Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Psalmstre NEW Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap With Goat's Milk

Hello lovelies do you smell the Christmas in the air? The ber months are once again fast approaching! The weather is warm and lovely again and clearly no signs of Christmas yet but the month is enough to get me excited! Last night I browsed online for possible gift ideas and found Zalora'sChristmas Gift Guide! Yay~ quickly spotted something I can give for my sister's debut this September. Hihi~ I also noticed that there is also a wide range of beauty products available and I think they would make great Christmas gifts for my friends too. 

Besides that I am so excited for the coming weeks because we will soon arrange our very own college convention kyaa~ and I still need to look for possible sponsors. By the way today, I'll talk about a soap I should have reviewed some weeks ago. Haha, :) One of my best buddies in skin whitening:

Photo credits goes to owner. Forgot to take photos.

Psalmstre NEW Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap With Goat's Milk says:
Now with double-acting anti-aging + goat's milk!

Psalmstre's New Placenta Soap with Goat's Milk is a highly effective, mild, skin-whitening cleansing bar. Thanks to the combined active ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E, Botanical Placenta Extract and with the added skin nutrients in Goat's Milk, this beauty bar is an excellent moisturizer, exfoliant, anti-oxidant, and antibacterial at the same time.

With the high content in skin nutrients and skin-defending manganese from Goat's Milk, your skin will surely be blemish-free, smoother, younger looking, glowing and fair...only with New Placenta Soap with Imported Goat's Milk

Psalmstre NEW Placenta Soap is a highly raved local soap in GT. It has been widely advertised on tv too. It also comes in two variants: classic orange papaya soap and the white one with goat's milk. I chose goat's milk since it's more popular than the first one. Gotta know what the fuzz is all about nae?~

Here is Psalmstre's website in case you are curious with their product range because they have other products besides whitening soaps.

The look:
I got the 135g. biggest size soap. Box is simple and it lets you see the white bar inside.

The scent:
This soap has no scent and it doesn't even lather well. Hoho~

The experience:
I used Psalmstre NEW Placenta Herbal Beauty Soap With Goat's Milk alone to see the full effect it can give. On my first 5 days I experienced dryness which followed by micro peeling. I have used my trustworthy Yoko salt scrub to easily get rid of dead skin cells.

I have dark spots left from insect bites and it has lightened gradually with my every usage. I usually wait for 5 minutes before I wash off, this makes the soap more effective IMO. Elbows, knees lightened as well which is awesome I didn't really expect much from a placenta soap. I am leaning to kojic acid soaps in terms of whitening so this is something different.

However I noticed that my skin became more sensitive after I finished the whole bar. Definitely dry and quite itchy. Yikes. I dunno if this was the rashes that the other sissies were talking about however I am guessing that this has something to do with the severe dryness effect of the soap. You can use highly moisturizing lotion to counter dryness.

I was brave enough to try it on my face too, no breakouts or whatsoever but not recommended because like I've said it is really drying. Skin feels tight after usage. For the face I have decided to stick with facial wash and whitening creams which is more on the safe side. :)

The price: 
Around 135g soap retails for about P130? Yay I forgot, I need to check. Product comes in 3 sizes (trial size anyone?)

What I love:
  • It is effective in whitening
  • No scent
  • Doesn't melt easily 
  • Lightens scars/ insect bites
  • Affordable and worth the price
  • Gives fast results
What I don't:
  • Highly drying
  • Doesn't lather much
  • Whitening soap that is not meant for long term usage

Will I repurchase?
Yes but some other time after I use other whitening but moisturizing soaps.

  • Wait for 5 minutes or so before washing off the soap lather this makes it more effective.
  • Use scrub to remove dead skin, exfoliating will give you faster results.
  • Always moisturize after usage.
  • Use sunblock when going out. Skin tends to darken easily when we use whitening products.
  • Recommended to be used twice a day but after finishing one bar stop and use other moisturizing soaps.
  • Stop usage if you experienced severe dryness/rashes.
Psalmstre NEW Placenta With Goat's Milk is a whitening soap worth the try. In my opinion though it should not be used for anti-aging. in terms of whitening though, this is perfect! Make sure to only use Psalmstre soap once in a while though.

Yay~ btw let me share our group's performance last Sunday as Nine Muses in Hallyu Wave Festival 2013 we got 8th place out of 30 groups who joined so hooray for that, haha. Everything was rushed actually but we'll do better next time:



  1. You said New Placenta with Goat's milk is unscented. Why is it that the one i'm using smell like perla soap?

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  3. hmmmm what about if apply it on my face ill be waiting for 5mins before i cleanse off?

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  5. Hello. I started using New Placenta soap with goat's milk 3 weeks ago. Now, I have redness on my cheeks. Is this a normal reaction from the soap? Any advice how to reduce the redness?


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