Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blue Moon 2013: CN Blue will turn Manila into blue!

CN BLUE has arrived in Manila this afternoon, they are scheduled for a public press conference in SM Megamall from 2-5pm. Me and my little sister rushed to get trough the traffic and we arrived just in time, almost exactly at 2pm. LOL, okay so I know a fan girl should always come hours earlier before the idol. But we needed to plead for my mom's yes before we can go to SM Mega.

As we imagined and as the facebook updates from Boicesph says, the whole activity area is jam-packed! Not that I am not aware of CN BLUE's popularity, but the crowd was real huge! One of the wildest fandom gathering I've been into!

I'll be honest that I am not a hardcore fan of CN Blue. I am more into dancing idols, but I appreciate the music that CN Blue creates. It is something refreshing, makes my heart pound kind of music. Oh yeah love songs~ I do like bands: FT Island, AOA and Led Apple but CN Blue rocks in my number one spot!

CN Blue was fashionably late? I must say, maybe it was because of the traffic, or the crowd but they came in around 3pm. There are guards and other peeps trolling us already, I can't count how many times I on and off my camera because I thought that they already arrived. If you go to SM Mega you'll know that there is just one entrance in the back, yes we were right there eagerly waiting for them.

Yonghwa rushed to the stage, Jungshin walked like a diva, a model -chin up!, Minhyuk waved and smiled while slowly walking (...oooh  I so so love you baby boy!), Jonghyun looked uneasy on the other hand I think he is not used to overly excited Pinoy fans! Kyaaa~ but the cheers was really loud. Ate Kring and Ms. Jinri Park were constant in saying 'Keep calm or they will leave for security purposes'.

CN Blue didn't performed or anything, it was a press con after all but it was a good chance for me to take more decent shots and videos. Teehee~ I love fangirling.

I dunno if the press con was cut short but it only took around one hour and they left. Fans waited in the same entrance/exit but they were gone. *Poof* like magic. Haha. I'm clueless when or how they got out of SM Mega but seeing them is already enough for me.

They will have their Blue Moon: 2013 CNBLUE World tour in Manila (June 15) later at 8pm in Araneta Coliseum.

*Will update with spazz photos after I upload them! kyaaa~*


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