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Review: AcneCare soap with Bio Sulfur, Tea Tree oil and ACE B3

Rest day weekend! Have you ever felt the need for a day in between Saturday and Sunday? How come weekend ends so fast yet weekday takes so long to be over? Another weekend fever coming right up! Hahaha~

For today I would be posting my review of AcneCare Soap with Bio Sulfur, Tea Tree oil and ACE B3. This product is included in the AcneCare gift set of Vida Nutriscience. I have been wanting to post this earlier this week but I can't find the time. Okay so first things first aha aha (lol) read on~

AcneCare - Clinically Proven 44% less Acne in 2 weeks
Fights off Acne ,Red spots and other Skin Blemishes.Naturally !
AcneCare can reach cells where creams and lotions can't.
3 Anti-Acne Complex Lactoferrin, Linumlife and Zinc.

What is it?
AcneCare soap from the name itself is an anti-acne soap.  It combines Bio Sulfur, Tea tree oil and Ace B-3 in one soap.
I can't find much details regarding bio sulfur but sulfur soaps itself has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Next- Tea tree oil is widely used already as an anti-acne product by many (I'm a big fan of tea tree gels). Lastly, Ace B-3 stands for Aloe vera extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Nacinamide B3. More details explained in the back of the box, thank you!

The box opens like the Snow Skin Whitening soap! (well same company) I remember the Dr. Kauffman Sulfur from the yellow black combination. It has the information regarding the soap, which is really helpful imo.

So I have been using AcneCare soap for about 3 weeks now. I use this every time I wash my face. It was not a bubbly soap, it was rather creamy. At the first few days it doesn't sting. Until I realized that I needed to leave it for at least 2-3 minutes before I rinse it off! (always read instructions!) BLEH~ So I did just as that and after a few days there was a lil purging. I few pimps here and there but its nothing major.

I noticed that unlike other soaps it was not drying and it doesn't really sting. I have used kojic and sulfur soaps before and it really stings like hell especially if you used astringents with it. One thing I learned with trying products is that to use one product at a time because certain prods react badly with other products.

I was breaking out badly when this AcneCare soap came there was some difference. Big acne gone. Only redness left. It doesn't leave me with squeaky dry skin and it doesn't make my skin micro peel. I also used this for my back and redness gradually lessens.

Nope. Gotta find another way to tighten pores.

No big zits for a while now ever since I've used this soap. I also noticed that my face is not oily anymore and I get less blackheads and whiteheads.

How much and where to buy? 
AcneCare soap is sold at Php149 per piece at 135grams. Its available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and SouthStar drugstore. You can actually buy from them directly if you can't find their products in your area.

What I love

  • Not so drying compared to other anti-acne soaps
  • Lathers like cream
  • No more oily face
  • Less nasty blackheads and whiteheads
  • Lesser zits especially on red days
  • Doesn't dry up my skin- no micropeeling

What I don't
  • Nothing I can mention

Avoid using harsh products while using this soap to avoid allergic or bad skin reactions

Will I repurchase? 

This is a good anti-acne soap that is not too harsh for me. I like how it works slowly but the effect is gradual. Worth the try if you suffer from bad breakout.

Thank you Vida Nutriscience!
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Live clear. Skin clear.

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  1. Acne is one of the major skin issues. I have bad acne on my face and back. So I have just started using acne cream by revitol and it has many positive effects.

  2. Yes, you are very apt with your views here. Acne is something that sets down the overall confidence due to bad skin. Recently, I tried HL - skin care from Israel and it worked really well.

  3. Yes, you are very apt with your views here. Acne is something that sets down the overall confidence due to bad skin. Recently, I tried HL - skin care from Israel and it worked really well.

  4. I want to use this product.And hopefully it will help my skin problem. Thanks for the review. God bless :)

  5. Can i use Celeteque Oil toner while using acne care soap?thanks :)

  6. Hi i just want to ask if its ok to use acne care soap while using Maxi peel exfoliant. Sad to say.. been using maxipeel for a month now but It only worsen my skin condition. :( If i will stop maxipeel then baka need ko muna rest before starting acne care? Right? Thank u so much! :)

    1. Cguro stop ka muna mga 2weeks. tsaka mo gamitin yang acnecare soap. d nmn tlaga mainam gmitin mga astringent ninipis lanh balat mo jan maan.. pero yang sabon nayan try mo;)

  7. hi where can i buy that product? here in japan thanks...

  8. Hi effective po b to sa mga boils? Tnx

    1. Hi its only recommended for acne Sis.

  9. Dumami po pimples ko when i used it. Idk why :(

    1. Hi Sis! The effect may vary on different people. If you experience allergic reactions, stop it na. :(

    2. Ms. Chien, mahapdi at makati sa mukha ko, talaga bang ganito reaction nito

  10. Hi po, 2 nights po ako gumamit ng Maxi peel zero and may effect nga! Naglabasan lahat ng pimples ko and malalaki pa :( now im using acne care soap muna. Sana eto na ang sagot sa aking mga dalangin :( :)

  11. 2 nights ako gumamit ng maxi peel zero and naglabasan lahat ng pimples ko :/ feel ko di ako hiyang and i am using this Acne care soap muna.. sana effective sya :(

  12. kakagamit ko lang ng acne care ngayon lng ding oras na ito. I tried to leave it for 2 to 3 minutes but it stings a lot. pero I think baka dahil sa reaction ng face ko sa last product na ginamit ko which is sobrang nairritate at nagbalat yung mukha ko. but I already see good results. Kaninang umaga, ang dami kong blackheads! but after using acne care walang wala na kahit isa. thanks sa review!

  13. I tried acne care ngayon ngayon lang din. first time ko siya gamitin ngayon. Yung last used product ko is maxi-peel siguro mga 4 days lang ako sa maxi-peel nagbalat na mukha ko and ang diko tlga nagustuhan is nairritate siya, ang hapdi tlga ng mukha ko. :( I stopped using maxi-peel last saturday lang. Kaya nung ginamit ko ang acne care mejo humapdi siya sobra. pero I see good results! kaninang umaga kasi ang dami kong blackheads! but after using acne care wala tlgang natira kahit isa. I hope after this mging okay na din sakin ang acne care. Thanks for your review!

  14. So ako lang po ba or may malagkit na feeling talaga sa ibang part ng mukha after irinse yung soap?

  15. Im a bit hesitant in using this product. Im only 17 years old and i started to have pimples way back 2014. Sobrang dami ko na pong ntry na products and none of them worked. Prang mas lumala pa. Even natural remedies wont help. So, i praaaay that this would be the solution.

  16. It doesn't have that constant effect on me. Sometimes, I thought nawawala na yung mga pimples. Then the next few days, there they are again. I guess it can't be recommended with those having dry or even dry-to-normal combi skin types because it kinda dries out the skin, by which, later on, the skin produces substitute oil prior to all the lost oil from the product's deep cleansing...causing another breakout. I have been using it for a almost a month now, i think. And these are my observations according to my experience. I'm still continuing to use it just until it's all used up. I don't think I shall repurchase though. :) Nevertheless, it's great to hear that the product is effective to others and that it helped them. :)

  17. Hiiiii, I'm very curious about this soap and I want to try it. But Im also using kojie san cleanser& toner and its lightening facial cream. Will it be okay? To use them together?

    1. Only use one product at a time. Baka magkaroon ng negative reaction yung balat. I'm using AcneCare for more than one week and masasabi kong effective talaga siya. Try mo pero wag mo na sabayan ng ibang product. :)

  18. Thanks for reviewing these acne soaps, I check on Amazon and there are many acne soaps at very low price but I'm still not sure which soap to buy.

  19. Pwede ba sya pagsabayin sa eskinol at dalacinC(mix) kasi 3 days q na sya gamit pero may nagsulputan malalaking pimples huhu kala q pa naman mawawala pimples q dto...

  20. Hello! I've been using this product since the 13th of May together with a toner from Céleteque & a moisturizer from iWhite. My skin got smoother but my acne never disappeared. Ive been having breakouts. I switched to a Celeteque moisturizer (with the SPF 15) and I started having more breakouts. What exactly is the cause of this? Should I stop using the soap? Or should I stop using the toner & moisturizer? Thanks. I'm only 16 btw.

  21. Hello thanks sa review i hope maging effective sya sa akin first time kong gagamit ngayon, update po ako kung ano mggng effect nya sa akin ��

  22. Paano po sakin nung first use ko bilang lang yung pimples ko at medyo malalaki pero lumiit siya kaya lang biglang dumami... paano po ito?


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