Monday, May 30, 2016

Something new: Althea's MISSHA X LINE Friends Limited Edition Box

I opened my email and tadaaah~ I found Missha X Line Friends Limited Edition Box which is only available in Althea! 

The first Althea Box is here! We've filled this box with makeup essentials to cute up your makeup table. 
From sunscreen to lip tints, delight your makeup routine with the cute Line Friends.

All Credits to: Althea

As the picture above suggest the cute box includes:
  1. All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun 50ml
  2. M Magic Cushion Matte Brown #21 15g
  3. Magic Cushion that covers spots with excellent coverage and is brightly long lasting without darkening
  4. All Clear Tint Remover
  5. Eye Color Studio Mini (Sally Orange)
  6. Matte Lip Rouge (Salsa Red)
  7. Popstatic Jelly Tit (Hot Coral) 5g
  8. Air in Puff (Brown) 4pcs

With special gifts included in all Line Friends Boxes:
Line Friends Mirror
All Clear Tint Remover sample
Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Sample & 
Night Repair Science Activator Ampule Sample

Yay I know I want it, I checked Althea's website and its still available. However its not for long! This is limited edition after all. The Missha Limited Edition Line Friends Box sells for 3,360. That's 25% off the original price of P4,400.

I'd love to get this, its not just because of Missha but there is also too much kawaii in there! Love love love limited edition items.

You can get Althea's Limited Edition Box HERE.

Get the latest update from Althea:

Annyeong!!~ Pyonng~
Its a Manic Mondaaaaaay

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: Palty Hair Color in Sakura Creamy

Palty color in Sakura Creamy

I cannot count the times I went to Trinoma Landmark to check their available hair colors for Palty. I was never interested in other brands of hair colors before (not until my friend told me that japanese colors leaves you with no brassy strands!) I believe and stand by Hortaleza brands of hair color, never did I experienced of a fail hair color with Hortaleza.

Because Palty is more expensive than my old hair color I felt the need for research. at first I was leaning blonde, because if I can be blonde without the brass that would be soooo cool. No need for hair toners.

In the end I settled for a color that is said to have red undertone. Remember when I colored my hair red? I still have this hidden love for red, auburn blablabla and [insert all red here]. The only reddish hue available is Raspberry Macaroon and Sakura Creamy. I settled for the latter because I was afraid that Raspberry Macaroon will be too much red for work. I was crossing fingers and hoping so bad that Sakura Creamy has enough red for me to love the end result~ @-@

What is it? 
Palty color in Sakura Creamy
Moist and shiny light auburn hair color is sure to turn heads anywhere you might go. Long-wearing and vibrant color treats hair to the superbly hydrating ingredients of camellia oil, silicon and botanical protein, helping hair stay silky soft and protecting color for longer wear. DIY kit is equipped with all the materials needed, including detailed instructions, for a salon-level dye job in the privacy of your own personal space.
Credits: Yes Style

The box is very kawaii and girly. However there is not much english on the box but its a good thing their instruction leaflet has english translation.

One box contains below:

1. Conditioner
2. Solution 1 (tube)
3. Solution 2 (bottle)
4. Instruction sheet & gloves
5. Bleach Powder (sachet)
6. Bottle Cap (with brush)

One box is not enough for girls with longer than shoulder length hair so I bought 2 boxes.

Because of the instruction leaflet the process was a breeze. Below is the step by step guide on how to use Palty Hair Color.
Squeeze the contents of the #1 solution (tube) into the #2 bottle solution.
There is very faint ammonia smell. I was not bothered by it at all. 

Shake it off! Shake it off! Ooh~ ooh~ Feeling like Taylor Swift haha.

Change the cap to brush.
My sister who helped me with coloring told me that it will be easy to actually do it alone. The bottle with the brush applicator is really nice. I hope every hair dye brand actually adapts this style.

Then color color color!~
I waited more than an hour before washing it off.

Use the Number 4 special treatment to bring back moisture to your hair.
I like the floral scent but it was not enough for my hair. T_T

This is a color chart from Palty, like I've said I chose Sakura Creamy because I was kinda scared to go for the full red shade as it clearly fitted the pink variant while Sakura Creamy border lined the orange and pink shade.

I left it long like one hour, well I want to make sure it will color my hair. The hair dye penetrated to my black virgin hair but it was not equally distributed especially on hard to reach areas sooo~

Surprise surprise! Brassiness is still present and it brought back my original hair color! Funny enough the reason why I bought it is to change my look yet I didn't realized it was the same shade as light blonde of Mondes. Loooool~

How much and where to buy? 
P369.75 but I got a discount of 10% so its only P332.77 per box

What I love 
  • Its non-drying
  • Faint ammonia smell
  • Roots in perfect color.
  • Easy process because of free bottle with brush applicator
  • Color is true to the box
  • Offers english leaflet!
  • Value for the price
What I don't 
  • I hope one box is enough for long hair :P
  • I still got brassy hair

Make sure to get the help of somebody so make the color even

Will I repurchase? 
Maybe not this shade

Palty Hair Color in Sakura Creamy is a great color nevertheless, if you like to get an orangey hair that is. Next time I will go for more reddish hue (Rapsberry Macaroon?) I also want to try bubble hair dyes! Yay! <3

After around 3 days here is the color..

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something new: Gluta- C Kojic Plus+

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful" -Scott Westerfeld

Happy Thursday Beautiful! So something exciting came up in my email just now. Sampleroom and Gluta-C has something new to offer: Gluta-C with Kojic Plus + Whitening System. Their new line promises to give 4X Whitening Intense and Fast! They have 3 products in this line.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Powder: I have never tried a face and body whitening powder. Will powder really whiten our skin? This is something really new to my ears and I would love to try this out.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Lotion: A whitening lotion with glutathione and kojic acid? Seems to be a very good combination, for intense whitening.

Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Soap: Soap is a good whitening buddy because the ingredients really penetrates to our skin.

If you are already a member of Sampleroom then I bet you'd love to fill your stash with their new Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ . If you are not a member yet, this is the best time to signup! :)

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms: a song I feel listening to these rainy days. And yeah it is said that rainy season already started. Fuu~ its almost June after all. Manila why'd you'd start rainy season so soon?~ (-__- ")/

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review: Vitapack Whitening Lotion

Today is Wednesday Pink Day that is why I feel a lil' bit special. We all have this 'feeling' pretty days and this is one of them. Hohoho~ All is going well in work (except the traffic), my cat/dogs, family and there is nothing more I can ask for (except maybe extra bucks so I can save up for the future, any sideline you can recommend?)

Random thoughts ehem. So for today I would be reviewing Vitapack Whitening Lotion. When it comes to beauty products I do believe that what makes us feel good makes us look good as well.

What is it?
Vitapack Whitening Lotion lightens your skin and brings out your youthful radiance using a unique blend of Clairju from Japan, VB9 Plus from Korea, Ameliox from Switzerland, and Argan Oil from Morocco. Vitapack Whitening Lotion brightens, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin, while protecting it from the aging effects of the sun. Powerful yet gentle formulation to erase blemishes, remove wrinkles, repair elasticity, boost cellular stimulation to leave you with deeply beautiful skin.

A close look with the ingredients:

The lotion is in a pink squeeze tube pretty much like the usual lotions. It comes in 100g. tubes and I think the size is great for travel.

I am the type of person who don't use lotion much, I do not feel like I need it except when I see my legs already have flakes of dry skin (eeew~)
So I had started using Vitapack Whitening Lotion alongside Vitapack whitening soap. It is said to work hand in hand for faster whitening. Of course nothing is instant especially when it comes to whitening.
Very fun gif of the lotion mehehe~ my first gif here I guess?

The consistency is very creamy. spreadable, doesn't drag the skin at all. Its also non-greasy on the skin and is quickly absorb despite providing heavy moisture. Yes it is ultra heavy moisture gals! If your skin is drying from the aircon or other acid soaps you might be using, I am absolutely sure that this is the answer.

I used this during mornings and I perspire more than usual. Fuhuu~ Might be better to use during night time. They mentioned that we can use this on our face but uhum~ it is scented like body lotion. Well it is body lotion alright, but for face products I prefer unscented or really really mildly scented products. But do not get me wrong because I love it as my body lotion. Due to its very spreadable consistency I find that I only needed not so much product for the whole body which means value for the money.

I noticed after a few days of usage that my skin dryness is gone and my skin looks bright and healthy.

How much and where to buy? 
P499 for 100g. tube. I don't think they have it at a bigger size yet. They also sell this in Zalora and Lazada.

What I love 

  • Feminine floral scent
  • Delivers heavy moisture
  • Easily spreads on skin
  • Absorbed easily
  • Non-draggy
  • Bright healthy skin after usage
  • Little goes a long way

What I don't 

  • Maybe the price can be steep for the budget
  • Cannot use for the face due to scent (maybe vitapack can make another whitening cream for face use only?)

Better if used at night, do not apply too much because it provides heavy moisture! (Not a big problem if you sleep with air conditioner on)

Will I repurchase?
This was given to me and I really like it. I might repurchase. :)

This is a luxurious lotion which deserves a space in our beauty routine. One tube can last long and its worth the try if you are looking for a whitening routine which you can do for a long time.

They offer random promos and discounts, you can like their page here:

What is your current whitening routine now? Feel free to share it with me in the comments section below. :)

Now I have been watching a few japanese drama movies recently and I am having so much feels. I badly want to cry inside the train but that I'd look stupid~ keke~

So this clearly sums up why a girl confesses to a guy.

"I like you... I came to you so you could clearly turn me down.
...So that I can come to terms with a broken heart" - Ao Haru Ride/ Yoshioka

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Something New: Happy Skin Air Touch Sponge

Something New: Happy Skin 

So I've received a nice email from Happy Skin, they have this ALL-NEW Happy Skin Air Touch Sponge! It looks like and functions like beauty blender, but even better. 

Curved Cove for under-eye area
Thin point for hard to reach corners and spot correcting
Round Area for Large areas of face
Wear Air!

First three-way Makeup Blending Tool
Flawless Airbrushed Finish
Lightweight Application
Ultra-smooth surface
Use wet or dry
Pair with any foundation
Strong and Durable

Happy Skin: Your favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup!
The ALL-NEW Happy Skin Air Touch Sponge can be purchased at: 2/F Glorietta 3, 2/F Greenbelt 5, 2/F Power Plant Mall, 3/F Trinoma, and 2/F SM Mega Fashion Hall.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

I am a March #selfieMNL beauty!

I rarely win on anything but this time I am a March #selfieMNL beauty winner!
YAY ~ <3

I have received a printster polaroid of my winning selfie and a P200 gift card. I am so happy~ :)

Here is how you can win as well! They have this promo every month and your submitted selfie will roll over for next month if you don't win the first time you send it. Good luck!

1) Post a selfie of your #FOTD (that’s “face of the day,” FYI) on Instagram. You can go as natural or experimental as you want with your beauty look—hair included!

2) Add the hashtag #selfieMNL, then tag@beautymnl and @rosannaaranaz (on the photo, and not just the caption).

3) At the end of every month, starting this April, Rosanna will choose the 10 best selfies in the bunch and feature them on her BeautyMNL column.

4) The 10 winning beauties get a printed polaroid of their selfie courtesy of Printster, plus a BeautyMNL Gift Card worth P200, delivered straight to their doorsteps! Now isn’t that awesome?


Thoughts: I want to try a dusty rose lip color for MLBB, is NYX Tea Rose the one?

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Review: Gluta Nano Plus 900k

I would love to eat Ice cream cake as of this moment (Bake & Churn Ice cream cakes anyone?) Its on and off rain and sun lately. Its a good thing actually because its not so humid unlike last week.

For today I would be reviewing a Thailand product I have bought. Gluta Nano Plus 900k is a pretty popular product and reading other user's positive feedback convinced me. I hopped on and bought one bottle. I am very eager to take advantage of their buy 3 bottles for P1000 but boyfie pulled me back and says I should try it first. Glad he said it.

Come on now, this is so cheap compared to the first gluta products I have tried before. Crossing fingers, I was hoping that it will work on me!

What is it? 
Gluta Nano Plus 900k is a glutathione supplement which is for whitening and v shape face.
Let us forget about the v shape face, because I want chubbier cheeks now.

Rose hip extract
High Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid
Berry Extract

Pregnant or Lactating Women and person who are taking medications should consult a health care professional before using. If any adverse reaction occue discontinue use and consult a health care professional. 

Imported and distributed by:

Simple plastic bottle packaging with a secure seal.

They say that Gluta Nano Plus 900k uses Nano technology to fit in 900,000mg of gluta in just one capsule. One bottle has a mix of collagen capsules as well which is not mentioned in the bottle.

I have high hopes for this product. I had a warm feeling in my throat when I  took one capsule. I take one capsule every night and I feel the same warm feeling every time. I have also noticed that my skin is a bit darker than before, which is weird because its supposed to whiten or brighten because it was gluta. I do not expose my skin to the sun as well. in case you might be wondering.

After around 3 days I experienced itchiness on my skin. |I endured this for 2 weeks, thinking that maybe it will subside and just my initial reaction to the product. However it was really bad and I was scratching my skin all over, it left dark marks :(

I have also experienced palpitation during my usage of gluta nano capsules. Which is scary because it did not happened to me before. After 2 weeks I stopped using it to let my skin heal from all the itch and marks. I asked my sister if she would like to try it since there is still left capsules.  However we both had the same reaction: palpitation and warm feeling when taking the oral gluta.

How much and where to buy? 
P350/bottle from online shops and in Pop-up store in Trinoma

What I love 

What I don't 
Gave me itchy skin
Warm feeling when taking the capsules
Not effective

 Will I repurchase? 

I will be more cautious on taking glutathione from now on. And yes maybe the price speaks for the product itself, I felt bad for getting dark marks. Good thing I was able to get rid of those using my whitening soap. Gluta Nano Plus 900k did not work on me but its great if it works wonder on your skin. Remember that works on me might not work for you, and vice versa.


My road to whitening continues~
Care to share a glutathione product you use? I wonder which whitening cream I try next? My face is darker than my body. Fuhuu~

HELLO VENUS - Glow is a new song that can be a great jam during a rainy day~
Tomorrow is Monday!

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