About me

Annyeong/Konnichiwa/Hello! everyone!! =^w^=

My Name is Chien (as the title suggests, hehe..) and I am a:

*K-pop, J-pop Fanatic
--I adore asian music a lot may be it korean, japanese, thai or chinese and even filipino as long as the melody is good and up to my taste.
My first album, meet & greet and concert are all k-pop related. Heehee, talkin' about U-KISS here ^_^''

Anime, Cat Lover
--Since I was a kid I am already watching anime,(and who doesn't?!) my favorites by the way are: Fushigi Yuugi, Gakuen Alice, Death Note and Code Geass.

I am also a sucker for the cuteness of cats. They are cuddly, furry way better than teddy bears, as in way way better. ^^,

I had lots of cats before but they all have to be independent after a few years of being with me so now I am left with one and his name is Kevin (name is from Kevin of U-KISS) what is unique about my cat is is his very looooong full name which is:

Kevin Ki Bum Binguel Minguel Buju Buju Aja Aja.

You can bookmark this site so you can always come back later. We'll never know when we will forget stuff. Hehe--

For now~

..but be sure to come back later! :)

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