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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: My Beauche Experience

Beauche~ sounds to be a very good name for a product brand? I think so too!

I first stumbled on this in the forums of Girltalk. It caught my eye because it was said to be the beauty secret of flight attendants. Now lets go down short yet memorable experience in using Beauche and its description. It does promise too much benefits: eliminate wrinkles, pimples, & other skin problems, firm skin and has natural pink glow on face.

My honest opinion
  • I can't comment if its effective on wrinkles as I have no visible ones yet when I used it but it does tighten the skin as it gets ready for peeling.
  • It surely dries up pimples fast (but the product itself causes break outs on the first week as well).
  • Eliminate other skin problems? Nope. It didn't. Actually it even brought a new problem to me because I now have discolored/darkened laugh lines.
  • I didn't noticed any even subtle natural pink glow, but face will surely turn apple red at least on the first 2 weeks (which is geez~annoying)
What the product says:
Best suits people with: pimples, acne, pigmentation, discoloration, oily Face,open pores,old skin, black & white heads.
Yes, my pimples and acne was less to none when I was using the set and skin was still fine even I was only left with the toner and astringent. Doesn't help for pigmentation, discoloration (like what I said above it even cause additional problem for me). True that it does control oiliness, but no minimized pores for me. It does eliminate old skin because it involves a micro-peeling process. It did not helped much in lessening blackheads and whiteheads. The promised result: pinkish radiant white skin even without blush-on, sorry no.

My purchase:

Here you can see each piece of cream, toner and astringent of the set.

How much?
Whole set costs P710php but due to public demand (they are popular despite my rant on its side effect) the price increased now to P750.

Set includes:

  • Beauty bar (which is actually a kojic acid bar) -nice soap but at 90grams per set its quite small.
  • Skin toner (smells like fake strawberry, but I liked it) good make-up remover.
  • Clarifying lotion (quite harsh at first but will become less to none painful afterwards) -Good for controlling pimples.
  • Exfoliating cream -white cream with super harsh formulation. Hurts all throughout the process.
  • Rejuvenating cream -Hurts at first; changed cream color from green into brown after a few weeks, they call this aging.
  • Age Eraser cream -pinkish cream which is used as sunblock. Nothing special, but it doesn't help in covering up the peeling.
 How long will it last?
About a month or so. It depends on how much you put on your face or if you'll include your neck. Creams are used up faster than the toner and astringent.

Where to buy?
I bought mine in a mall here in Caloocan but now I heard they already have stalls near LRT Monumento station. There are certain Beauche shops in other places as well kindly check forums forums for more info. For international buyers there are online sellers of this product as well.

Update 6/2/2016
Do check out their website for other user's feedback:

Do I recommend this?
No, sorry. It's FDA approved but that doesn't mean that its entirely safe for everybody. However results can vary on different people. What doesn't work for me might work on you. But personally, I wont be buying Beauche set again. I'm not afraid of peeling but this product is just plain harsh for my face.The end result is nothing magical compared to my face before, not worth the P750 if the result is not visible.
Mianhe (sorry) for the long review...and that's it for now.

How about you, have you ever tried Beauche set before? Did it worked wonders for you?
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