Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Avon Skin So Soft: Soft and White Lotion Radiant Glow + Marula

"Formulated with Advanced Brightening Complex, pearl powder and precious Marula oil, provde immediate radiant fair skin, revealing a white and younger looking skin."

Before anything else is it just me or do you also think that the name is too long? LOL. This is part of my Avon loot (remember the shampoo?) from my tita.

I actually bought two variants. The other one is for deep moisture and this one is for whitening: Avon Skin so soft: Soft and White Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion + Marula. I purchase this lotion because I need a mild whitening lotion. I just used green peeling oil on my legs and bleaching lotion is kinda harsh for new skin.

I was captivated by the scent of this lotion. It smells heavenly for me. Some might find the scent overpowering but I just like it the way it is. The scent stays long, I applied at night and I can still smell the lotion when I wake up in the morning! The lotion is not sticky and is quickly absorbed by my skin. With just 3 days of usage I noticed that it lived up to its claims of 'radiant glow'. I can't comment on the whitening effects yet though, maybe I need to finish a few more bottles *wink*.


  • Smells so good!
  • Not sticky
  • Cheap less than Php150 per 250 ml bottle


  • For the price and quality? None.
Will I buy again? I want to try other lotions may it be for whitening or extra moisture, but since since Avon lotions are so affordable then there is no reason not to say yes.

How about you sweeties? What's your favorite whitening lotion? Feel free to comment down below! :)

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