Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream

Creams and tints are not so common cosmetic before (at least for me!). I still remember seeing girls with tons of powder blush on their cheeks in which is enough for you to say "pahingi naman ng blush mo". LOL. Kidding.

Anyway my post today is about how I found the perfect natural pink flush with Sophie Magic cream.

"Magic Pink is formulated using plant extract. It turns skin into look rosy pink within  minute after application."

I stumbled about this pink cream blush before in sulit and immediately bought one. I am surprised with the good quality of the blush and I was so sure that I'll repurchase. It didn't end there though because of the pink cream I became a member! HOHO. But that doesn't mean I will be bias in doing reviews though. I am blogging to share my honest opinion.

Now lets go to the pros and cons~


  • It smells like baby powder. LOVE!
  • The flush is natural.
  • The white cream indeed transforms into pink almost right after application.
  • Color is buildable.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • One tube can last 3 months with daily use.
  • Its truly affordable! Regular price is Php70 before but maybe due to high demand they increased the price into Php85. Still a far cry from the price of high-end brands out there.
  • Blush stays all day! Can withstand the hot humid weather and oily skin!
  • Cute pocket friendly packaging.


  • Sadly this has parabens.
  • Only available in sophie martin dealers(LIKE ME!) or other online shops.

I am actually on my 2nd tube right now. Its one of my HG cream blushes, perfect as is or as a base for your other powder blushes! Its a must-try!

Have you tried this cream blush before? Do you like it?

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