Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Gluta White and Firm Soap

How is everyone? Today was a busy day again as always. I hardly get any rest, oh yes I am a hard worker. Haha. Today I will be reviewing another soap in my to-review list. It has been about 3 weeks or so since I've started using Gluta White and Firm and I think I can give my opinion about it now.

I was in Puregold when me and my workmate this soap. It was on promo and I cannot remember the exact price. It was packaged as two 135g. soap with a free 90g. smaller soap. I remember reading somewhere that glutathione doesn't work unless taken orally so I was a bit hesitant to buy it. However after I read the promised benefits besides whitening, I gave in.

I am fair-skinned but just recently I had tan lines because of frequent exposure to the sun when going to my job. I am a big fan of whitening soaps because the result it gives is more visible rather than creams, lotions etc.
Gluta White and Firm has a complete line of whitening products the last time I've checked and they have lotions, facial wash, creams, deodorant and even face powders!  However if you just started out on road testing a whitening brand then I must say go for the soap! They are are almost always the star of the brand. :)

Gluta White and Firm Soap smells like a baby soap and it's super gentle to the skin. Unlike kojic soaps which I am used to, this soap is quite moisturizing. It's pretty bubbly for a whitening type of soap too, perfect to make an easy lather for massaging my skin for firming (which is included in the instruction).

Did Gluta White and Firm Soap stayed true to its promise?

* Progressively retexturizes skin for a fairer, firmer, well-toned look
 Maybe I still need a few bars to see a firmer look. I have stretch marks on my legs and I really want them to fade. This soap moisturizes (not the Olay/Dove type of moisture though) but it doesn't dry out my skin.

* Whitens in 2 weeks while preventing the development of freckles and age spots
I seriously don't have age spots yet but I'll keep in mind this soap when the time comes that I get some. I haven't seen visible changes in my skin tone but I figure out that this can be the soap I can use after kojic soaps for maintenance since the latter is too drying when used continuously.

How much? Less than P150 or P100 per 135 grams bar. (Please do comment if you know the exact price! I am yet to go in the supermarket to check the individual price per soap)

What I love:
  • It's Affordable
  • Product is accessible. You can find this soap in Watsons, Mercury Drug, Puregold and more.
  • Gentle to the skin and moisturizing.
  • Didn't broke me out.

What I don't:
  • Doesn't make much difference with one bar
Will I buy again?
Probably, I'd love to see results with Gluta White. Now I am curious on the effectiveness of other glutathione products in the market.

This is my first glutathione product  and I am looking forward into trying out more. What soap are you using now? Share in the comments below and I'll see you in my next post!



  1. i take gluta white capsule with vit.c and it works i never use soap yet

  2. Gluta White & Firm soap removes dirt and excess oil from the skin, without stripping the body’s essential moisture. It thoroughly exfoliates and washes away dead skin cells to reveal a healthier, fairer skin in two weeks.
    1Box 48Pcs 135g = P 2,400
    Watsons Price 70 to 80 pesos each

  3. Is that's so great?
    Is that soap really whitening yur soap?

  4. i bought this just now, lets see if its effective

  5. then tell me if its effective or not

  6. Can you use this on your face? Or is it too stripping?


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