Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Korean Beauty Tips from Nine Muses

I really love the flawless skin of koreans. Majority of them are literally poreless, yes even the guys. Phew~ below are random korean beauty tips I found, which I will be trying so soon!

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1.) Natural green tea pack whitens skin and reduces acne [Euaerin]
I was browsing youtube for new videos (eherm from kpop idols of course) when I saw Star Beauty Show episode featuring Nine Muses.

For minimum cost and maximum effect, use mixture of:
Yolk + flour + green tea powder = Whitening effect
In 1:1:1 ratio, apply mixture on face, leave for 20 minutes and wash off. Your face will look much whiter. They say it will clean the face and it will give a whitening effect. Natural green tea pack whitens skin and reduces acne.
Me: Im'ma try this later!!!

2.) One cup of water in the morning as soon as you wake up [Eun Ji]
Kicks metabolism and expels waste from body.

3.) Everytime you put on makeup, think the most important is cleansing [Lee Sem] 
Not cleansing properly will trigger pimples or rash. Wash with cleansing oil once or thrice with cleansing foam. Put moisturizing cream when your face is fresh and clean to wake up with nice skin.

4.) On natural bare face, focus on lips! [Hyemi]
Make lips the main point, to bring out the lips use orange or red instead of nude tone. Hot pink can be a burden but still looks pretty if put on normally or if you do the gradation lip it will look even better.

5.) Use shadows to make shades around the eyes, it will look much deeper 
Don't just focus on eye liners, but use shadows to make shades around the eyes. It will feel and look much deeper. Stick shadows can let you draw shadows on which is much easier.

6.) Eyebrow mascara is a must for people with bright hair
Eyebrow mascara gives better color to brows. People who like lighter eyebrows use it.

7.) Blemish concealer key point for transparent makeup
Use concealing pencil to cover spots.

Their korean beauty tips surely enlightened me, sometimes I just feel too tired to cleanse, (Lee Sem eonnie you're my life saver!) I also have a favorite beauty blogger right now and she is *drum roll* Daddoa!~ <3

Have you heard or tried the korean beauty tips listed above?

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