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Review: Maxi-Peel Zero

Its the start of the week again, I am always keeping in mind a line by Spongebob: "Another day, another dollar!" And so I starting the week by being productive and reviewing a new product, Maxi-Peel Zero.

My red days is synonymous to bad skin days. I am having breakouts recently and I really hope that this product won't disappoint. Me and my sister is an avid user of Maxi-Peel (the astringent version) I swear that it worked and we had pretty good skin for a while. The bad thing is that, there is a rest period due to the strong formula of Maxi-Peel. During the rest period our skin is bad. We also noticed that our skin easily turns red and can be darker looking than our normal skin tone. That is the good and the bad of Maxi-Peel. Anyway here comes Maxi-Peel Zero right when we need it.

What is it?
Maxi-Peel Zero is:
  • Micro Exfoliant Liquid
  • Anti acne
  • Smoothening
  • Lightening
  • Cleanses without redness
  • Exfoliates without peeling
As per its official page:
It also helps lighten discoloration of the skin, such as sun spots, age spots, acne marks and blemishes. Freckles/Pekas will improve or lighten as you continue the use of Maxi–Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid. For deep acne scars and warts, best to consult a dermatologist.


Based from Maxi-Peel's fb page, if you are currently using Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution and wanted to shift to Maxi-Peel Zero Fluid, it is recommended to observe 5-7 days rest period before shifting.

Maxi-Peel Zero is marketed to act like a normal cleanser. Basically I use it after washing my face and using Micellar water to get rid of extra gunk on my face.

As expected Maxi-Peel Zero still contains and smells like alcohol however Its not as strong as the old Maxi-Peel we all know. I use one cotton ball to apply it on my skin on upward motion. There is no tingling sensation on my part nor burning feeling even on the part of my face where I have acne.

My skin also doesn't feel tight, it simply feels and looks fresh. I apply on Aloe Vera gel afterwards as moisturizer. Nowadays I try to put on less products as possible.

After a week of usage I can say that my pores is more finer and my skin looks light unlike when I was using the old Maxi-Peel, my face looks dark. Bad news is that it caused purging and unfortunately it doesn't dry them out fast unlike the Maxi-Peel astringent. It doesn't add on more pimples though which is still a good thing. Maxi-Peel is a gentler version so I understand if it doesn't work as fast as its old counterpart. Pimples are not as inflamed when I was not using Maxi Peel Zero. My face also felt smooth to touch.

The color of the liquid is like whitish yellow.
whenever I use it, its like I am left with a bit of shiny face. Yes it is still drying but its not darkening my face. In fact on my 3rd day I noticed fairer skin tone than before.

How much and where to buy?
I got mine at P79 in Watsons but you can buy it at P75 at HBC or Mercury Drugstores.

What I love
  • Refined pores
  • Smoother skin
  • Ease inflamed pimples
  • Lightened skin
  • Did not darken my face
  • Affordable
  • I can buy it anywhere
What I don't
  • Purging stage
  • It still has the scent of alcohol in it
  • Dries my skin
I had a hard time following this rule myself but do not ever ever try to pop up your pimple during the purging stage. Doing so will just make things worst. I have an inflamed king pimple right now. Sigh~

Will I repurchase?
Yes. I just did! :)

Maxi-Peel Zero is indeed a gentler version of Maxi-Peel. It stays true to all its claims which is a great reason to make the switch!

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  1. im still not convinced, i mean i try so many products i even bought some expensive ones which i regret. My tita said that i should try this new maxipeel, i just want to try it but i have really oily skin and scars and dark forhead. What can you recommend me? I also wanted to buy aloe vera gel in the face shop, is that what are you using right now?

    1. Try using aloe vera gel from Nature's republic!

    2. I'm using NR aloe vera gel too. I use it as a sleeping mask.

  2. I've used the old maxipeel but my skin become lighter. I've literally avoided being exposed to sunlight and i wear sunscreen everyday, even if it's not sunny. I use solarex-3 sunplay superblock whish has an SPF130. It's waterbased so it doesnt feel greasy or oily. We pretty much have the same skincare routine and i agree with you, the maxipeel zero is not as effective as the old one but it's still worth it.

  3. What soap do you use before applying Maxipeel Zero? Because I'm using Dr. Alvin's Kojic Acid Soap and I think it's a mistake tho.

    1. Hi Anon please refrain from using harsh soaps when using Maxi Peel (old or new) because there are certain ingredients which are not meant to be used together.

  4. This product is full of deceitful lies and false information. No peels and redness, it's not true! Try to stop using it in a week or two then you will notice the adverse effect. My skin got dry and the peeling sensation is getting worst!

    1. Oh I'm sorry that you experienced adverse effects. My skin did not peel after using this but I stopped using it already because I kept on getting 1-2 pimples every now and then. Maybe the product doesn't work on your skin. Try resting your skin for a while before trying other products.

      Thank you for dropping by!

    2. This product is similar to a weak glycolic peel. Check the ingredients and you will see that glycolic acid is 3rd or 4th in the list. Glycolic acid is used to peel off skin in higher concentrations. Add to that the fact that this product has retinol somewhere far in its ingredients list.

      Do you use a moisturizer? If not, then you should. This product causes microexfoliation. So a moisturizer helps.

  5. i just started using maxi peel took me a long time to decide weather to try it or not coz im not a fan of astringents..most of the times i only use ponds facial wash..anyway,its my 2nd day and im following instructions written on the box..aside from maxipeel sunprotection cream,can i use any other cream? and is it ok to undergo a facial treatment while using maxipeel zero..facial cleaning or facial scrub maybe?

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Anyway, I've been using maxi peel zero for 1 month and I saw changes in my skin which I first notice to myself is that I am getting fairer from the day I start using this product. Aside from that, my friends notice the glow of my skin which makes me happier with the result. Honestly, whenever I go to the comfort room I can't resist looking at myself in the mirror that's why it took me 10-20 mins inside haha. 2 thumbs up for maxi peel zero!

  7. Hi! I'm having a bad break out right now, maybe because of my schedule (2pm-11pm) and it really makes me uncomfy ������ It started with my cheeks up to my forehead. This is the first time I experienced this. Will you reccommend me this one? Thanks!

    1. Hi! May I ask if you recover from breakouts quicly after using the product?

  8. Guys i think you are missing the point. This not like a physical exfoliant like the origanal one that it really peels. This one maxi peel zero is a BHA. Go google what does BHA can do wonders on our skin

  9. Kung sino man po pwede sumagot, ask ko lang po kung nagwowork ba sa face ko yung maxi peel o hindi, kasi 10 days na ko gumagamit pero hindi pa rin nagpepeel? #2 ginagamit ko; morning routine ko mp facial wash, mp exfoliant cream and sunblock; night routine mp facial wash, mp exfoliant solution and mp moisturizer, 3-4 drops po nilalagay ko na exfoliant solution. Sa mga nabasa kong reviews/forums, after few days nagpepeel na face nila kaya nagdodoubt ako kung gumagana ba sakin yung maxi peel? Tapos halos wala pa nga ako maramdamang stinging sensation.. Or iniisip ko baka hindi sanay ang mukha ko sa MP, kasi ang gamit ko noon Beauche, pero nagstop na ko mga 6 months na, dun kasi sa beauche 3 or 4 days nagbabalat na mukha ko and gumanda nga skin ko, kaya lang hindi ko namaintain kasi mahal sya tapos bumabalik nanaman pimples ko kaya i decided na itry ang maxi peel kasi mas affordable, pero hindi ko alam bakit hindi pa rin nagbabalat eh more than a week na ko gumagamit.. Though parang naglalighten naman pimple marks kahit papano. I'm planning to use it for a month, tignan ko kung ano magiging result. Hoping po to get a response from anybody. Thank you!

    1. Hi po, after u used beauche, totally 6 months wala po kayong nilagay sa face nyo?kase po possible na yung outer layer mg skin eh nagpeel na and it will really take time para magpeel ulit. Addition po, peeling is not advisable at all times..too frequent peeling will cause thinning of skin that might result to freckles.esp po if u stop using the product. The probable reason why you don't feel stingy sensation ay bec immune na po ang dace ninyo. I meam, beauche po kasi ay matapang and other products although maganda po talaga sa face. After po ninyong magpeel, i advise magmosturizer po kayo and let ur face rested from peeling. Hope my comments would help :)
      God bless

  10. Hi. Gumagamit ako ng maxipeel #1 tapos right after maubos bumili ako ng maxipeel zero and the night ginamit ko. I didnt know na dalat pala 7 days rest before mag apply. So ang result, namula face ko upon applying and mainit sya parang na sunburn ganun. Akala ko normal lang. Pero nagbasa ako ng reviews. Hindi pala normal. Huhu ano ba gagawin ko? Nag stop muna ako ngayon and 1st day palang ako nastop.

    1. Hi. Ako din ganun yung ginawa ko. Grabe namula yung face ko na sobrang init kaya nilagyan ko agad ng moisturizer ng maxipeel nabawasan yung init pati yung pula. Wala sanang mangyari sa face ko. Kanina ko lang yun naitry.

  11. I get a red face and my skin feels like it tightens after i apply it. Is this normal?

  12. Hi! Pwede kaya pagsabayin Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Soap (as facial wash) saka Maxi-Peel Zero (after washing face)? Thanks!

  13. Hi! I just tried using it yesterday and just applied today. Just want to ask if I should continue washing my face with a Nworld Nlighten premium soap. Because everytime I apply maxi peel, I kind of have the burning feeling on my face. I suspect it is because of the soap?

  14. 1 week lang ba cya gamitin o pwede e maintain? Kc kung after 1 week ano na next gagamitin? Tnx sa sasagot

  15. Hi! I've been using maxi peel zero for months now, it is okay to use aloe vera gel right after I used it or it's better to stop using maxi peel? And I'm also planning to use aloe vera gel as a night cream, is it okay? Thank you!

  16. I'm using this for one week na pero napansin ko lang na everyday dumadami talaga yung pimples ko so I decided to stop using it. For me mas effective parin yung kati-alis.

  17. napadaan ako sa hbc may promo sila buy one take one sa iba nilang item napili ko ay ang maxi peel zero nabili ko sya sa halagang 70 pesos kaya nag review muna ako sa internet kung effective talaga siya and ayob sa inyo ok naman siya thanks po sa magandang review god bless po

  18. Hi . Ask ko lang kung compatible b ang luxxesoap#3 (with kojic papaya) and maxipeel zero!?


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