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Review: SNOW Skin Whitening Soap

SNOW Skin Whitening Soap Review

Through the years I already jumped from several whitening soaps. I can attest that there are a lot of effective whitening body soaps from local to international brands. Among the usual whitening formulas include: kojic, papaya, placenta and glutathione. The best one for me is kojic though. It is where I usually get the most noticeable change. Some weeks ago I was offered to try something new, a skin whitening soap that is neither kojic nor papaya - SNOW Skin Whitening Soap. Is it a thumbs up? or a thumbs down? Read on to find out!

What is it?
SNOW Skin Whitening Soap contains 7 Plants Extract from the Swiss Alps Mallow Extract:
  • Peppermint Extract
  • Primula Veris Extract
  • Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract
  • Veronica Officinalis Extract
  • Melissa Officinalis Extract
  • Achillea Millefolium Extract
Developed from these Alpine plants they have developed ALPAFLOR GIGAWHITE. A skin lightener that can brighten and even skin tone as well as reduce the color intensity of age spots.
You can find more information about the product inside their leaflet and also on the back of the box.

The ingredients of this soap is really unique. I imagine all the effort they gave to come up with a new blend of whitening soap. 

I know that this is a different product but I can't deny that I remember *inserproductnamehere* because of the simple white box and black/red head of a girl logo which is tentenenen~ No one else of course but Snow White. This logo is cute and somehow says that this is a product for teen-age young girls.
I must admit that I opened it just like other ordinary soap boxes... I opened it on the sides! It was too late when I've realized that it should be opened by removing the security seal! It is actually a flip top box. Haha. Yikes. The soap itself is packaged with plastic, and a leaflet with more product information. I also like it that they printed the batch number, manufacturing and expiration date on the box. Very helpful!

SNOW Skin Whitening Soap has this faint powdery scent which I like. It is yellowish transparent but as stated with the product info we refer to it as clear colored amber. I noticed that it melts easily, I was able to finish one bar in just a matter of 2 weeks. Maybe because it lathers so well. I enjoy using this soap because of the scent and the lather!
I just use this for the body. I tried it on my face during my first week and unfortunately just like the reaction of my face to other whitening soaps I've tried, I broke out. I had this 3 cystic acnes which took long to dry up. Gosh why is my face so sensitive, I don't use whitening products on my face now...
Going back, as a body soap, at first use I notice its drying. It leaves this squicky dry feeling after wash which I didn't like. However after several usage I got used to it. After a few days skin was micro peeling. Really really mild micro peeling which is next to being unnoticeable.
Weeks after it made my skin soft, glowing and smooth. Other whitening soaps which are too mild or too harsh doesn't even clean well. But this one amazes me, it is not just give the effects I love, I also feel clean! I even noticed that my back acne has dried up, hoorah!

How much and where to buy? 
I got this for free from Vida Nutriscience (thank you so much!) It's P149 per 135 gram soap in Lazada and Mercury Drugstores

What I love?

  • It does not contain harsh formula -  no peeling, no stings!
  • Soft glowing smooth skin after several weeks of usage
  • Cleans skin on top of being effective!
  • Dried my back acne problems. Super kyaa~

What I don't 

  • Face broke out (similar reaction to any other whitening soaps)
  • Melts fast compared to other soaps I've tried which are of the same size
  • I can't find it in Watsons

Let the lather sit on your skin for about 5 minutes in order to maximize the effects of the soap. *wink*
Use lotion every after wash

Will I repurchase? 
Yes! Its perfect as a soap for girls with back acne problems. I am not alone eh?

SNOW Skin Whitening Soap gets a thumbs up! Awesome awesome unique formula that works! Hooray for Snow White and 7 dwarfs concept, teehee, another props for that! :)

Check out their Facebook page here: Snow Gluta
I'll be doing a review about their Snow Gluta tabs next. Stay tuned! <3

And let us not forget my good ole page here *hugs* My Name is Chien
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  1. Anong gamit nyo po sa lotion after using this soap??

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful whitening skin soap.I really like it, because it contain safe and high quality ingredients and give you a brighten and clear skin in a few weeks.

  3. actually reading this blog gives me a hint on how will i use this soap. because i just bought one earlier at mercury. i have pale skin color, hoping to have life and color to my skin. Haha. Coz everytime people ask me "putla ba yan o maputi ka?" haha it gives me the idea to think "matutuwa ba ako o magtatry nanaman ako ng bagong skin care" hmft. btw, I am so happy to read your blog and knowing that you love japanese and korean kasi ako din ganun. ~ YEYBI... TEEHEE. 😊😊😊

  4. Pwede po bang hatiin ang soap?

    1. pwede. ganun din yung ginawa ko. hinati ko sa apat dahil gusto kong tipidin ng bongga. ang mahal kasi hahaha

  5. Pls hepl,yung gf ko kc 2weeks ng nagamit ng snowsoap,effective nman dahil may pagbabago sa skin nya,kaso may lumilitaw na butlig sa buong ktawan nya pati sa face na aobrang kati,normal lang ba yun?o ano po ung dapat gawin,,pls help po salamat

    1. Gumamit ako ng Kojic then nagkaron ako ng contact dermatitis, prng butlig butlig na makati, pacheck up sya sa derma para maresetahan sya ng lotion. betamethasone something. wag kayo mag google. kasi nag google ako, sabi keratosis pilaris, muntik ako bumili ng lotion na tig 3k, pero nag pa check up ako sa derma sa medical city, lotion na nireseta worth 300 lang, ilang araw lang wala na ung butlig XD

  6. kaya bang matanggal ang mga pimples and dark sppt dyan?

  7. I actually bought mine from watsons pero you have to ask them kasi i think they dont have it on display

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  9. Hi Chien! Thank you for sharing SNOW Skin Whitening Soap reviewe, with this review is very helpful to convince me to buy this soap, thanks chien. By the way I want to share my experience about one of the medical spas in Bali, namely I recommend to you.

  10. This is really very nice post you shared, i like the post, thanks for sharing..


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