Friday, July 22, 2016

What's inside my Kikay Kit?

Alow~ Yes hello girls, I can't believe it's already Saturday tomorrow. It's finally my rest day! I am looking forward into learning a lot of stuff during my free time this weekend which includes *drum roll* baking!~ Its cold and it is the best time to bake. I would love to try cupcakes this time around.

And so, before tomorrow comes, I will let you take a quick peek at my makeup whatnots. <3

Yay, so I do have the same makeup routine everyday. Skipping the mascara and eye lash curling (I keep on losing eye lash huhu)

Here is what I have in my makeup kit, some which I have reviewed already. Pretty basic without my favorite Avon nude and brown eye shadow palette and Tonymoly backgel eyeliner which I don't lug around since I don't reapply them.

  1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - I am yet to review this one. But this is a good bb cream. Like I always say I like multi-purpose products because I am always in a hurry during mornings!
  2. Silkywhite 2 way powder Foundation - velvety powder anyone? I also use this as my touch up powder.
  3. Tonymoly Tony Tint Delight - great for gradient lips
  4. Tonymoly Face Mix Concealer - it doesn't last whole day so need to reapply
  5. Nichido Cheek Mousse in Pink Champagne - nicely blushed on cheeks.
  6. Pinkies Collection in LP-01 - baby pink color similar to Sophie Martin's summer pink.
  7. Fashion21 lipstick in Apricot - neutral peachy color that looks very natural when applied lightly.
  8. Contact Lens Case - in case I need to change into my glasses
  9. Nail cutter -just felt like bringing it with me
  10. Hair clip! -for getting rid of my bangs if I have a bad bangs hair day. haha.
  11. Avon Clearskin Acne gel -for sudden breakouts. yikes.
  12. Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm in Cherry -keeps my lips moisturized!

Even though I still buy beauty items I make it to a point that I just buy what I need (for now). Most will be repurchase of products I really use. Let us congratulate ourselves for saving. The cold weather makes less room for melted makeup. Yahoo~ :)

I would be ending my post with Oh my girl's - Closer. They are very synchronized and the song has this very cool mysterious vibe to it. 

*I'm open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: sparkliecandy(at)gmail(dot)com
Items were purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated 


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