to sunlight during application, peeling stage and 1 week after peeling
  8. Use high SPF lotions during daytime after peeling
On the days I use Orange Peeling lotion I only wear pants. Its instructed to not wash nor use soap when using the lotion. This is correct, getting the skin wet will only slow down the process. Not using soap is easy gals, but not getting my skin wet is not. While waiting for it to peel there is no itchy or tingling sensation. Right after 3 days my skin looked shiny, the biggest sign that it shall peel soon! That night it peeled. Yes slowly but surely flakes of skin were falling, yikes. Yes that is why I told you guys to wear pants for the mean time.

After the peeling my legs is much smoother and soft but the dark marks are still there. It only slightly lightened, peeling helped texture wise but in case of lightening marks I guess it would take around 2-3 times of use.

How much and where to buy?
P65 at Shopee

What I love
  • No itchiness
  • No sting
  • No side effects on me
  • Gently lifts skin through macro peeling
  • I got rid of the dry skin on my legs
  • Affordable
What I don't
  • Downtime of not washing legs for 3 days
  • Dark marks are still there but I think with 2-3 times use I will get rid of them
  • No ingredient list no manufacturer name
*Avoid application on parts of the body where we have thin skin such as groin area.
*Let the skin heal before using soap and scrub, let the skin rest for a week even after the legs has fully peeled

Will I repurchase? 
YES! I like that it doesn't sting and it does its job.

Using Orange Peeling Lotion takes a lot of patience. The downtime is a bit nuisance to some, especially if you wear skirts everyday. But this is a peeling product that works, it doesn't hurt and that is a big thumbs up, if you got the courage, you may try Orange Peeling Lotion.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Gluta-White Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule

Annyeong beauties! I only drink Gluta White capsules when I am stressed out and too busy on my day to day activities to detoxify myself. Well after a few research, I've known that Glutathione does help in reliving chronic stress.

Chronic stress is the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period of time in which an individual perceives he or she has little or no control. Credits
Glutathione is a triple threat to toxins. It neutralizes free radicals, enhances the immune system and detoxifies the liver. Credits

Thus my reason on taking Gluta-White. So how did it fare?

 Gluta-White Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule

Potent Anti-Oxidant
Cell Repair and Regenerator
Immune Booster
Sport Supplement
Skin Lightener

How to Use: For beginners, we do recommend that you start off with 1 capsule per day of GlutaWhite 100mg and slowly increase your dosage 100mg per week until you have reached the recommend dosage of 20mg per kilogram of body weight. 

  • Remember it is required to take GlutaWhite only after every breakfast and lunch with a full glass of water together with an equal or higher dosage of Vitamin C to prevent gastric irritation. 
  • Desired results will probably take 3-4 months of use depending on the persons general health, lifestyle and skin tone. 
  • GlutaWhite is Generally Safe with pills and will not disrupt regular menstrual cycle. For men and women ages 16 and up!
  • GlutaWhite is best taken with SureChoice Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C). The rule of thumb is to take an EQUAL or slightly higher dose of SureChoice Sodium Ascorbate.

Its FDA Approved, PIPAC Tested, GRAS Certified and manufactured By Am-Europharma Corp. 

I buy them by 10's. So I get them in foil packaging. However its also available in box, which means you will be buying a lot. Since I am buying them not for the reason of whitening let's leave it at at least 20-30 pcs only.

Its not my first time to take Gluta-White, I take it month after another when I feel I need to detoxify. Taking Gluta-White is easy because its in easy to swallow capsule form. It doesn't have a minty after take feeling in my throat and it doesn't make me palpitate. I also don't experience headaches or other negative reactions.

I only take the 100mg because I believe that minimal amount taken is more effective. As instructed you may add up another 100mg every week until you reach 500mg in which you can the glutathione capsules for at least 4-5 months to get whitening results. I do not reach that point yet though, whitening is a serious and take note, expensive business. I might just do with soaps at the moment but I am pretty contented with the 100mg capsules.

What does 100 mg Gluta-White does to me? Well ever since I took it I get less pimples on my chin and cheeks. I am near my red days but I am still not breaking out and I even have better skin nowadays. Take note that I am not using any other special products now except Gluta-White. I also have increased metabolism that is why I feel light, which is good.

How much and where to buy? 
Php 17.50 each at Mercury Drug Store

What I love 
  • Cheap
  • Possible to buy retail
  • No reverse reactions
  • No palpitations
  • No minty feeling on throat
  • Easy to swallow
  • Detoxifies
  • Increased metabolism
  • Brighter skin
  • Pimples gone
  • Less breakouts before my red days

What I don't 
  • Doesn't whiten skin because its only 100mg

Will I repurchase? 
Yes. I buy this in an occasional basis already.

For regular detoxification Gluta-White Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule can be a good skincare buddy. It just works and its cheap. If for the purpose of whitening I recommend their 500mg variant. This is safe and at the same time good for the skin way to detoxify.

I agree to Gluta-White's tag line now, its indeed the SECRET to a Younger, Healthier and Glowing You!!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: Chin Chun Su Facial Cream

Ola Patola beautiful girls of the world~ (greetings courtesy of my beautiful friend Tin)
I've been on a short hiatus again, I've been too focused with work yet due to recent client bookings.
Anyhow, as mentioned in my old posts I am looking for a whitening cream which can lighten my face. My face is a bit darker compared to my body, I blame it perhaps for not wearing sunscreen everyday. I am quite confuse on how to lighten my face without very harsh chemicals. Kojic soaps are too much for me and gives me comedones. Other facial creams on the other hand are well, doesn't give me anything more than moisture.

My mom would often tell me that Chin Chun Su Facial Cream is the secret beauty cream of nanays (mothers) before. I tried it once and I felt its too heavy, so since my skincare regimen now is quite drying I thought of giving Chin Chun Su another chance.

What is it?
Chin chun su facial cream is an all around non- irritant, powerful clearing and lightening facial cream, perfect for use on any external dark spots of your body such as the bikini area, armpit, nipple and knees. 
It is an excellent age defying cream against acne, age spots, dark spots, pimples, sun spots and wrinkle spots, thus making you look younger than your true age. Its very powerful clearing facial spots essence helps the body cure itself of skin problems caused by mother nature, time and environmental aggressors. 
This product is original and authentic, moisturize and prevents dry skin, can be used as a make up foundation, can be used all over your external body to remove blemishes and dark spots, can be used by young and old alike.

Ingredients: Pearl powder, Talc, Petrolatum, Vitamin A,  Vitamin E,  Titanium Dioxide, Sulfur, Salicylic acid

How to use:
Wash face with warm water and mild soap before application. For best results, apply 2-3 times a day, morning, afternoon and bedtime. With your fingertips, get a small amount of cream and spread gently on face in an upward stroke. Rub well into the skin before it disappears. Apply more and frequently on blemishes, on the neck and also as a make up base for cosmetics. This cream can be worn day and night to help dry out pimples and make your skin smooth.

Small pink oval plastic packaging makes it travel friendly. It only contains 10g

A bit rundown on the ingredients of Chin Chun Su. The list of the ingredients seems all good if you look at it.
Salicylic acid most skincare products contain this and used to exfoliate skin and to get rid of acne
Sulfur kill acne bacteria and is one of the most popular treatment for acne, also gives the distinct scent of the product
Titanium dioxide protects the skin from harmful UV lights
Pearl powder is said to beautify and lighten skin 
Talc said to soothe irritated skin
Petrolatum topical ointment with skin healing properties
Vitamin A also called retinol is widely used as anti-acne and anti-aging agent
Vitamin E is proven to neutralize free radicals and to quell dryness

Well I have tried this before but I was not able to use it everyday. I am giving the cream another chance, but first thing first. Chin Chun Su facial cream will make your skin oily, unless you stay in an air conditioned room. At the first few days I thought there was no reaction to my skin, but on my 5th day of usage, I broke out. They say this is the purging stage and its normal. However some acne were big and red. It hurts and its quite depressing to see my face having a bad breakout. Since it was recommended to be applied 2-3 times a day I tried it also at night. I like how I wake up into a glowing look but yet again, pimples still appeared a day shortly after that.

I used it for almost a month and even finished about 2 pots and a half. Yes I finally gave up. I hoped that it will at least lighten the marks the breakout left but, its not happening. To each his own I guess.

CAUTION!When used for the first two weeks, more pimple will appear than before. This is a physiological reaction. The cream can get through the surface of the skin and clear up all the dirt in the skin. Do not stop using the product and the pimples will gradually disappear, this will make your skin smooth again. Those that are sensitive to the cream have red swell or itchiness on the face, don't be afraid. Temporarily stop using the cream and instead use egg white for 2 days after which, continue to use the cream.

How much and where to buy? 
Its P16.60 for 10g pot

What I love 
  • Affordable
  • Can be worn as makeup base
  • Glowing look the next morning if used as night cream
What I don't
  • Makes me oily
  • Broke me out
  • Did not lighten marks
  • The distinct scent
If using do not apply too much, try to apply as thinly as possible

Will I repurchase? 
No. I had enough tries for Chin Chun Su already.

Chin Chun Su Facial Cream was a really popular but again, if you have oily skin this might not be for you. If you have dry or combination skin, you can try it out if it will work on you but take note on that it will aggravate pimples on your first 2 weeks.

My whitening cream search continues~

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: iWhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream

iWhite is a brand from Korea that has been around for years already. I always see it in drugstores which proves how well it was distributed in Manila. I remember using iWhite in my college days, one of iWhite representatives asked me to try their facial set. Yes gals they have their face care system before, in no particular order they have Pore Refining Coffee Sugar Polish (this one smells like strong coffee and you can never be sleepy if you put this on!), Heating Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (it heats up your face and smells a bit sweet), Rose Petal Wine Mask (I don't like it because although its cold to the skin when applied it really does smell like wine!) and Seaweed Gel (was not able to get this one). The iWhite products I've just mentioned are already off the shelves. I don't know what happened, maybe it was phased out or something.

Anyway for today I would be reviewing iWhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream which I've bought months back.

What is it? 
Iwhite Korea says:
Iwhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream is an all around face cream with natural active ingredients that gives you three essential benefits for a complete day care protection.

1. Whitening  with mulberry extract to evenly whiten skin
2. Dual UV Protection - with Titanium Dioxide to protect ski from harmful UV rays that cause cellular damage and premature aging
3. Makeup Base - with PANAX Ginseng and Vitamins A, C and E to shield skin from free radical damage while leaving it silky smooth so makeup sets perfectly on your skin

Mulberry Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Titanium Dioxide

Its in a sturdy tube which dispenses the right amount of product and because the size is 'just right' I can say its travel friendly too.

iWhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream boasts Bio-Nanotechnology which is said to give the ingredients increased potency. Only a pea size amount is needed to cover up the face. When I started applying the product I remembered iWhite Whitening Facial Mask. I immediately double checked on the tube if I was indeed using the face cream and not the mask. Hahaha.

I also want to review iWhite Facial Cream Whitening Vita in terms of their promises:

+Whitening - What I noticed is that my face looks radiant and fairer with just one application! It did not settle on my pores and it feels light as well.

+Makeup Base - The cream is a bit sticky at first (imo) but spreads easily on bare skin without tugging. Upon applying I felt like its more watery than before. I wonder if they changed formula? The finish is also velvety matte before, but now its more of glowy type of finish which can be similar to cc creams effect.

I can use additional moisturizer underneath the cream with no problems. I wear iWhite everyday for more than a week already and I can attest that the cream won't feel hot or make your face perspire or oil more than usual. It's also non greasy.

+Protection: SPF 15 - I used it as a makeup base/sunblock (but it only offer SPF15). I also applied powder on top and it looks nice.

How much and where to buy? 
P179 for 65ml tube

What I love 
  • Moisturizing
  • Whitens skin! (Temporarily, because the cream is color white)
  • Doubles as sunblock
  • Makes face look bright when used as makeup base
  • Very nice scent (addicted to it!)
  • Doesn't clog pores/doesn't break me out
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Doesn't make me oily
  • Requires no touch up
  • Very accessible product
What I don't 

  • Bit of white cast on camera flash

Will I repurchase? 

Breakout is not from iWhite. Just in case you are wondering. Will blonde hair look good on me? *meep*

I recommend iWhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream for gals who likes light multi-purpose cream for everyday makeup. Thank you and see you on my next post! :)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Korean Beauty Tips from Nine Muses

I really love the flawless skin of koreans. Majority of them are literally poreless, yes even the guys. Phew~ below are random korean beauty tips I found, which I will be trying so soon!

Photo not mine, credits
1.) Natural green tea pack whitens skin and reduces acne [Euaerin]
I was browsing youtube for new videos (eherm from kpop idols of course) when I saw Star Beauty Show episode featuring Nine Muses.

For minimum cost and maximum effect, use mixture of:
Yolk + flour + green tea powder = Whitening effect
In 1:1:1 ratio, apply mixture on face, leave for 20 minutes and wash off. Your face will look much whiter. They say it will clean the face and it will give a whitening effect. Natural green tea pack whitens skin and reduces acne.
Me: Im'ma try this later!!!

2.) One cup of water in the morning as soon as you wake up [Eun Ji]
Kicks metabolism and expels waste from body.

3.) Everytime you put on makeup, think the most important is cleansing [Lee Sem] 
Not cleansing properly will trigger pimples or rash. Wash with cleansing oil once or thrice with cleansing foam. Put moisturizing cream when your face is fresh and clean to wake up with nice skin.

4.) On natural bare face, focus on lips! [Hyemi]
Make lips the main point, to bring out the lips use orange or red instead of nude tone. Hot pink can be a burden but still looks pretty if put on normally or if you do the gradation lip it will look even better.

5.) Use shadows to make shades around the eyes, it will look much deeper 
Don't just focus on eye liners, but use shadows to make shades around the eyes. It will feel and look much deeper. Stick shadows can let you draw shadows on which is much easier.

6.) Eyebrow mascara is a must for people with bright hair
Eyebrow mascara gives better color to brows. People who like lighter eyebrows use it.

7.) Blemish concealer key point for transparent makeup
Use concealing pencil to cover spots.

Their korean beauty tips surely enlightened me, sometimes I just feel too tired to cleanse, (Lee Sem eonnie you're my life saver!) I also have a favorite beauty blogger right now and she is *drum roll* Daddoa!~ <3

Have you heard or tried the korean beauty tips listed above?

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Tofu Soap (Skinwhite by Nuch)

Thailand is slowly becoming a popular source for beauty products lately. I have seen more imported Thailand beauty products at bazaars and online shops compared to before. I guess Thailand is the new Korea or Japan in terms of beauty. And so I gave in to my curiosity when I went with my friend in Trinoma's Pop Up Store. They have a lot of Thailand beauty products in there as well as special online only items you can find in instagram.

So I purchased Tofu Soap and some other stuff. Tofu Soap by Nuch is a pretty popular beauty item and I am really impressed because they have so much positive feedback from their avid users.

What is it? 
A popular tofu skin soap from Thailand. It is said to contain soybean extract and Vitamin E but I've just read it somewhere. I really have a hard time getting information for the Tofu Soap because the box is only filled with Thai words.

Tofu Soap 
For large open pores, mild pimples and whitening.
Comes with anti aging properties. Best seller. Face and body use.
Credits: Happy Hauler PH

Cute square box which perfectly fits the round white soap. But as mentioned since its in thai words, we can only be sure that the manufacturer is Skin White by Nuch.


I've only used the soap on my face at first. The soap doesn't lather much and there is no foam but I feel like my face is clean after usage. The soap is drying and my face felt tight but it also looked radiant. My pores also seemed minimized but after a while it comes back to normal. In terms of scent, no it doesn't smell like anything. There is no scent at all.

To be fair to the product itself, I have used it alone all throughout my usage of the soap. I have a few pimples before using it but after around 5 days I felt like I was a walking potato. I had more pimples than before and I  had a bad breakout. I stopped using it because it was obvious that my skin is already irritated. In case you might be wondering I only normally have 2-3 pimples. But this time I cannot control my skin breakout anymore and acne gel just won't cut it. I've decided to use it on my body instead, it was effective on drying out my backne.

In terms of whitening and getting rid of dark spots there was no significant changes.

How much and where to buy?
P65 at Trinoma Pop Store

What I like 

  • Minimized pores every after wash
  • No scent

What I don't 

  • Drying
  • Did not whiten my skin nor dark spots
  • Irritated skin and gave me more pimples

Will I repurchase? 

What works for me won't necessarily work for you and vice versa. I do not recommend this to girls with very sensitive skin like mine.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something new: Gluta- C Kojic Plus+

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful" -Scott Westerfeld

Happy Thursday Beautiful! So something exciting came up in my email just now. Sampleroom and Gluta-C has something new to offer: Gluta-C with Kojic Plus + Whitening System. Their new line promises to give 4X Whitening Intense and Fast! They have 3 products in this line.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Powder: I have never tried a face and body whitening powder. Will powder really whiten our skin? This is something really new to my ears and I would love to try this out.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Lotion: A whitening lotion with glutathione and kojic acid? Seems to be a very good combination, for intense whitening.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Soap: Soap is a good whitening buddy because the ingredients really penetrates to our skin.

If you are already a member of Sampleroom then I bet you'd love to fill your stash with their new Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ . If you are not a member yet, this is the best time to signup! :)

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms: a song I feel listening to these rainy days. And yeah it is said that rainy season already started. Fuu~ its almost June after all. Manila why'd you'd start rainy season so soon?~ (-__- ")/

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review: Vitapack Whitening Lotion

Today is Wednesday Pink Day that is why I feel a lil' bit special. We all have this 'feeling' pretty days and this is one of them. Hohoho~ All is going well in work (except the traffic), my cat/dogs, family and there is nothing more I can ask for (except maybe extra bucks so I can save up for the future, any sideline you can recommend?)

Random thoughts ehem. So for today I would be reviewing Vitapack Whitening Lotion. When it comes to beauty products I do believe that what makes us feel good makes us look good as well.

What is it?
Vitapack Whitening Lotion lightens your skin and brings out your youthful radiance using a unique blend of Clairju from Japan, VB9 Plus from Korea, Ameliox from Switzerland, and Argan Oil from Morocco. Vitapack Whitening Lotion brightens, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin, while protecting it from the aging effects of the sun. Powerful yet gentle formulation to erase blemishes, remove wrinkles, repair elasticity, boost cellular stimulation to leave you with deeply beautiful skin.

A close look with the ingredients:

The lotion is in a pink squeeze tube pretty much like the usual lotions. It comes in 100g. tubes and I think the size is great for travel.

I am the type of person who don't use lotion much, I do not feel like I need it except when I see my legs already have flakes of dry skin (eeew~)
So I had started using Vitapack Whitening Lotion alongside Vitapack whitening soap. It is said to work hand in hand for faster whitening. Of course nothing is instant especially when it comes to whitening.
Very fun gif of the lotion mehehe~ my first gif here I guess?

The consistency is very creamy. spreadable, doesn't drag the skin at all. Its also non-greasy on the skin and is quickly absorb despite providing heavy moisture. Yes it is ultra heavy moisture gals! If your skin is drying from the aircon or other acid soaps you might be using, I am absolutely sure that this is the answer.

I used this during mornings and I perspire more than usual. Fuhuu~ Might be better to use during night time. They mentioned that we can use this on our face but uhum~ it is scented like body lotion. Well it is body lotion alright, but for face products I prefer unscented or really really mildly scented products. But do not get me wrong because I love it as my body lotion. Due to its very spreadable consistency I find that I only needed not so much product for the whole body which means value for the money.

I noticed after a few days of usage that my skin dryness is gone and my skin looks bright and healthy.

How much and where to buy? 
P499 for 100g. tube. I don't think they have it at a bigger size yet. They also sell this in Zalora and Lazada.

What I love 

  • Feminine floral scent
  • Delivers heavy moisture
  • Easily spreads on skin
  • Absorbed easily
  • Non-draggy
  • Bright healthy skin after usage
  • Little goes a long way

What I don't 

  • Maybe the price can be steep for the budget
  • Cannot use for the face due to scent (maybe vitapack can make another whitening cream for face use only?)

Better if used at night, do not apply too much because it provides heavy moisture! (Not a big problem if you sleep with air conditioner on)

Will I repurchase?
This was given to me and I really like it. I might repurchase. :)

This is a luxurious lotion which deserves a space in our beauty routine. One tube can last long and its worth the try if you are looking for a whitening routine which you can do for a long time.

They offer random promos and discounts, you can like their page here:

What is your current whitening routine now? Feel free to share it with me in the comments section below. :)

Now I have been watching a few japanese drama movies recently and I am having so much feels. I badly want to cry inside the train but that I'd look stupid~ keke~

So this clearly sums up why a girl confesses to a guy.

"I like you... I came to you so you could clearly turn me down.
...So that I can come to terms with a broken heart" - Ao Haru Ride/ Yoshioka

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review: Gluta Nano Plus 900k

I would love to eat Ice cream cake as of this moment (Bake & Churn Ice cream cakes anyone?) Its on and off rain and sun lately. Its a good thing actually because its not so humid unlike last week.

For today I would be reviewing a Thailand product I have bought. Gluta Nano Plus 900k is a pretty popular product and reading other user's positive feedback convinced me. I hopped on and bought one bottle. I am very eager to take advantage of their buy 3 bottles for P1000 but boyfie pulled me back and says I should try it first. Glad he said it.

Come on now, this is so cheap compared to the first gluta products I have tried before. Crossing fingers, I was hoping that it will work on me!

What is it? 
Gluta Nano Plus 900k is a glutathione supplement which is for whitening and v shape face.
Let us forget about the v shape face, because I want chubbier cheeks now.

Rose hip extract
High Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid
Berry Extract

Pregnant or Lactating Women and person who are taking medications should consult a health care professional before using. If any adverse reaction occue discontinue use and consult a health care professional. 

Imported and distributed by:

Simple plastic bottle packaging with a secure seal.

They say that Gluta Nano Plus 900k uses Nano technology to fit in 900,000mg of gluta in just one capsule. One bottle has a mix of collagen capsules as well which is not mentioned in the bottle.

I have high hopes for this product. I had a warm feeling in my throat when I  took one capsule. I take one capsule every night and I feel the same warm feeling every time. I have also noticed that my skin is a bit darker than before, which is weird because its supposed to whiten or brighten because it was gluta. I do not expose my skin to the sun as well. in case you might be wondering.

After around 3 days I experienced itchiness on my skin. |I endured this for 2 weeks, thinking that maybe it will subside and just my initial reaction to the product. However it was really bad and I was scratching my skin all over, it left dark marks :(

I have also experienced palpitation during my usage of gluta nano capsules. Which is scary because it did not happened to me before. After 2 weeks I stopped using it to let my skin heal from all the itch and marks. I asked my sister if she would like to try it since there is still left capsules.  However we both had the same reaction: palpitation and warm feeling when taking the oral gluta.

How much and where to buy? 
P350/bottle from online shops and in Pop-up store in Trinoma

What I love 

What I don't 
Gave me itchy skin
Warm feeling when taking the capsules
Not effective

 Will I repurchase? 

I will be more cautious on taking glutathione from now on. And yes maybe the price speaks for the product itself, I felt bad for getting dark marks. Good thing I was able to get rid of those using my whitening soap. Gluta Nano Plus 900k did not work on me but its great if it works wonder on your skin. Remember that works on me might not work for you, and vice versa.


My road to whitening continues~
Care to share a glutathione product you use? I wonder which whitening cream I try next? My face is darker than my body. Fuhuu~

HELLO VENUS - Glow is a new song that can be a great jam during a rainy day~
Tomorrow is Monday!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Vitapack Whitening Soap

Is summer ending already? Its rained hard today and somehow I feel gloomy. (o_o??) I also feel like I miss dancing err~ maybe I am just a lil worn out. Anyway here is something I have been loving a lot lately, its a product from Vitapack.                                 

Vitapack Whitening Soap
I've received the soap prior to our summer get away in Cavite. I have made sure to reapply sunblock during our swimming but I still got sunburn on my right shoulder.

What is it?
VITAPACK Whitening Soap is the first 8-in-1 whitening soap with eight skin care benefits in just one bar. Our unique combination all Clairju (Japan), VB9 Plus (Korea), Glutathione (Japan) and Argan Oil results in intensive whitening and brightening, and renews and rejuvenates skin for a deeply beautiful glow.

A whitening soap with 8 claims to be: Whitening, Moisturizing, Antibacterial, Brightening, Clarifying, Anti-aging, exfoliating, smoothening.

Box is pretty classy in pink. (Ooh~ I really like the shades of pink beauty products use for their packaging nowadays) It also have this silver and white letters, well thought packaging *nods*.

The first thing I noticed is the round shape of the soap. Its very very easy to hold when I take a bath.
The soap is floral scented and I like it, too bad because it doesn't linger long on my skin T-T. The scent is faint, how I wish it stays on longer. :<

I have been using the Vitapack soap for around 3 weeks now and I have noticed that it melts quite fast. I think it can only last for another week or so on me.  Anyway this is not a biggie, I am thinking that this might be my mistake because I have this habit of holding the soap while taking a bath. It doesn't help that the soap is soooo easy to hold. Haha. :)

Next time I will be cutting the soap into four (in attempt to be more economical). I don't see significant effect in terms of whitening but I used sea salt scrub and I was able to get rid of a lot my dead skin cells. In just a matter of a week. There is no sting sensation, no peeling and no dryness. But when I scrubbed I was able to slough dead skin cells. How cool is that? Usually with my other soaps I needed to endure dry skin and stings.

I honestly really really like Vitapack soap. Its over my budget for body, might work great for minimal use, maybe I can make this as my facial soap. I'm yet to try! I cannot attest yet to the whitening effect as I have only tried one bar, but this is really promising as the ingredients are not drying yet it gives exfoliating glowing effect.

How much and where to buy?
It retails at P259 per 90g. of soap.

What I love

  • Lathers quite well (I certainly love soaps that lathers well)
  • Round shape means easy grip!
  • Fresh floral scent
  • Exfoliates but doesn't dry
  • Glowing skin
  • Got rid of sunburn in just a week
  • Mild and perfect for sensitive skin

What I don't

  • It melts easily
  • Scent doesn't last long
  • Quite expensive for a body soap

Cut soap into four to make it last longer!

Will I repurchase?
I got this as a freebie and I think I'll be buying soon!

Vitapack Whitening Soap is great as a body soap if you have the budget. Hopefully after cutting it to four it will last longer on me. I recommend this to girls like me who are sensitive to very harsh whitening soaps. This is saving us from all the guilt we get from using too much drying products just to whiten our skin. This is the only non-drying whitening I've used and I am impressed. :)

This is taken just now, no more peeling and my skin is slowly coming back to its normal color..

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SALE ALERT: Asian Secrets: 30% off for the Month of May

Annyeong hasseyo everyone, Asian Secrets, an Asian whitening beauty remedy in a convenient tub is on 30% off only for the month of May!

This is the big help you've all been waiting for (I included). Let us get our skin back to its tone after basking under the summer sun. 

Included in the sale are:
Asian Secrets Green Tea Whitening Dry Body Scrub (P95.55 from P136.50 for a 250g tub)
Removes dead skin cells and whitens skin. 
Asian Secrets 2 in 1 Anti-Pimple and Whitening Face and Body Herbal Soap (P20.30 from P29.00) This bar soap combines the efficacy of antibacterial Turmeric, pimple-drying Tea Tree Oil and skin-healing Mangosteen. 

Promo runs from May 1 to May 31, 2016 so fill your skincare kits now. 
Morning Princess Bathing Rituals here I come! :D

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: TONYMOLY TOMATOX Magic Massage Pack

Finallyyyy~ I've tried this Tonymoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack. This Korean Skin Care product is one of my lemmings and I got it now, its sponsored by Q-depot. See this cutie picture here:

 TONYMOLY says...
Containing Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients, this multi-functional massage & pack brings instant magic vitalizing effects into the skin.

Being as a multi-functional product of soft massage & cleanly wash off mask, Tomatox magic massage pack delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, skin hydrating and protecting effects to the skin leaving the skin amazingly clear and supple.

After cleansing, apply a towel-dried face and gently massage for about 1-2 min. After massaging, leave it on your face for 5-10 min. Rinse out with lukewarm water and pat with towel. 2-3 times use per week.

This product is cosplaying as a tomato! Haha. Lookie it's just so adorable. The plastic package is just perfect for clumsy pips like me. Mom says I might have a magnet inside me because there stuff keeps on falling whenever I am around. It comes with a screw lid cap and another plastic on top to keep the product fresh inside. It also has a mini spatula, very hygienic!~

So of course I didn't bought Tonymoly Tomatox Massage pack just for the packaging. Well this Korean Skin Care product is pretty popular and I know I know~ I am a bit too late on the bandwagon. I tried this after washing my face with Maxipeel facial wash. Nowadays maybe due to the combination of stress and pollution my skin feels a bit dry and rough. I used this with high hopes of better skin. Whenever I have bad skin days I resort to skin packs/face masks.

I applied the massage pack on my face and massaged it for a while. After around 10 minutes (I actually left it longer) I washed it off with lukewarm water. And behoooold~

Revitalized and brighter skin. My face also feels clean. There is not much difference on the pores, but this is not a product for the pores! Just sayin'. The awesome effect doesn't long though. When I woke up the next day my face is not really as bright as when I slept.

Exposure is different, but skin is indeed brighter in real life

How much and where to buy? 
Tonymoly Tomatox Massage Pack costs P628 with 80g. in the Philippines. I got mine from Korean cosmetics online shop: Q-depot. They offer free worldwide shipping plus lots of discount coupons for your purchase. I do not buy Korean makeup online anymore because most of my fave brands have their own shop in Manila already but when buying bulk online is a good option due to frequent discounts.

What I love 
  • Brightens and revitalizes skin
  • Cleanses skin
  • Hydrates and non-drying face masks
  • Doesn't break me out
What I don't 
  • Nothing I can mention

Will I repurchase? 
Yes. I really like this product.

I want to thank Q-depot online shop for the Tomatox massage pack. This product is perfect for dull or bad skin days. Sometimes you just need a little more pamper you know. *wink*

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