Friday, March 15, 2013

Girl's Day comeback: Expectation

(Top left -Minah, Top right -Hyeri, Bottom left -Sojin, Bottom right -Yura)

First and foremost I must say I am so proud of my girls! Girl's Day has been one of my top fandom (next to UKISS). Girl's Day has just made their comeback with 'Expectation' which is far from what I expect! (How ironic huh?)

I am so used to Girl's Day's aegyo concept and I must say their Don't Forget Me song before was not far behind their image which explains why 'Expectation' is a big change for their fans like me. Honestly I was thinking how similar the teaser was to Sistar's Alone but when they have finally released the full music video I was in awe, it was totally different! Everything from the music, costumes and the choreography is just perfect! I do hope they receive more love and support now. They deserve it!

I was kinda sad how Minah changed a lot (no aegyo this time) but I think it's for the better. I guess what my sister told me is true, maybe Girl's Day's management simply waited for Hyeri to reach her right age to do something sexy. Their hair is simply glam and it suits the MV. Minah is back to black and now SHORT hair. Yes everybody, Minah has short hair now (I'll miss her bangs too). Sojin looks stunning with her red hair, anyway Sojin looks good in any hair color! Yura is the center of the MV. She is so feminine with her curly locks. Our maknae on the other Hyeri looked fierce with her pony tail. Because of the concept our girls has also changed their make-up style, their thick eyeliners and red lips simply screams "SEXY!"

In terms of the dance I admit the booby step is kinda shocking, same with the open legs step however it looks great with the song so I'm fine with it. I hope the choreography won't change on the next music shows and they will consistently wear pants instead of shorts. The top is revealing enough already IMO. Let me just comment on how much I love Girl's Day using their suspenders in their choreo, it's so unique! :D

Girls Day was also given a chance to have an intro (double perf!) in their first music show yesterday which is oh-so-awesome!

Let us spread the love fellow Daisies and support Girl's day!

Expectation MV -Girl's Day

'Expectation' MV Making

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