Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Etude House Sheer Silky bb cream

I have been having a long busy September and I just had to get everything accomplished! I had no luck this past few days just to name a few, this things happened in one single week: I lost my job, the cover group I'm subbing for failed to make it in the contest (talk about no practice days because we lack 2 or 3 members!), I needed to go to the hospital again for a second opinion about my ECG result! (Duh~)

I was itching to replace my Maybelline bb cream because I cant squeeze any product out of its pump anymore! I browsed through online forums and I came to a decision that I want Etude House Precious Mineral bb cream all day-strong #2 aka EH sheer silky bb cream (Ekkk...yesssh a very long name, its a korean product after all). Tons of reviews of this prod in the net are quite convincing so even if it was not my price I still stretched my budget to the limits to get one (700 pesos for a single prod was a big gamble for me).

Anyway for the sake of the people who doesn't know what a bb cream is, this link is for you: What is bb cream? BB cream has more or less the consistency, look and feel of those liquid foundations but this has more magic into it because it has extra benefits such as whitening, healing, brightening, glowing --A few of the new variants has SPF protection as well.

This is how my new EH Precious Minerals Sheer Silky bb cream looks like:

This bb cream is all over the place already so I have decided not to post HD photos and use my oh-so-reliable-webcam-on-mornings for this review.

Let me explain my take on this product  in plain bullet points:
  • The consistency- thicker than my last bb cream which was Maybelline. I find it quite hard to spread despite the fact that I did moisturized prior of its application.
  • The color- Sheer Silky is the fair version which was said to be for oily skin and Sheer Glowing has a darker color which was said to be for dry skin.
Some people had questions "how about people with dark skin and has oily skin?" or "how about people with fair skin but has dry skin?" My opinion was maybe Etude House has thought that most oily people are acidic thus the product they put on their face will oxidize quickly?

(In this photo you'll see that the tube looks battered already, but in it's not! LOL) I tried to apply this at school but to my surprise the cream jump over my head to my shoulder staining my uniform for the day. Hooray for being reckless.

  • The look- it has a nice girly packaging, perhaps because of the price that goes with it. Anyway most products of Etude has this girly look but the cuteness award for packaging should go to Tony Moly, hehe. ^^
  • Sheer silky has a white tube and it has a purple pump that dispenses just the right amount of product you needed but be careful as it is quite tricky at first(read story above^). One complain I have is how the cap is easily removed from its tube. It doesn't lock in place and I always have to look for it in my beauty kit.
  • The name- All day strong. True, it stayed the whole day on my face and blotting only twice is perfect. Byebye touch ups!
  • The effect- As I've said its harder to spread than my first bb cream but as days go by I learned that the way how I put it has effect on how easy or hard my application will be. My pores got smaller and it has a sheer matte finish. I agree with the other blogger that the color of this cream is quite fair -but not the type that will make you look ghostly as it blends with the skin tone after a minute or two.

  • How I use it- I love bb creams as it gives a glowing effect. I was having high expectation with this bb cream actually because its a korean brand but after testing it for a week I can conclude that just like my Maybelline I still need the powers of my mineral foundation from Ellana to achieve that healthy glow that I had before. Since Sheer silky is matte, the glow effect is less than having some other bb cream with a non-matte finish. Glowing and oily may have almost the same feel by the way, but don't be confuse.
  • How much?- This bb cream retails for Php728. It has 60g. of product inside its handy tube.

All in all this Sheer Silky bb cream is worth trying out, I love it but I dont think I really like the matte finish as I love glowing skin effect from bb creams and this one doesn't show it off.


  1. Now I know why you keep on saying such negative thoughts on products in your blogs. Nothing suits your face. You face is sooo hard to treat should I say. Hahaha!

  2. Why, thank you. But I would be more grateful if you will read my posts thoroughly though. As far as I can see you just found a good place to rant about your own beauty problems. Hahaha!
    Next time be brave enough to show your face, there is no need to be scared about putting your link in the comment box. :)

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