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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make Up Powder

Product Background
3W Clinic Translucent Loose Powder(Formerly known as DoDo Palgantong Powder) Dodo Company, the manufacturer of Palgantong has changed its name to 3W Clinic since 2009.

ALL NEW versions of palgantong powder now use the name of 3W Clinic .This is the professional version used by professional backstage make-up artists and are imported directly from Korea.

PALGANTONG was first launched in Korea in 1999. It is very popular among Korean Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies have tried this amazing power. It was only introduced to professional make-up artists, such as those who worked for Korean TV broadcast stations like SBS and KBS. In 1989, more professional make-up artists started to use the theatrical powder.

The 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder is a very well known product to entertainers. Some fair/white skinned asian women tend to look more chubby and fleshy during photoshoots. This is why Korean actresses depend on this powder to give them better results in front of the camera.

Since 1999, this best hit product has been selling well to non-entertainers too. It is now the best selling powder in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. A record 600 million sold from 2002 to 2006 in Japan's critical cosmetic market. Therefore, it was selected as Japan’s Top Hit product and secures the 1st selling position in Japan's loose powder section.

Slimming Effect : Makes your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by light reflection
Long Lasting Effect: Strong against water or sweat. Does not stain/smudge easily.Excellent long lasting functional powder
 Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of the light-scattering powder creates bright and splendid skin.
Super Hydrating Effect : Maintains your skin's moisture all day long. It prevents moisture evaporation and thus creating silky skin

#21 - Light Beige is Light color for fair skin.
#23 - Natural Beige is original beige for Asian women
#10 - Transparent Pearl is light color and gives your face a "dewy" effect

Recommended Use:After your last step of the skin care, take appropriate amount of SunBlock or BB cream and apply evenly on your face or on targeted areas.Next, adjust amount of powder with puff inside, and follow with a light layer of "Palgantong Powder".

If you want a "dewy" effect (rather than cover), then apply transparent pearl.


I was sold on 3W Clinic powder because it was said to blur out pores and makes you look great on photos. You know how much I love taking selcas. Haha. Talking about being vain and all that. I bought mine in Hipstyle Online Shop in Facebook. Transaction was fast and easy because the products are on-hand. Yay no more waiting time! :)
Besides facebook shops I have also seen this being sold in ebay. I am not sure where to get them in Manila though because as far as I know it is just being sold online.

The look
Yay it is big! It is red, yay professional? Haha. Well the packaging is simple, made of plastic and safe for clumsy gals like me. It's big and quite bulky but I love it.

My Experience:
Yay well 3W Clinic Professional is indeed living up to its hype. It is comparable to Eshiko which is another popular finishing powder but has a steep price. I am thinking of having a side by side comparison review next time. It does soften the look of the pores but not totally diminish it. I like the scent of this powder, it's really girly, though usually I like scentless powders better.

It's understandable that it gives no coverage since it is a finishing powder but it has subtle color which doesn't really show once applied. Based on other online reviews there is not much difference on shade # 21 and 23 although some of them says that shade # 21 is for fair-skinned girls with pink undertone while the other is for yellow under tone. On swatches there is not really too much difference.

I am curious on Shade# 10 which is suppose to give the dewy effect. Okay going back to their promises, is this powder giving the effects promised?

Slimming and long lasting is not in my list. I can't see much difference on my face but maybe because my face is already slim to begin with? Hmm~ I dunno. I find that this powder does not control oil but it looks okay but not dewy like mineral make-up after melt effect. I can agree that it does give the blooming effect upon application. It's just fresh and natural. I can't attest to the super hydrating effect, I still moisturize before applying this. I really don't believe that a powder can hydrate the skin but it is not a really dry type of powder. It's somehow soft and creamy and applies like a dream.

How much? P295 per tub
Where to buy? Facebook online shops and ebay

What I like:

  • No white cast
  • Soft glowy effect as if photo was photo shopped
  • Does mattify but it doesn't make my face look flat
  • Works great on top of bb creams and powder foundation!
  • Does not cake
  • Finely milled
  • Light as if you don't put anything
  • Floral scent not over powering.
  • Does not highlight dry patches
  • Doesn't oxidize
  • Shade is #21 but color is not really evident when worn because it goes on translucent.
  • A big tub of powder! Yaay so I bought this to become more photo ready! Yessh~
  • Powder goes on smooth
  • Doesn't affect blush
  • Totally softens the look of pores
  • Best finishing powder I've tried so far!
  • I look fresh instantly whenever I use this (No exaggeration!)

What I don't:

  • Doesn't last long
  • No oil control
  • Everything on the box is in korean except the product name itself.
  • Container is quite bulky
  • No SPF
  • No coverage
  • Product not accessible
Over all thoughts:
Hooray 3W Clinic Powder is super sulit! :) I never really paid attention to the importance of finishing powders until I have used this powder. A tub contains a lot of product and you'll only need a bit of it for every application. I am pretty sure I would be using this for months.

To end this post here is the worldwide trending music video of Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Fashion 21 Two Way Cake

It was fine Sunday when we attended Mario Maurer's open fan meet in SM North Edsa. I was with my younger sister was my first time to reach the front of the stage, yess finally after coming to so much fan meetings haha. Baifern was super gorgeous and Mario as seen on tv is super good looking. Kyaa~ Crazy Little Thing Called Love is just plain awesome.

We dropped by my shopping haven after - SM department store to check out new stuffs when I remembered that I need a new powder foundation. Hooray~ I intend to buy 4u2 BB powder at first but comparing the two (Fashion 21 two way cake) which I both love to try I have decided to pick the latter. Well I am in a budget right now and I'll stretch my money as far as I can. Another reason for buying is the fact that Fashion 21 has more grams and cheaper than 4U2. Btw I opted to buy this in refill because I already have a unused Avon compact at home. It doesn't just saves money it also saves mother Earth, no more extra compacts to throw away. :)

Honestly this is my very first foundation. Well I do had Maybelline ones before but they seem to be offer very light coverage which make them seem more of being finishing powder rather than foundation. Do I make sense?

Fashion 21 Two Way Cake
Regular foundation that can be applied wet or dry.

Product Features
UV Protection
Oil Control
Mild on skin
Long lasting
Smooth and easy application
Can be applied wet or dry

There is absolutely a lot of promises. Teehee~ I am so excited to try it on because I do not really use foundations. Need I say more? :)

The scent:
The first thing I noticed with Fashion 21 way cake is the scent. It has a really strong scent which reminds me of Chin Chun Su. I know how other people despise this particular scent.

Foundation offers medium to full coverage. Sadly the color is too pale and does not compliment my skin tone. I have it in shade number one! The palest shade of all yikes. Shade #1 is a tad light on me, it's creamy but can still highlight dry patches. Luckily the foundation sets and blends with my skin tone after a while. It can get cakey if used too much on the under eye area.

My experience:
I get white cast on flash photography but it still looks nice. Yay~ pretty photos. It offers smooth finish and can quickly brighten up complexion. It also lessens the appearance of pores but doesn't totally diminish it. I still use in2it to cover up pores or my good ole pore minimizer sticks and essence.

This foundation has convinced me to try plain powder make-up. I have been using bb creams as make-up base for years but because of this foundation's coverage I tried using the powder alone. Now I can skip bb creams and cut my make-up time in half! Definitely a life-saver when I am running late for school. I have been using bb creams for years now at least I have an alternative when I am in a hurry, just sunblock, moisturizer and this foundie and I am off to go.

Sun protection and oil control is just okay. I don't want to look matte all day anyway. It looks better after a while. Somehow it becomes rather dewy than oily when it wears off. Effect does resemble mineral make-up's effect on me, kinda glowy which I like. I have only tried using this dry, wet application might result to too much foundation. Besides, I am already comfortable using this as is because coverage suffice on covering red blemishes, things are different in terms of dark spots because I still need concealer for those.

Fashion 21 Two Way foundation offers average staying power but I don't mind. Somehow it is powdery but it is cheap soooo~ :) I picked the lightest shade because I am afraid of oxidizing foundations, oh-well this one doesn't oxidize on me maybe because of the shade? It doesn't break me out! Powder does settle on pores when it starts to wear off but I just wipe it off and I am good. My main concern and fear before on foundations is the fact that it might oxidize and might break out. This foundation is such a winner on both aspects! Mehehe~

How much? P130 per 11 gram refill

What I love:
  • It's affordable
  • Product is readily available in Watsons/ SM beauty counters
  • Coverage is awesome
  • Looks so pretty on photos!
  • Doesn't oxidize
  •  Melts to a pretty finish
  • Brightens up complexion
  • Lessens the appearance of pores
  • Didn't gave me break outs

What I don't:
  • I think I got the wrong shade haha. (not the product's fault)
  • Can give you a 'foundation day' look when freshly applied
  • May highlight dry patches 
Will I buy again?
YEEEES!~ I am totally impressed with Fashion 21 Two Way Cake I might just need to repurchase a more accurate shade soon. Plus they offer other variants such as papaya, milk and tea tree. I would love to try those too. *excited*

Here are a few photos I want to share from last Hallyu Wave Festival event where I got nice comments on my look, yes I intend to look like a doll for at least a day. I have worn a dress I got from ebay and I made the flower hair pin myself! Yay~  Teehee I covered Park Minha of Nine Muses. :)

A friend who covers VIXX :)
Just me and the stairs haha.
We are Nine (Nine Muses) but this shot only features six of us trying to look like emotionless dolls

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Gorgeous Purple

Hello Rainy Sunday! I am happy that it's raining because it means that it'll be less hot in Manila. Just this morning I just registered my subjects for this semester. I think summer days will pass faster now.
I don't really have the time to update my blog because of my sideline job online for summer so while I have the extra free moments I'll review a bb cream I got on sale in Beauty Bazaar months ago. -Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Gorgeous Purple.This is meant to be used to even out and brighten skin tone. They also have a green variant for skin trouble and redness but basically both are:
Blemish balm
Vitamin care
Make-up Base

Kyaa bb cream again! Yeesh~ What sold me on Liole bb cream is the fact that it can be used as a make-up base. I was curious on how my bb creams will look on top of another bb make-up base. I love the purple princessy packaging because it's classy and chic looking. It comes in a pump so it is hygienic. This is made in Korea, I read somewhere that this can pass up as a CC cream (supercharged bb cream version) because of the coverage. Okay so enough of my endless blabbering hahaha, here is my review:

My Experience:

This bb cream has the thickest texture among the bb creams that I tried. The color is whitish purple with really really small particles which changes into the color of skin your tone after blending. I must agree with the thoughts of other bloggers that the concept of the product is quite gimmicky, because how can the purple tone of the bb cream correct the yellowness of your skin when the color changes when it is blended? Oh well~ nonetheless I still like this product. Because texture is thick, a little product goes a long way, awesome!

Going back, Lioele Dollish veil has this floral kinda soapy scent which I love. Its a really light scent which is pleasant. I usually use this alone or on top of my moisturizer. It doesn't really spread easily so you need to have a properly moisturized face prior to the usage of this product. Yes I've also tried this as a make-up base for my bb cream but unfortunately it feels heavy for my taste.

The finish of Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB is matte, it's perfect for the humid weather like this summer. It has SPF 25 PA ++ and I think it can be a good as a substitute for sunblock but the moisturizer I use contains SPF as well. One application instantly brightens up my complexion but maybe it's also because of the fact that it is lighter than my skin tone. I don't see the need for concealer because of the coverage, it doesn't completely cover my dark spots and redness but it makes them less noticeable. I also don't get oily thanks to the formula and the product's matte finish.

My pores aren't covered well unlike with other bb creams with dewy or satin finish. Topping off this bb cream with finishing powder (although optional since finish is already matte) makes a difference though. I didn't experienced skin break outs nor whiteheads and blackheads, which I happen to get every time I use bb creams. The product stays the whole day although I still need to check on my oily nose once in a while.  
The final look of this bb cream alone is next to natural, it's just like having a lighter skin tone or you can also call it your second skin. A make-up that doesn't look like make-up. Amaaaazing!

How much? 
Price is around P1,280/ 30 ml. UPDATE! The price is now only P950 at Beautymnl

Where to buy?
Lioele kiosks in the malls, online shops or in their website: Lioeleph

To summarize my review...
What I love:
  • Lovely princessy packaging.
  • The floral scent! 
  • Coverage is awesome.
  • Matte finish doesn't make me oily.
  • It doesn't break me out. 
  • Does it job as it brightens skin instantly.
  • Perfect bb cream for natural look.

What I don't:
  • Cap loosens after a while, it's always lost in my make-up kit, haha :)
  • It doesn't blur out pores unlike other bb creams.

Will I buy again?
Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Gorgeous Purple is a nice addition to my kikay kit but I would love to get the green variant next. I highly recommend having one bottle in your stash though, it is a must-have for bad skin days or when you just feel like brightening up.

Care to share your favorite bb cream below? :D

CREDITS: To Lioeleph for the image. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Shawill Pretty Color Eyeliner 01

Hello lovelies! How's your Valentines? As for me I spent the day making pink ribbons! Sigh~ I love pink! It's not really an exciting way to spend the day eh?

For today I will be talking about the newest eyeliner I purchased. I have always liked sparkly stuffs that's I really adore glittery/shimmery/sparkly make-ups! My love for shimmers even grew more because of watching korean eye make-up tutorials. I have been keeping an eye on tear drop liners but since its always OOS then I have decided to look for an alternative.

Shawill Pretty Color Eyeliner 01
A rich colour liquid eye liner that combines long-lasting wear with a non-smudge, non-flake precision line. Goes on effortlessly. Applies with its own brush to draw a perfectly defined line. Available in a wide range of classic and trend shades.
I was like a jumping rabbit when I've seen this liner. I love the glitters! Some people though might not like the chunky glitters because its far from the usual look of teardrop liners.
Shawill Pretty Color Eyeliner looks better in person than in photos because it doesn't show much in pics. I use this on my lower waterline in place of tear drop liners. The shade is in numbers only, mine is in 01. 01 has colorful glitters and a clear base.
I use this liner in school and it stays the whole day! Hooray! :D

Price: 8ml for Php98

Where to buy? Shawill counters at Watsons

  • Has pretty micro glitters!
  • Colorless base. Perfect for neutral looks.
  • Stays the whole day for me
  • Affordable

  • Not too visible on photos
  • When worn for more than half a day the liner flakes
Will I buy again?
No. I want to try other glitter liners from other brands like Etude House. I am so curious on the difference of Tear drop liners to normal glitter liners.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Etude House Sheer Silky bb cream

I have been having a long busy September and I just had to get everything accomplished! I had no luck this past few days just to name a few, this things happened in one single week: I lost my job, the cover group I'm subbing for failed to make it in the contest (talk about no practice days because we lack 2 or 3 members!), I needed to go to the hospital again for a second opinion about my ECG result! (Duh~)

I was itching to replace my Maybelline bb cream because I cant squeeze any product out of its pump anymore! I browsed through online forums and I came to a decision that I want Etude House Precious Mineral bb cream all day-strong #2 aka EH sheer silky bb cream (Ekkk...yesssh a very long name, its a korean product after all). Tons of reviews of this prod in the net are quite convincing so even if it was not my price I still stretched my budget to the limits to get one (700 pesos for a single prod was a big gamble for me).

Anyway for the sake of the people who doesn't know what a bb cream is, this link is for you: What is bb cream? BB cream has more or less the consistency, look and feel of those liquid foundations but this has more magic into it because it has extra benefits such as whitening, healing, brightening, glowing --A few of the new variants has SPF protection as well.

This is how my new EH Precious Minerals Sheer Silky bb cream looks like:

This bb cream is all over the place already so I have decided not to post HD photos and use my oh-so-reliable-webcam-on-mornings for this review.

Let me explain my take on this product  in plain bullet points:
  • The consistency- thicker than my last bb cream which was Maybelline. I find it quite hard to spread despite the fact that I did moisturized prior of its application.
  • The color- Sheer Silky is the fair version which was said to be for oily skin and Sheer Glowing has a darker color which was said to be for dry skin.
Some people had questions "how about people with dark skin and has oily skin?" or "how about people with fair skin but has dry skin?" My opinion was maybe Etude House has thought that most oily people are acidic thus the product they put on their face will oxidize quickly?

(In this photo you'll see that the tube looks battered already, but in it's not! LOL) I tried to apply this at school but to my surprise the cream jump over my head to my shoulder staining my uniform for the day. Hooray for being reckless.

  • The look- it has a nice girly packaging, perhaps because of the price that goes with it. Anyway most products of Etude has this girly look but the cuteness award for packaging should go to Tony Moly, hehe. ^^
  • Sheer silky has a white tube and it has a purple pump that dispenses just the right amount of product you needed but be careful as it is quite tricky at first(read story above^). One complain I have is how the cap is easily removed from its tube. It doesn't lock in place and I always have to look for it in my beauty kit.
  • The name- All day strong. True, it stayed the whole day on my face and blotting only twice is perfect. Byebye touch ups!
  • The effect- As I've said its harder to spread than my first bb cream but as days go by I learned that the way how I put it has effect on how easy or hard my application will be. My pores got smaller and it has a sheer matte finish. I agree with the other blogger that the color of this cream is quite fair -but not the type that will make you look ghostly as it blends with the skin tone after a minute or two.

  • How I use it- I love bb creams as it gives a glowing effect. I was having high expectation with this bb cream actually because its a korean brand but after testing it for a week I can conclude that just like my Maybelline I still need the powers of my mineral foundation from Ellana to achieve that healthy glow that I had before. Since Sheer silky is matte, the glow effect is less than having some other bb cream with a non-matte finish. Glowing and oily may have almost the same feel by the way, but don't be confuse.
  • How much?- This bb cream retails for Php728. It has 60g. of product inside its handy tube.

All in all this Sheer Silky bb cream is worth trying out, I love it but I dont think I really like the matte finish as I love glowing skin effect from bb creams and this one doesn't show it off.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream

Creams and tints are not so common cosmetic before (at least for me!). I still remember seeing girls with tons of powder blush on their cheeks in which is enough for you to say "pahingi naman ng blush mo". LOL. Kidding.

Anyway my post today is about how I found the perfect natural pink flush with Sophie Magic cream.

"Magic Pink is formulated using plant extract. It turns skin into look rosy pink within  minute after application."

I stumbled about this pink cream blush before in sulit and immediately bought one. I am surprised with the good quality of the blush and I was so sure that I'll repurchase. It didn't end there though because of the pink cream I became a member! HOHO. But that doesn't mean I will be bias in doing reviews though. I am blogging to share my honest opinion.

Now lets go to the pros and cons~


  • It smells like baby powder. LOVE!
  • The flush is natural.
  • The white cream indeed transforms into pink almost right after application.
  • Color is buildable.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • One tube can last 3 months with daily use.
  • Its truly affordable! Regular price is Php70 before but maybe due to high demand they increased the price into Php85. Still a far cry from the price of high-end brands out there.
  • Blush stays all day! Can withstand the hot humid weather and oily skin!
  • Cute pocket friendly packaging.


  • Sadly this has parabens.
  • Only available in sophie martin dealers(LIKE ME!) or other online shops.

I am actually on my 2nd tube right now. Its one of my HG cream blushes, perfect as is or as a base for your other powder blushes! Its a must-try!

Have you tried this cream blush before? Do you like it?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: Easy Lipstick Quickly Change Lipstick

Lip sticks, glosses, many of each do you have right now? Being a girl, I know that a lot of us are suckers in giving color to our lips. Why not right? Only a few are given with real pink lips but it lip colors are here to save the rest of the flock like us.

Since high school I was only able to try lipstick once or twice. Even when I took a hold of my own money I really did not bother to buy even simple Careline lippies. Its not that I'm not kikay(girly) but I find it quite troublesome to need to retouch every now and then. Petroleum jelly for the lips and J&J baby powder for the face.

Now that I'm already college the story became different, I became more adventurous and became so addicted to glosses as well. I noticed a slight change in my natural lip color it kinda became dull so I tried to find a solution for it.

I googled lots of stuffs and I landed in an advertisement for Easy Lipstick Quickly Change.The long name clearly gives a hint that its an asian brand but to my surprise the box says that its made from US.

Here is the photo of Quickly change lipstick inside its box:

The lipstick when used is like a magic lipstick which is a common cosmetic for teenies before. Ad says that lips will turn into natural pink after a sec or so but it actually apply the color right when you swipe it to your lips.

Okay so what are the pros and cons?


  • I like the pink color this lippie gives to my lips.
  • Mom says it is drying but it really is not, her lips is just really dry.
  • Last long even if the content is not much.


  • Not sure if it is really from USA. I have seen this being sold in a Chinese drug store in Manila.
  • Packaging looks cheap.
  • I have not seen super pinkie lips like promised, but I don't care. Bleh~

Where to buy?
Online. Try searching in sulit or browse chinese drug stores for this certain lipstick treatment.

How much?
Around Php120 if I'm not mistaken. Worth the price, I'm still using it until now, its been 3 months already since I bought the item.

Will I buy again?
Hmm..maybe. But not any time soon. I would like to try other trusted brands for now. This Quickly Change lipstick has been a staple lippie for me for a while though. Safe color for my lips, not bright pink, not dull. Give it a try if you can.

By the way what other brands of lip sticks have you tried girls? Any recommendations of shades that you certainly love? I wanna hear from you!

Love lots, thanks for reading!

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